Chapter 170 Battle on the Fighting Ring

The eyes of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being were like two flaming pillars, as he shouted.

His voice was like the flaming sound, which was harsh.

However, at this time, the other hero of the battle still didn’t appear. The disciples of Heaven Sword Martial Club were dispatched at the gate of the martial arts club to report again and again but did not see the young Great Master, Li Mu.

“He must dare not to battle, so he escapes overnight.”

“Hey hey. I have heard that this young Great Master is fake.”

“He finally shows his true colors.”

Some spectators were whispering.

Those several young male and female disciples of Fengming Academy were also looking at each other.

“What’s the matter?”

“Does he really escape?”

“No. His poetry is very good… It shouldn’t be like that. If he escapes, his fame will all collapse, and he will become infamous.”

After all, as a youth, he subconsciously supported the young Great Master.

Frankly speaking, they were also irrational. Although Li Mu killed Jia Zuoren, Jia Zuoren deserved death, since he seized Li Mu’s poetry and scholastic fame, which was really dirty. Besides, this guider was scandalous in Fengming Academy, so it was impossible for them to really treat Li Mu as the enemy.

As the fanatic of Li Mu, Lei Yinyin said anxiously, “Great Master Li Mu won’t flee. There are the last five breaths of time left. He will certainly appear…” as she said, she patted on the youth beside her and continued, “Hou do you think? How can Great Master Li Mu be afraid of that old thing.”

The youth said solemnly, “Of course. Who is scared is the bastard.”

As he said, he stood up and walked toward the fighting ring.

“Eh? What are you doing? Are you seeking death? Come back quickly,” Lei Yinyin yelled in shock.

The young man turned back and smirked. He said, “Little beauty, take care of the leopard for me. I’ll go to fight and will return after the battle ends.”

Later, the voice died away.

The young man’s body flashed like a touch of light and instantly appeared on the ring.

This was the last moment before the battle started.

On the whole square rose exclamations.

Below the ring, Lei Yinyin and her friends were all stunned and stared at this scene dumbfoundedly.

“Is he… he the young Great Master, Li Mu?”

“We just now… even argued against Great Master Li Mu for such a long time?”

“Ah ah ah ah ah…” Lei Yinyin screamed.

“Youth. Are you Li Mu?” Heaven-Sword Celestial Being said, “Are you the arrogant person who killed my grand-grandson without any reason?”

Li Mu grinned and showed his snow-white teeth, saying, “Without any reason? Uncle, I think your words are wrong. I am a hero who got rid of an evil for the people… When you, Heaven Sword Martial Club, built your underground palace, you secretly practiced the sword skill by killing people. You have committed numerous times of homicide, so anybody has the right to punish you,” anyway, he should take the moral high ground first. This way was the essential manner to win in the arguments of the network forums on the earth.

Sure enough, when those words were spoken, the surrounding people all exclaimed.

“Is there such a thing?”

Especially the tens of thousands of people in the square heard this for the first time.

But the distinguished guests on the viewing platform were well-informed and vaguely knew a few. Thus, they weren’t surprised.

“Hum. Little boy, you make irresponsible remarks and confuse right and wrong,” Heaven-Sword Celestial Being apparently was impatient, and then he said, “Start the battle. Today is the last moment of your life. I will let you take action first.”

“Why so anxious?” Li Mu smiled and replied, “We have agreed that in this battle, there is a prize for the winner. Do you prepare the sword skill cheat, Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles?”

“Hum, my words carry weight,” a hint of malice flashed upon Heaven-Sword Celestial Being’s eyes, and he sneered, “Cheat is on my body. I am afraid you can see it, but you can’t obtain it.”

“Eh, that’s good,” Li Mu nodded with satisfaction. “In order to express my gratitude for your adherence to the agreement, I have already thought about what flowers to plant on your grave next year…”


“Seek death,” Heaven-Sword Celestial Being roared.

Raising his hand and pointing a finger, a flash of red sword light burst from his fingertip and directly stabbed toward Li Mu’s throat, as fast as lightning.

One’s strength could be known after one took action.

This kind of pointing, with Sword Qi, could pierce the goldstone.

Li Mu flexed a finger and also bounced out forcefully. He used Heart Heavenly Shoot art to let his finger force hit against the sword light. Later, in the void, ripples aroused layer by layer and immediately dissipated.

“The old man is always bad-tempered,” he said with a smile, “Be careful to get inflamed in your body… It is impolite not to reciprocate.”

He kept bending his finger to catapult.

In the air, four strands of transparent and powerful qi were turned into sharp arrows and burst out of the sky.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being hummed and spat out a strand of ruddy Sword Qi.

The sword light flashed vaguely like the meteor and cut off the forceful momentum of the four sharp arrows of Li Mu immediately. The rest momentum was also imposing, and its trace was strange. It, moving on both ways and flickering, changed the trace to hit towards Li Mu.

“Cultivating Sword Qi in lungs?”

Li Mu was surprised since he did not expect that Heaven-Sword Celestial Being had actually cultivated Sword Qi to such an extent.

However, he was just surprised once.

He didn’t see it but randomly caught that flickering and attacking sword light in the air. The sword light struggled, as if it were alive. However, when Li Mu slightly pressed it with his fingers, it was smashed and dissipated like ruddy broken starlight.

“Grand old man, be more serious and show your real capability. This kind of insignificant skill is humble, which really disappoints me,” Li Mu kept mocking at him with sharp words, “Is Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, who overawed Chang’an Mansion 20 years ago, really old?”

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being sneered, “OK.”

He backhanded and grabbed the four-sided special-shaped sword that was inserted in the ground, but he did not pull it out. The sword just slightly trembled.

Swish swish swish swish!

Countless flashes of sword light burst out of the air and fell on with the tails like meteors.

On the entire fighting ring, the Sword Qi surged suddenly, and each flash of sword light was like a long solid sword. They were rotating and were turned into a storm to sweep out, which was almost reaching the climax. Within 10 meters, it seemed that the area was turned into a hell filled with knives and swords, as if it were to smash everything.


Li Mu laughed.

This was the real power of a Great Master.

This was a competent opponent.

He finally felt a hint of excitement.

“Not enough… I hope that you can suffer more of my attacks,” Li Mu did a martial-art squat slightly and operated the Lifting Pole Style in Zhenwu Boxing. Thus, his terrific power was flowing in his body, and then he suddenly punched.

His powerful physical force burst out, and in the void, a huge punch mark was left.

After the powerful punch swept around like a tornado, all the phantoms of sword light completely vanished by the punch, like pouring hot water on the snow, leaving no traces.


Li Mu casually punched again.

With dragon-like punch strength and pillar-like punch shape, he punched, as if he, imposing and domineering, were to penetrate the heaven and the earth.

Such a punch was simply not made by human power.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being was shocked. “Is this punch skill that penetrated the underground palace? He doesn’t use his internal qi but only depends on his physical force to generate such horrible power… Very terrible.”

He stood straight, backhanded to pull out the long special-formed sword that was inserted on the ground, and waved it suddenly.

Sword light burst out.

The long phantom sword of tens of meters long cut the punch pillar and punch shape directly into two parts from the middle.

In the air, the turbulent flows overflew.

Around the huge fighting ring, there was a faint cyan light curtain that was moving to remove the aftermath of the battle, so the spectators weren’t affected under the ring.

Only three moves were used, but everyone around them had already felt dizzy and confused.

“Is this the power of the Great Master?”

“The holy light flew dreamily, just like the fight between two supernatural beings.”

“When the martial arts are practiced to the supreme level, they should have such mighty power. The two of them might be able to break the rivers and mountains with a random move.”

“Fairy fight!”

People were discussing.

The battle between the Great Masters had not happened in Chang’an City for a long time, especially the kind of battle in front of the public, which was very rare. It was even a dream for many martial-art people to witness the two invincible strongmen fight against each other.

Almost all the tens of thousands of spectators were shocked.

Grand Master was too strong.

Lei Yinyin watched without blinking her eyes. At this time, her heart was beating quickly. She felt excited but was extremely worried. Then, she repeatedly asked, “Hey, hey, hey. Do you know? It’s already three moves. Who wins?”

The companions next to her shook their heads.

After all, how could they see through the battle between the Great Masters?

On the viewing platform, people also whispered to each other.

The real masters could naturally see some clues.

After twenty years, Heaven-Sword Celestial Being returned, and his strength was more horrible than that before. However, after the three rounds, it was obvious that he was suppressed by Li Mu. The strength of the young Great Master was immeasurable.

“A battle between a dragon and a tiger.”

“The outcome is unpredictable.”

“The victory depends on each other’s trump card.”

Cai Zhijie, Zhou Yiling, and other powerhouses all commented in their hearts.

They quickly changed their previous evaluation. Obviously, although these three moves were just the beginning for them to sound out each other’s strength, Li Mu performed skillfully and more easily than expected. Besides, in terms of the momentum, he slightly suppressed Heaven-Sword Celestial Being.

Ning Rushan sat next to the magistrate Li Gang, and both of them were expressionless.

However, it was the couple of Ning Jing and Dong Xue who were so nervous that they couldn’t help but be worried about Li Mu despite their ignorance about the battle.

“Heaven-breaking Legend Sword” Zhang Chengfeng smiled, who seemed quite confident.

Zhou Dedao, president of Dafeng Chamber of Commerce, was puzzled, since he didn’t know whom he hoped to win. If Li Mu won the battle, his son could survive; if Heaven-Sword Celestial Being won, a million of gold would be saved… After all, merchants attached more importance to interests than to kinship.

At the same time, in the attic of Holy House, a Musical House in Liufang Street, oiran Hua Xiangrong, who was famous in Chang’an City, was standing in front of the window and looking at the direction of Heaven Sword Martial Club. On her jade-like beautiful face, which attracted countless celebrities and noblemen in Chang’an City, was a touch of slight grief.

Xin’er, the little maid, ran up from the downstairs and said breathlessly, “News. It has started. They have already been engaged in the battle…”