Li Mu subconsciously turned his head and looked again. He found that the musicians who played lutes and blown pipe instruments were also naked. They, with beautiful naked bodies, were sitting on the rush cushions and playing music solemnly.

“What’s the matter?”

It was relatively reasonable that one person was naked, but it was quite strange… that all the people in the room were naked.

Li Mu realized that there might be something wrong.

“Is it an illusion?”

He blinked.

“Young Master? Young Master…” maid Xin’er whispered on one side, “Young Master, you are bleeding.”

“Oh, nosebleeds. It’s normal… Ah? What? Nose blood… sh*t,” Li Mu quickly raised his hand and touched it. It turned out to be two streams of nosebleeds. Gosh. His nosebleeds should come out by the strike. “This is so embarrassing. After all, I am a Great Master who stirred up the Chang’an City. I have fought many times without bleeding, but I even have nosebleeds on such occasions.”

“These are essence blood.”

“One drop of essence equals to ten drops of blood. So much blood should equal scores of drops of the essence.”

The loss was big.

“I’m fine. My body gets a little inflamed recently, so I often have nosebleeds… Hey? When did you put on your…?” Li Mu said perfunctorily. Then he suddenly widened his eyes, because he found that just at this moment, Xin’er put on her clothes again.

“Put on what? Young Master, you…” maid Xin’er looked suspiciously at Li Mu.

Li Mu quickly continued, “Oh, nothing. Recently I’m malnutritional, so I may need a few bottles of Nutri-Express to supplement…” in his heart, a huge wave had already arisen.

Because when he looked at them again, he found that Hua Xiangrong who was dancing and the musicians who played the music were actually wearing clothes, and they weren’t naked at all.

“What’s the matter?”

Little maid, Xin’er, handed a towel a bit angrily to let Li Mu wipe his nosebleeds, while at the same time, a hint of a sneer appeared on her little cute face.

“This Young Master can be tempted so easily. When he sees my miss dancing, he should have nosebleeds.”

Li Mu did not have time to notice so much.

As he wiped his nose blood, he was thinking fast what on earth the matter was.

There was a hint of pain coming from between his eyebrows.

He subconsciously reached out to touch.


There was a hard lump, which seemed to be caused by mosquitoes.

“But no joke. Now, how can the mosquitoes bite my skin that the knife even can’t cut off?”

Li Mu realized that this might be related to the change of spiritual force.

“Is there a mirror?” he asked.

Xin’er took a makeup mirror to him puzzledly.

Li Mu looked at the mirror and found that a lump was on the upper glabella. It was difficult to detect it without looking carefully, but when looked closely, the bump had a shape, like a vertical closed eye… Wait, vertical eye?

Vertical eye?

Li Mu was stricken.

He suddenly recalled what the old faker had said.

“Hey, nasty boy. I dare to tell you that Xiantian Skill I teach you is the real immortal Cultivation Method, which can make the immortals reborn, and the mortal cultivate into a fairy. Every time you upgrade, you will possess a fairy magic power, hah hah hah…” the old faker said very proudly at that time because he was drunk.

“Is the change just now because I finally cultivate initial success at the first level of Xiantian Skill, then I possess some kind of magical power?

“It must be like this.

“Vertical eyes…

“Well, in the ancient Chinese myths and legends, Er-Lang God, Yang Jian, succeeded in cultivating the vertical eye on the glabella. After opening it, he can perceive the delusive and the changes, and gain insight into everything. At that time, Sun Wukong used Seventy-two Metamorphosis Skill to fight Er-Lang God, Yang Jian, but no matter how it changed, Yang Jian can stop him, because he had vertical eyes. He can perceive the changes of Great Sage Sun.

“Can the first layer of magical power contained by Xiantian Skill be this vertical eye?

“Third eye is opened?”

Li Mu comprehended a bit.

He did not care Beauty Hua who was dancing and singing on one side but quietly ran his spiritual force to try to gather it in the position of the Third eye. He carefully pondered on the power of this Third eye. Sure enough, he found that when the spiritual force was concentrated on the Third eye of glabella, a sharp pain was generated, and then the vertical eye really slightly opened a hair-thick gap.

In this case, when he looked around, he discovered that everything became especially clear.

The key point was that, as expected, Hua Xiangrong and other women became naked in front of Li Mu again.

Li Mu opened his mouth widely.

“This is really the Third eye.

“The old faker did not deceive me.

“However, the supernatural power of the Third eye seems to be only like an X-vision?”

He returned the mirror to Xin’er, pretending to look around in the room inadvertently. Sure enough, when he tried to see things like cabinets, as long as his spiritual force was concentrated a bit, his vision could pass through the cabinet door and he could see what was placed inside.

After the simple experiment, Li Mu discovered that the perspective effect of Third eye was related to the concentration of spiritual force, and the density, material, and thickness of the thing being seen. For example, he could penetrate Hua Xiangrong’s and others’ clothes at one glance, but concentration was required intentively for the cabinet doors and walls, which could be seen through only by concentrating the power of Third eye.

“According to what the old faker had said, the magical power that was activated after the initial success at the first level of Xiantian Skill was made must be Third eye without doubt, but the problem was that the so-called immortal magical power should not have only such a little power.”

Li Mu pondered.

He vaguely realized that it might be because his own spiritual strength was not enough to fully open Third eye, so only a gap like a hair was opened. Thus, he could only see through things. If there was enough spiritual force to completely open Third eye, maybe there were other powers?

To do that, he estimated that he must reach great achievement at the first level of Xiantian Skill.

Li Mu had a rough understanding, so he was relieved.

The only regret was that he couldn’t feel any internal qi in his body, which seemed to be used up.

The change at this time made Li Mu realize the importance of internal qi.

Obviously, he had been cultivating hard Xiantian Skill before. Some internal qi was produced, and he had also accumulated some of it in his body. However, just because it was too little to be perceived and manipulated, which was just like water stored in a sponge. It was not visible on the surface, but after it had been accumulated to a certain extent, some slight qualitative change would be made, thus, Third Eye was opened.

The sound of the music and the singing voice gradually stopped.

When Li Mu came back to his sense, Hua Xiangrong had already ended singing, and she, barefoot, came to Li Mu.

“Young Master seems to be distracted,” Beauty Hua grumbled gently as if she was angry.

Usually, if she danced, numerous high officials and noble lords would strive to see her. However, now, she danced only for him, but he actually was distracted. Although Hua Xiangrong did not want to be married to him, after all, she admired Li Mu’s talents and also expected that this young poetry talent appreciated her dance.

“You dance like a fairy, so I can’t help but think of some past events,” Li Muzhen casually made up some excuse.

In fact, at this time, in his mind arose some other speculations.

“Why don’t I break through the level at another time? Why did the change take place in my body when I watched Hua Xiangrong sing and dance, causing the stirring up of internal qi and initial success at the first level of Xiantian Skill?”

Li Mu began to recall the situation at that time.

He clearly remembered that the moonlight was like white sand, shining on Beauty Hua, who danced gracefully like a fairy, ethereal and pure. It seemed that he was in fairyland so that his spiritual world was touched and spiritual force stirred. Then, the internal qi hidden in his body began to stir up uncontrollably…

“Could it be said that his breakthrough is caused by Hua Xiangrong’s dance?”

“Why is Young Master silent again? Did my terrible dance make you absent-minded?” Hua Xiangrong spoke again.

Woman’s instincts were always very sensitive. She could feel that Li Mu didn’t care about her, which frustrated her a little bit.

Li Mu once again calmly talked nonsense, “Master Hua misunderstands me. Master Hua’s dance moves me. Your dance should only be in heaven, and few people can see them in the world. Hence, I am immersed in it for a long time. I don’t know if Master Hua can dance for another time to shock me again.”

Once it came to martial arts, cultivation, and strength improvement, Li Mu would become extremely calm. This was a kind of life instinct hidden deep in the bone. Compared with returning to the earth to save it, everything else was unimportant.

He wanted to see Hua Xiangrong dance under the moon again and to try to figure out whether her dance could make him refreshed and trigger some other changes.

Because he had already had a speculation.

“You are insatiable,” Xin’er began to be angry on one side, “You disguised yourself so well before that I thought you were not disturbed. When our miss danced, you were distracted. Now, you even want her to dance again. Do you think that our miss can dance casually?”

“Xin’er, don’t be rude,” Hua Xiangrong rebuked this little personal maid with a smile, looked at Li Mu, and then said, “Young Master, since I just danced to one song, I have been a little tired. Besides, dancing with the same music again will be different in terms of feeling.”

As she said, on the face of the oiran flashed a hint of cunning that matched her age, then she said, “Of course, if Young Master can make another outstanding poem like ‘Beauty Poem’, which can inspire me, I can dance for another song again.”

Li Mu was stunned and smiled again.

This woman… asked for poetry implicitly.

It was uneasy to write poetry that could be passed down for centuries, which demanded a suitable situation and state of mind.

Nevertheless, although Li Mu was just at the junior school level, on the earth, the poems of the ancient sages had been learned a lot by him. Anyway, he had copied several poems consecutively, so it didn’t matter if he copied a few more.

He nodded and said, “Okay.”

Then, he slightly muttered. As he had already thought of a poem, he said, “One would think of her colorful clothing when seeing clouds, and her beautiful look when seeing flowers; the autumn wind blows the railing, and flowers become more attractive under the dew. If one doesn’t see you, beauty, in Wensheng Chamber, he must go to Yaotai in heaven to appreciate such a look.”