Chapter 167 Stronger than Great Master (1)

Hanshan Academy.

“Arrogant. You not only killed our guider, but also even spoke such arrogant words… You virtually have an exaggerated opinion of your abilities.”

In the dean’s office, an old sturdy man indignantly slapped the table into pieces.

“Our Hanshan Academy has been standing for two hundred years, with students all over the world. Will we be afraid of him, a humble and abandoned son? Even if he is a Great Master, what can he do? Send Hanshan Alumni Invitation out. I want to call academy elites back to school and to wait for this young Great Master.”

The old man was like an angry lion.

“Dean, why not decide whether to send Hanshan Alumni Invitation out after the end of tomorrow’s battle?” a guider suggested, whose implication was that if Li Mu was killed by Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, they wouldn’t need to do that.

“No. Sent it now,” the old dean sneered, “No matter how many students come here tomorrow, they will go to watch the battle with me. These years, our Hanshan Academy has been so low-key for that any weak men dare to challenge us. Hence, this alumni association will be held grandly, so that we can let people in the outside world know the energy of our Hanshan Academy.”

He was going to earn respect.

“Jia Zuoren, this old dog, not only seeks death for himself but even implicates our Fengming Academy. He deserves death.”

In the dean’s office of Fengming Academy gathered a dozen of high-level figures of this academy.

A young guider cursed by gnashing his teeth.

He was the academy elite who emerged in recent years. Since entrusted with important tasks, he was able to be one of the 12 people to make decisions in Fengming Academy. It was also because of his youth that he was aggressive and spoke without any scruples.

“He’s dead, so there’s no need to care him,” an old man, with yellow teeth and thin hair, smiled slyly and said, “I heard that the old guy, Tie Zhan, has issued Hanshan Alumni Invitation. Hey hey, this old thing can’t wait to show off. He really can’t stand the loneliness.”

This old man was the dean of Fengming Academy.

“Teacher, do we need to issue Fengming Alumni Invitation?” asked the young guider.

The old wretched man waved his hand and said, “Why? It’s meaningless to mobilize the forces. Tomorrow, follow me to watch the battle in Heaven Sword Martial Club. If Li Mu can survive, I will open the Fengming Stack Room to let him read. Hah hah, he can read so long as he wants. I am not like the stubborn Tie Zhan. After all, books are just for people to read, which can’t breed if hidden.”

The young guider suddenly became speechless.

So were the other high-level figures.

Their dean spoke and acted really… in a unique manner and wasn’t like a scholar at all.

In the yard of The Shack, Pig-Herding Alley.

Li Mu woke up from a night of cultivation and walked out of the skill-practice room.

Chun Cao and Xia Ju, who had already prepared the breakfast, with Li Mu’s mother, were waiting for Li Mu to have it.

Dong Xue and her husband had returned to Ning Mansion the day before yesterday, but they came here yesterday with many gifts.

“Meow…” the chrysanthemum leopard lay in the yard and was like a huge cat with adorkable sound. After all, it was difficult to relate its sound to its body shape.

Its injury, after treated by Li Mu, had basically recovered.

Only that eye, because its eyeball was punctured, was faced with no vision, so it would be a one-eyed leopard.

Li Mu threw a large piece of fresh pork of the pig’s hindquarter to serve as the breakfast of the chrysanthemum leopard. Then with his mother and others, he sat at the table and ate with a smile.

After Li Mu’s planning, the small courtyard was already full of vitality, and with clean air, there was a kind of refreshing and relaxing atmosphere. Since the Spiritual Qi was sufficient, it was a good place for human to live in. Li Mu’s mother and the other two girls had a good rest recently, so they recovered a lot, and their mental states were also very good.

Even all the residents in Pig-Herding Alley benefited from that.

Many residents in the alley felt that they had good sleep these days, and they were also energetic. Besides, some people’s illness was inexplicably recovered, some people’s internal injuries were healed and disappeared without any reason, and even their hens could lay two eggs one day…

“Mu’er, are you confident of winning tomorrow’s battle?” Li Mu’s mother seemed to ask casually.

However, what she was most worried about was this thing.

Although Li Mu had tried to play down the seriousness of this battle in the past two days, weapons were used heartlessly in the battle.

Li Mu smiled and replied, “Mother, don’t worry. For this battle, it is a piece of cake for me to win.”

After his mother heard her son ensure again, she was reassured.

Breakfast was quickly finished, then Li Mu chatted with his mother for a while.

“Oh. Mu’er, one thing has been forgotten to tell you these days. When you were not born, you were betrothed to someone by the parents of both parties. The other side was one of my previous intimates. Although we haven’t been in contact for many years, I have heard that my girlfriend gave birth to a daughter who was as pretty as a flower, and also a genius…” Li Mu’s mother spoke suddenly.


“I was betrothed to someone by the parents of both parties?”

“What is this?”

Li Mu felt it both funny and annoying.

“Six years ago, that girl had also been to Chang’an Mansion and had visited me. I have seen her for you. She was indeed a fairy-like girl, but you were not born at that time. Thus, no further step was taken,” Li Mu’s mother said again, “Now, my son has come back with achievements, so I can reconsider this matter.”

The intention of Li Mu’s mother was good.

Her former intimate was the daughter of a noble family. The two were once in a similar position and enjoyed a deep friendship. In the past when Li Mu’s mother and Li Gang did not break with each other, since her life was smooth, they arranged a marriage for Li Mu, which was roughly an early-invested political marriage. But later, her girlfriend came to another place with her husband, so they kept a far distance and wrote a few letters to each other.

Now, Li Mu had finally returned, so Li Mu’s mother began to make plans for her son’s future. If he could marry the daughter of her girlfriend, he could lay a foundation in the empire.

Great parental devotion.

Li Mu was embarrassed and replied, “Mom. It is been so long a matter. At present, as we are in such a terrible situation, they might not want to keep the past words at all. Besides, how should a man be worried about having no wife? I will find my future wife carefully.”

“For the marriage proposed by the parents of both parties, there isn’t any love foundation at all.”

“Don’t talk irresponsibly. Your Aunt He used to be a forthright talented woman in the capital. She will definitely not do the things that people who despise the poor and curry favor with the rich will do. Six years ago, I also saw her daughter Nalan Buhui, who was understanding and reasonable…” Li Mu’s mother smiled and yelled at her son.

Li Mu felt helpless.

“Okay, okay, I know. Mother, tomorrow’s battle is coming. I’ll go to cultivate meticulously first.”

Li Mu left rapidly.

Chun Cao and Xia Ju laughed.

“Young Master, who is imposing in the outside world, can also be so embarrassed.”

“Meow…” the chrysanthemum leopard made an adorkable sound, as it gnawed the pork.

Li Mu returned to the practice room and began to calm down for nature-cultivation.

Last night, he cultivated Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing for one night, consolidating the realm and feeling refreshed.

Hence, when opening his eyes, Li Mu was not eager to continue practicing.

He opened some books and pamphlets in front of him.

These were books related to the derivation and grading of the martial art system in this world that he asked Zheng Cunjian to collect. They were not martial art cheats and mainly about some martial-art theory and common sense.

Li Mu was currently weakest at this respect.

When in Taibai County which was a remote one, Li Mu, short of knowledge of martial arts, also tried hard to collect some related books. However, he still did not understand how the world’s martial-art system was divided. For example, what was exactly Joint-force level, Joint-qi level, Joint-thoughts level, and realm higher than Master Realm?

As for the common-sense knowledge, when communicating with his eldest brother Guo Yuqing, Li Mu didn’t ask for shyness.

Time flew.

The sun shining through the windows was getting stronger.

After reading for a while, Li Mu finally read through all the files.

For the world’s martial system, it was the first time that he finally had been so clear about it.

The force in this world was ranked in Joint-force level, Joint-qi level, Joint-thoughts level, Zongshi Master, Great Master… and his current military strength was at Great Master level.

The level followed by Great Master meant one should break through the postnatal shackles and the natural fetters that were destined for human beings to make both the body and the soul qualitatively change. Thus, the one succeeded in breaking the postnatal realms and then entered the natural level.

It was called the Natural Realm.

The masters of the Natural Realm were also called matchless masters.

As long as a trace of Natural qi was produced in the body, one could be regarded as a master of the Natural Realm.

But the whole Natural Realm was a process of completely transforming the Acquired qi into Natural qi, which was like grinding a knife on a sharpening stone. Once the sharp edge was completely ground, the most thorough qualitative transformation was succeeded.

In this realm, the quantity and concentration of Natural qi determined the level of strength.

And after converting all the internal qi in the body into Natural qi, one would reach the higher level.

Celestial Being Realm.

Celestial Being Realm was quite horrible, whose elites were called peerless masters.

On the entire Divine Land, peerless masters of Celestial Being Realm were countable. Among many of the supreme elders, suzerains of the first-level and second-level sects and in the three royal families, there were peerless masters of this realm. They, overrunning the partial world, could be regarded as figures at the top of the pyramid. In a flash, they could determine who or what to die or to live.

Besides, some demons, a thousand years old, that were hidden in the holy mountains or rivers, were also in this realm.

However, monsters were rarely involved in the world. First, it was because human beings and demons didn’t get along well with each other; second, because there was more turbid and mundane air in the cities where human beings were settled, and the Spiritual Qi here was thinner than that in the primeval mountains. Thus, the big demons that really devoted themselves to cultivation favored living in the mountains, rivers, and natural lands.

Only a few monsters that were naturally evil and cultivated wicked skills needed to devour human blood, essence, qi, etc, and they, after transformed into human shapes, would muddle in the human society to do some shady activities in darkness. However, once disclosed, they would be chased by human masters. Most of their skills would disappear as soon as their bodies were dead, so they behaved quite secretively.