Chapter 183 The Crescent Moon Shining on Jiuzhou

After drinking a few cups of tea, Li Mu did not rush to leave, but began to practice Zhenwu Boxing in the tea room.

Today, during the battle against Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, Zhenwu Boxing showed great power, so that Li Mu more truly felt the effect of Zhenwu Boxing in actual combat.

At the same time, under the pressure of the Natural Qi of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, his body was also tempered and whose effect was better than any previous battles.

Thus, Li Mu faintly felt that he seemed to have reached the breakthrough point to try to reach the fourth style.

However, the first attempt failed.

The second attempt failed as well.

After consecutively trying four or five times, when motivating his third style and trying to force himself to use the fourth type, he would have physical pain, and his bones were aching as if being torn. Hence, he couldn’t continue to motivate his fourth style cohesively at all.

“It seems that my accumulation is not enough.”

In the end, Li Mu chose to give up.

He shouldn’t seek quick success because a fool’s haste is no speed.

After the battle against Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, Li Mu had a general judgment of his own strength. Such peerless people who just entered the Innate Stage like Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, even if they cultivated a bit of innate qi, couldn’t compete with him. But it would be not so easy to fight against some senior peerless masters of the Natural Realm.

But no matter what, Li Mu had the capital to fight against peerless masters of the Natural Realm.

This made him more confident.

Moreover, some of the consumable Taoist instruments that were refined for the sake of fighting-ring battles were not used, so they could be retained as aces up his sleeves.

“I should spend some time refining a few space containers, so it will be convenient to carry some things.”

Li Mu thought about it.

During the process, Mom Bai Xuan had come in twice.

The first time was to bring him wine and food. The second time was to come to inform him that the news that Li Mu stayed in the Holy House had already been spread out, and famous figures in Chang’an City had come to the Holy House, hoping to visit Li Mu with thick gifts.


“Gifts are left. People are leaving,” Li Mu said calmly.

He came to this world in order to cultivate his own strength because he still bore the heavy responsibility of returning to Earth to revitalize the great socialist cause. Thus, he had no time to exchange feelings with these so-called famous figures, and even did not want to get involved in this kind of ridiculous interest-targeted intrigue battle. Besides, in the face of absolute strength, the so-called power and influence were just trivial.

As for the gifts…

Now that they had come to give them away to him, why did he have to refuse? After all, he didn’t force them to send any.

Xin’er stopped, and her smile said that Li Mu was a little miser.

But Li Mu did not argue with this little girl.

Beauty Hua looked at him tenderly and lovingly on one side, and apparently, she completely focused on Li Mu, serving Li Mu dishes and wine gently and sweetly.

Time flew.

Quickly, colorful lanterns were lit up.

And the Musical House of Liufang Street became bustling again.

This time, the little maid Xin’er did not give the guest-leaving order. Instead, she kept putting in a good word for her miss and bringing forth new topics, seemingly afraid of Li Mu’s departure.

Two crescent moons were hanging in the sky.

“The crescent moon shines on Jiuzhou; some happy, some gloomy; some drinking in houses, some lofting on streets; some sleeping sweetly, some staying outside…” Li Mu spoke out of emotion.

After hearing the words, Hua Xiangrong widened her eyes.

Compared with the combative and cold-faced Li Mu, she preferred him to have outstanding poetry talent and to smile.

“Young Master Li, another poem.” Maid Xin’er curiously asked, “What is the name of this poem?”

Li Mu smiled and said, “Whatever you want. It is good to be titled ‘Crescent Moon’.”

Today, he felt quite relaxed when coming in Hua Xiangrong’s boudoir, especially after the battle, this feeling became more intense. He recalled people and things on Earth and his dog several times.

Perhaps, this had something to do with the fact that Hua Xiangrong was a Natural Taoist Figure, so he, when getting along with her, would naturally feel happy and be likely to miss his homeland.

“How to settle Hua Xiangrong?

“Now I am afraid that she has already been regarded as mine in all of Chang’an City, but if I only take her to let her sing and dance, her talent as a Natural Light Taoist Figure will be hidden.” Li Mu thought for a moment. “It seems that I have no suitable Cultivation Methods for a Natural Light Taoist Figure to cultivate, and the Thunder Skill and other kinds of Taoist magic arts are based on delicate spiritual strength. It is impossible only to cultivate magic arts, without approaching initial cultivation.” But the Cultivation Methods that Li Mu really mastered were only Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing.

“The other Cultivation Methods extorted from the so-called strongmen in the northwestern Wulin World are all low-level martial arts. Even if a Natural Taoist Figure can enter a realm faster than ordinary people when cultivating martial art skills, the talent is also wasted.

“The Method of Heart Heavenly Shoot, with its wide range of action, is forceful and overbearing, which is not only not suitable for females to cultivate, but also has little to do with a Natural Light Taoist Figure.

“Taoist Figure needs to cultivate the fairy Taoist magic arts to achieve the real great potential.

“Do I have to impart the Xiantian Skill unto her?

“When the old faker taught me Cultivation Methods, he did not disallow me to teach them to others.” But on this planet, the more he practiced, the more Li Mu felt that the Xiantian Skill was extraordinary. He could impart this kind of Cultivation Method unto her, Hua Xiangrong, if disposing of it improperly, he would fall into a perilous situation that “an ordinary man would be guilty due to his jade”.

Li Mu was a little hesitant.

“Stop here today,” Li Mu stood up and said, “I have to go back.”

After he said that, the expressions of Hua Xiangrong and Xin’er changed simultaneously.

In the eyes of Hua Xiangrong, a faint gloom flashed over.

In fact, she had now completely accepted Li Mu, and she also completely focused on Li Mu. When she was a child, her family was faced with a disaster, causing her loved ones to drift from place to place homelessly and miserably. Thus, not only was it difficult for her to find her family members, but also she, with an innocent body, was trapped in the Musical House, drifting like duckweed in a torrent, and not knowing what kind of fate she would face. She spent every day in worry and fear, but she had never been as calm and firm as she was in the days she met with Li Mu. As if she had found a bright light in the darkness, she hoped to hold onto this light forever.

Tonight, she had already been prepared for Li Mu to stay here overnight.

However, Li Mu was leaving.

Hua Xiangrong was disappointed, and also felt a little nervous. Not knowing Li Mu’s mind, she was afraid that her tenderness and affection would end up with her love unrequited.

And Xin’er roughly had the same idea.

Tonight, numerous people were focusing on the Holy House. If Young Master Li just left like this, there might be all kinds of rumors outside. For example, people would say that Young Master Li just acted on the spur of the moment, but actually, he didn’t like her miss very much. Otherwise, he wouldn’t leave like this.

If not careful enough, her miss would become a joke.

After all, the competition in the brothel was quite intricate.

“About today’s victory, I still haven’t gone back to tell my mother,” Li Mu said with a smile. “I will stay in Chang’an City for a few more days and I will come to see you every day to watch you dance and listen to your songs. If the girl wants to leave the Musical House, just tell me at any time, and I will take you away.”

“Ah… Thank you a lot, Young Master. I… Thank you.” When hearing the words, Hua Xiangrong became overjoyed.

“This little man.”

Xin’er was also relieved on the side.

The two sent Li Mu away.

When they returned to the room, a sweet smile was still on Hua Xiangrong’s face, and she seemed to be in a good mood.

It was easy to get a priceless treasure, but it was difficult to have a lover.

After all, many sisters deeply trapped in brothels who nervously protected their innocence only hoped to respectively meet someone with all his heart, and in the end, they would send the helve after the hatchet at any price. But most of them ended in tragedy. Actually, how many prostitutes, even if they were unparalleled beauties and had peerless talents, in the end, could really obtain happiness?

But Hua Xiangrong believed that no regrets would be left about her decision.

That was to say, Li Mu would definitely be the right person.

“Miss, your face becomes swollen due to your laughter.” Xin’er was joking at the side. To be honest, she was also happy for her miss, since Young Master Li Mu was different from the boasting scholars and nobles.

The two girls were having fun with each other in good moods.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

A figure walked in.

“Mom Bai Xuan.” Hua Xiangrong quickly came to her.

Bai Xuan, who was only about 30 years old, looked naturally beautiful, and with a graceful and full figure, was full of the charm of a mature woman. When she was young, she was also a beautiful woman, peerless for a long time, and now was a Mom in the Holy House. It was said that there was a noble figure behind her, but in the end, it was not possible for her to have a right and legal marriage, even having no person’s status.

“Congratulations, Huaer. You finally get what you want.” Bai Xuan took the hand of Hua Xiangrong and said, “Young Master Li Mu is honorable. Later, you can get away from this bitter life. Perhaps, you can revive your Shangguan Family.” The original name of Hua Xiangrong was Shangguan Yuting.

“I am afraid that the Musical House will intervene,” Hua Xiangrong said with a bit of worry.

Because the Shangguan Family had violated some affairs, she was sent to the Musical House officially by the empire. If she wanted to get rid of her identity as a prostitute, she had to get the approval of the head of the Musical House. She heard that the current head had a background and was usually extremely mighty in Chang’an City, who was also a malicious person.

“My silly younger sister. Don’t worry. Young Master Li Mu is a master of the Natural Realm. A 15-year-old Natural Expert can be said to be the current top genius of the world. I think that if the news is spread out, even the royal family will confer a title of nobility unto him, so the head of the Musical House will definitely not trouble Young Master Li.” Mom Bai Xuan was quite clear about the status of those people.

The two talked for a while again.

“Sister Hua, let me ask you, since you arrived at the Holy House, how have I treated you?” Mom Bai Xuan asked with some intention.

Hua Xiangrong was so smart that she could figure out the meaning when hearing her words, and knew that Mom made a demand on her. But she still sincerely replied, “Why did Mom ask this question? When I was reduced to the Musical House, I originally thought that I would not have my days, but fortunately Mom, you picked me to go to the Holy House, and treat and protect me well in every aspect, so I can find a shelter, rather than being a degenerate forever. If Mom didn’t protect me, now I am afraid that I would have already…” Hua Xiangrong was quite grateful to Bai Xuan.

“Then, I beg you to do one thing,” Mom Bai Xuan said.

Hua Xiangrong said, “Mom, please tell me.”