Chapter 171 Battle on the Fighting Ring (2)

Hua Xiangrong couldn’t wait to ask, “What is the outcome?”

“It just started. How can the victory come out?” Xin’er said, “They might need to battle for two or three hours. After all, they are both Great Masters.” In fact, she did not understand martial arts, so she was completely guessing.

“Young Master Li, he… should be able to win?” Hua Xiangrong seemed to be talking to herself and yet seemed to be waiting for a positive answer from Xin’er.

Xin’er firmly nodded and replied, “Of course, he is the young Great Master, who is adept with both the pen and the sword.” This was also her blind guess, which certainly meant to comfort her Miss. In the recent two days, the battle between the two Great Masters was spread widely in Chang’an City, so Xin’er knew something about the odds in major gambling houses, in which those participants didn’t think Young Master Li Mu would win. Thus, she didn’t want to tell Hua Xiangrong about that.

“Miss, do you really fall in love with Young Master Li?” Xin’er joked with a smile to change the topic.

Hua Xiangrong flushed and replied, “Young Master Li is matchless in terms of poetry talent and martial art. I am afraid that… I can’t match him.”

Although she, a famous beautiful whore who was admired by countless people, was high-hearted and arrogant, she was also self-abased. After all, any famous whores just treated guests with their pretty looks. When they were young and beautiful, they could be gloriously radiant; while when they became old despite their outstanding appearance, they were rarely popular and were infamous as the playthings of men.

Many famous whores, high-hearted and proud, would rather die than submit for some principles and bottom lines, but this kind of proudness was to conceal and protect their deep self-abasement.

Hua Xiangrong was the typical one.

Since the farewell that day, she had been meditating upon this event in the room. The more she thought about this, the more anxious she would be.

Because she found that except for her face and her dancing skill, she had no other skills.

Such kind of woman was numerous, so how could she match the young hero who was famous in Chang’an City?

Girl, whose mind was picturesque and dreamy, was the most sentimental.

Xin’er complained, “Miss, what did you say? You, versatile and extremely beautiful, are unique in Chang’an City. Why should you improperly belittle yourself? I think that Young Master Li likes you, since his eyes were different when he looked at you.”

When they were saying, Mom Bai Xuan came in.

She came to accompany Hua Xiangrong.

“Girl, don’t worry. I have sent people to observe the situation in Heaven Sword Martial Club. Once there is news, they will send it to me immediately.”

At present, Mom Bai Xuan also cared much about Hua Xiangrong.

From the perspective of the Holy House, she certainly hoped that Li Mu won.

“Not enough. You are too weak…”

Li Mu moved like lightning and punched on the long rectangular special-formed sword.

This punch possessed overlapped power.

Li Mu’s technique of generating physical power had reached an incomparable realm. Just at the moment of punch touch, the horrible power would keep rushing like a raging sea.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being blushed, and his long sword almost flew out of his hands.

After being shocked, the flame internal qi in his whole body was surging, and he pressed the point of the sword with his left hand and gathered his power on his arms. However, he was unable to resist this kind of raging power, so he kept retreating. Thus, his feet, on the ground of the fighting ring, made two long trails. Stone bits flew, and broken stones were spattering.

After withdrawing twenty meters, he finally stopped.

However, Li Mu closely followed him, coming in front of him at the same time, and punched again.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being lost his advantage and couldn’t withdraw anymore, so he had to beat back.


The terrible power broke out again.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, like an earthbag, was directly beaten out of the fighting ring.


“How is that possible?”

“Can’t the senior powerhouse withstand a single blow?”

“Li Mu, who even doesn’t run his internal qi, has been so powerful… He is really a monster.”

There was an uproar around the fighting ring.

This kind of scene was really beyond everyone’s expectation. Among the odds of the major gambling houses, Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, who should gain the upper hand, was even completely suppressed by the youth, Li Mu, and like a sandbag, he was beaten out of the fighting ring?!

Was it because Heaven-Sword Celestial Being was unworthy of his title?

Or was it because the young Great Master hid his real strength?

On the square, the exclamations rose one after another wave, like the ebb and flow.

Nevertheless, on the viewing platform, many powerful figures were still unflappable.

“Heaven-breaking Legend Sword” Zhang Chengfeng even smiled and totally seemed to be unworried about the forefather.

Magistrate Li Gang, Ning Rushan, and other people were also expressionless.

In terms of the heaven sword from Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, all of his skills centered on the sword. At this time, his heaven sword wasn’t used, and the Sword-commanding Style that was famous across Chang’an City wasn’t performed, so it would be a long time before the winner came out. In their eyes, the strength showed by Li Mu was certainly more forceful than imagined, but it was normal. After all, now that he entered the Great Master Realm, how shouldn’t he possess such power?

However, how long could Li Mu attack in this way?

In other words, much physical power would be required for the outbreak of flesh force. Even if he was a Great Master, he might not continue for a long time, might he?

If the physical power was used in this manner, Li Mu might have been exhausted before defeating Heaven-Sword Celestial Being.

In the air, the figure of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being suddenly vanished into a flash of sword light. After a flash, he returned on the fighting ring again and kept a distance from Li Mu.

“Heaven Sword Thirty-six Styles…”

The thick eyebrows of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being moved, and the supernatural fire was activated. Then, the long special-formed sword stood before his breast and began to float, and his hands were put together, with his palms facing the sword handle. Later, the ruddy internal qi burst out, like a red sun in his hands, and the powerful and terrific momentum suddenly broke out.

In a flash, the long rectangular special-formed sword was divided into two parts, four parts, eight parts, sixteen parts…

In an instant, in front of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being appeared numerous long swords magically.

“Sword Explosion Style… Kill!”

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being was poised for the style, and his hands were pushed outwards.

The long red-flame swords all over the sky, like a violent storm, were thrust towards Li Mu.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being looked ferocious and fierce.

This was his real power.

Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles in his hands seemed to be with life and soul.

On the viewing platform, those distinguished and famous guests were all stunned.

“Sword Explosion Style… Heaven-Sword Celestial Being is far better than he was twenty years ago,” a Great Master, who once fought against Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, was surprised and touched.

However, on the fighting ring, Li Mu seemed indifferent.

“Wind-Cloud Six Moves… Dao-Drawing Chopping,” Li Mu still held the gesture of the Lifting Pole Style in Zhenwu Boxing, as his right hand moved downward to the left side of his crotch. His elbow bent inward into the shape of a hand knife, and his whole figure paused slightly, which was like a long knife into the sheath. Then, he suddenly moved in the upper right direction, forming a knife-drawing pose.

In an instant, he began to cut, and the whole action was carried out smoothly.

In the air, the sound of the moving knife rose.

As Li Mu used his hand knife, the phantom of knife qi, more than thirty meters long, was infiltrated into the sword-light storm of the Sword Explosion Style.


The continuous sounds of the exploding qi were deafening.

The phantom of knife qi, like the burning-hot knife used to cut up beef tallow, cut up the sword-light storm of Sword Explosion Style from the middle of its field, causing countless swords to break and to splash in all directions. However, only the space in front of Li Mu was like the void, since the knife qi ran fiercely and harshly, and it was unlikely for sword light to intrude into the field.

This sword style seemed to be broken.

“Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles… Sword-thrusting Style,” Heaven-Sword Celestial Being was also calm. The long rectangular special-formed sword, floating before him, quivered slightly, and then he forcefully pushed his palm to the sword handle. Thus, the long sword was turned into a flash of flowing light, moving towards Li Mu.

For this sword style which was totally different from the Sword Explosion Style featuring overspreading attacks, he concentrated his most powerful force to a point to enable it to instantly break out. Hence, this sword style meant breaking the whole skills from the key point after activated.

“Hah hah hah, good.”

Li Mu was overjoyed when seeing his prey.

It was naturally to harden himself that he promised to battle against Heaven-Sword Celestial Being. The stronger the performance of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being was, the more excited he would be; the more delicate Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles were, the happier he would be, because he could improve himself by spying into the secrets of his opponent’s moves.

What was learned from books was superficial after all; everything must be understood from practice.

Generally, if he wanted to enhance his own martial art strength in the shortest time, he must experience the power of that move himself.

“Wind-Cloud Six Moves… Lightning Chopping.”

Li Mu laughed. With the knife-like right hand, he slightly paused and started cutting.

Thus, the phantom of knife qi reappeared.

However, at this time, after the long rectangular special-formed sword collided with the phantom of knife qi, the remaining momentum was still powerful and was about less than one meter away from Li Mu’s body. Nevertheless, since Li Mu had been ready for this, his palms of Lightning Chopping were on the sword, causing the crushing sound of gold and iron. Moreover, the long rectangular special-formed sword was shaking with noise. It revolved, flew back, and hit towards Heaven-Sword Celestial Being.

The look of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being changed, then he moved and backhanded to hold the sword handle in his hand. Instantly, the powerful aggression force on the sword engulfed him like the collapsing mountains, making him almost unable to hold his weapon and retreat.

But Li Mu didn’t fight back.

The little finger and index finger on his right hand were broken forth, and drops of blood flew out of the palm.

“My heaven sword is made of the universe aero-siderite, which is capable of destroying all fortifications. You should fight against it with your flesh palm directly. You are really over-confident and are seeking death,” Heaven-Sword Celestial Being sneered by raising his eyebrows when he noticed Li Mu’s palm bleeding.

Li Mu raised his right hand and gently blew to the injury on his figures. Later, surprisingly, the blood at the edge of his palm was blown back to the cut by him, then at a visible speed, the cut was cured without any scars.

He grinned and replied, “Grand old man, you might think it remarkable because you have never seen this before. My palm once touched the red scarf, brought the banner of the Young Pioneers and was used to wear the three-stripe badge… It is my most powerful weapon. Sooner or later, it will smash your old walking stick made of universe waste iron.”

“You are too stubborn. Now that you insist not using no weapon, don’t blame me for being heartless.” Heaven-Sword Celestial Being didn’t know what Li Mu said at all, but it wasn’t a hamper for him to be determined to kill Li Mu. Then, as his internal qi was run, Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles were broken out again.