Chapter 168 Stronger than Great Master (2)

Powerful people and senior monsters of Celestial Being Realm were quite horrible, since they could destroy a city in a flash and the ordinary army couldn’t resist them.

But the realm higher than Celestial Being Realm required one to break through the limits and grasp the past and current changes.

When succeeding in this step, one could enter the Sage Realm.

Experts at the Sage Realm were also called peerless supreme beings.

Currently, on the Divine Land, the number of peerless supreme beings was fixed, including the suzerains of nine major Holy Clans, the royal ancestors of three empires, several king ancestors of the demon race, and a few supreme masters in various fields… Thus, visibly, the total number of sages was less than 20.

These people, on this Martial Art Star, were like supernatural beings.

They were truly invincible.

Moreover, there was no conflict between the supreme beings of the Sage Realm, and there were few wars between sages. Sages could suppress the fate of a nation or a country just by assuming their command. In a word, they could decide the life and death of countless great figures.

What was higher than the Sage Realm was the Void-breaking Realm.

People had different opinions over whether there was Void-breaking Realm in this world.

Because after reaching the realm of Void-breaking Realm, one would soar in the daytime, leave the mortal world, and go to fairyland, leaving no clues. No one had ever witnessed the masters of Void-breaking Realm fighting. No masters of Void-breaking Realm appeared in this world…

Many people suspected that Void-breaking Realm was only a legend and a martial art realm deduced from theory, but in practice, no one had reached. Thus, it was only an illusory thing. After all, in the world, no one had ever really been late for success.

There were various opinions.

But people generally thought that over the past hundred years, or even over the past five hundred years, there was no one of Void-breaking Realm in the world.

Therefore, the Sage Realm was the strongest.

“The old faker once said that this planet was a low Martial Art Star. But now, it was only the old faker’s opinion. After all, the martial art people, warlocks and senior demons in the Sage Realm generally equal to the legendary supernatural beings of land in the earth, who could soar into the sky and move underground. They are labeled as immortal beings. How should they be thought low?”

Li Mu felt that the words of the old faker really needed to be carefully pondered.

Apart from the martial realm, Li Mu also gained knowledge of other respects.

For example, the strength realm of demon race was divided differently from that of the human race, such as enlightening, qi absorption, internal core, shape formation, etc, but when one became the celestial being, the title would be the same. Besides, the cultivation road of warlocks was also slightly different at the initial stage, which was divided by star level, but when entering Celestial Being Realm, they would share the same title.

This showed that the martial arts, Taoist cultivation, and demon cultivation led to the same destination on different paths.

The source of the Great Way and power was the same.

After reading these contents, Li Mu felt a lot clearer.

At the same time, he also noticed some differences. For example, the profound meaning of many kinds of magical power taught by the old faker was called Taoist magic arts, while the warlocks of this world called their cultivation techniques Magic arts. Although there was only a slight difference between the names, Li Mu had already felt that one was superior to the other.

In a literal sense, Taoism was above magic.

The old faker taught supernatural Taoist magic arts, while the warlocks of this world practiced the mortal arts.

As for things like tactical deployment, the files searched by Zheng Cunjian described a few of them. Warlocks of this world only roughly knew some simple martial deployments, which were far weaker than those powerful ones imparted by the old faker.

Bluntly speaking, the warlocks of this world were basically limited to a kind of stage where the heaven-and-earth energy could only be used in a shallow manner. As for the art of tactical deployment, they had limited capacity for exploration.

Li Mu closed his eyes and arranged it in his heart, gradually getting confident.

Thus, he was more aware of the way he wanted to take.

The old faker required him to return to earth within 20 years. In other words, Li Mu must enter Void-breaking Realm within 20 years.

Because only when he entered Void-breaking Realm could he be freed from the bond of the planet and enter the universe.

But today, his combat power only equaled to that of a Great Master.

In fact, the power showed in the past few days indicated that he reserved it to some degree. Therefore, strictly speaking, Li Mu’s current cultivation, at the level of Great Master, had reached an extremely powerful level. This was also the reason why he didn’t care about the battle against Heaven-Sword Celestial Being.

Within the Great Master Realm, he didn’t dare to say that he was invincible, but he absolutely wouldn’t fail.

As for masters of Natural Realm, Li Mu was not sure whether he could defeat them.

Because he had not seen the destructive power of natural power in this world. Reasonably, since Natural Realm masters had broken away from human’s destined fetters, which was great detachment, they couldn’t be assessed by the previous knowledge.

“Void-breaking Realm…”

Li Mu at least knew the aim he needed to reach.

“I need to pay more attention to the news of Void-breaking Realm later.”

He thought and then changed his mind to begin pondering tomorrow’s battle.

“I can’t figure out the vision of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, but from the performance and demeanor of ‘Heaven-breaking Legend Sword’ Zhang Chengfeng and numerous disciples of Heaven Sword Martial Club, he must be an evil person. Tomorrow’s battlefield is even in the drill ground of Heaven Sword Martial Club. I think they must have no good intentions and may plot some dirty tricks. Hence, I have to guard against them.”

Li Mu thought.

Then, he looked at the remaining six basin-sized jade pieces.

“I can make a one-time consumable Taoist instrument as a trump card.”

Li Mu had an idea.

One-time consumable Taoist instrument, like the grenade or mine of the earth, possessed certainly stronger power. Once detonated, it could generate energy that could destroy the whole world. According to the old faker’s opinion, this thing was a necessity to intimate, kill, and fight against others.

“Let me refine Purple Star Thunder, which is the most powerful consumable Taoist instrument that I can refine with my current spiritual force.”

Li Mu considered for a while and got a conclusion.

Thanks a lot to his experience in Musical House where he could watch Hua Xiangrong, who had a Natural Taoist Figure, dance under the moon, Li Mu’s Xiantian Skill could make a breakthrough after motivated by Taoist Sense and reach the initial success of the first level. Then, he was able to consider refining Purple Star Thunder. Several days ago, Li Mu couldn’t make it at all.

Time passed by.

During the two days, everything happened in Wensheng Chamber on Liufang Street, as if it were installed wings, was madly spread in Chang’an City, causing a huge sensation.

After the work “Epigraph of My Shack”, the young Great Master wrote excellent works again. Whether Beauty Poem or Hua Xiangrong was a work that could be passed down for a century and even for thousands of years. This meant that he had been famous for his academic talent, so he was praised as one who was adept with both the pen and the sword.

Numerous literary celebrities were widely reading and commenting on Li Mu’s three poems.

Even the sternest poetry critics had to admit that these three poems were the best of the finest works. Despite some places and names that were still to be discussed, other artistic conceptions were superior. Who could compare with him with such great poetry talent within ten years?

On the other hand, the beauties, famous prostitutes, and oirans of the brothel in Musical House were competing to sing these three new works. Among them, Beauty Poem was especially the most popular, almost becoming the required song in brothels, which worthed hearing a hundred times.

Hua Xiangrong of Holy House, who received ‘naming right’ of this poem, became more famous through one night. With surging reputation, she seemed to become the first oiran among all the brothels in Chang’an City.

Any whore who had a little reputation hoped that this handsome young Great Master could pay attention to her and she herself could get half of a poem to scale new heights.

This was the power of poetry by a famous scholar.

Besides, even many ordinary civilians, after hearing these three poems, felt good and some of their feelings could be motivated.

Everyone was scrambling to copy these three poems.

Immediately, paper in Chang’an sold expensively.

In addition, Li Mu’s reputation surged in Chang’an City.

Thus, under such a background, the battle between the two Great Masters was even more attractive.

The young Great Master, Li Mu, “a beauty on the opposite bank”, would fight hard against Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, the elder sword god. Numerous people yearned for his experience. If the three poems made several days ago stirred the academic field of Chang’an, this battle would cause terrifying waves in martial art Jianghu of Chang’an.

On the third morning, it was sunny.

The day of the decisive battle finally arrived.

Although it was not completely clear, outside Heaven Sword Martial Club, the gate was packed with people, who were waiting for Heaven Sword Martial Club to open. Then they could rush in it to occupy a position to watch the battle.

Prior to this, Heaven Sword Martial Club had stated that this battle would be open to all martial arts people from all walks of Chang’an City. All people who wanted to watch the battle could enter the drill ground to watch without invitation.

Obviously, Heaven Sword Martial Club had absolute confidence in their ultimate victory, so they made such a quick decision. They wanted to show their strength in front of Wulin people in Chang’an City through this battle, so as to shock all of their potential opponents.

Although there was less than half an hour before the opening of the martial art club, Tianjian Street had been crowded with people. Looked around, the mass of people overwhelmed the street, which moved like a tidal wave.

The influence of this battle became visible.

Of course, people who were crowded outside were ordinary human beings.

On the other hand, the highly influential high-level figures, elites, nobles, officials, and wealthy people had already entered the drill ground of the martial art club in advance through special channels.

Time flew.


The gate of Heaven Sword Martial Club opened.

The disciples of the martial art club, dragging the flame tigers, came out of the gate and lined up on both sides of the door.

Before the permission was stated, the crowd outside was already rushing in it like dike-bursting tides.