Chapter 203 The Same Fate

“Mimi, don’t move. Bear it a bit more, bear it a bit more.” The middle-aged beautiful woman hugged her little daughter, Tang Mi, tightly.

This beautiful woman, wearing a robe that could only simply cover her body, looked to be in her early 30s. She was still graceful, with jade-like white skin, and her long black hair was messily scattered. Besides this, there was a little nobleness between her eyebrows, she was obviously of noble birth. She used to be a lady. But now, she stayed in the Musical House pallidly. Holding her little daughter tightly, she resisted tears.

Beside her also sat a little beautiful girl, who looked like she was 15 or 16 years old and was her eldest daughter, Tang Tang. With a fluffy tilted frisette and her hair half tied up, she was very similar to the middle-aged woman in appearance, but was purer and sweeter and more innocent. However, they showed the same expression of fear and haggardness with confused eyes, and occasionally a hint of hatred flashed through their eyes.

The mother and her two daughters, all wearing only a layer of gray robes, almost in rags, were locked in an iron cage.

These days, they had fearfully drifted from place to place homelessly and become prisoners. After being sent to the Musical House, they were abused, making their will collapse. And on this day, they had not eaten food for two days and two nights, so they were extremely weak due to hunger.

In particular, the little girl, Tang Tang, was still very small and weak and had been scared. She had a little fever, with a hot forehead, and was curled up in the mother’s arms, shivering.

“Mother, I miss Dad,” Tang Mi, who had a low fever, said in a daze.

The beautiful woman hugged her daughter tightly, and she could not help watching her tears fall. “Dad will come back to find you…” But in fact, the man who used to shelter them from the wind and rain would never return, and she did not know how to comfort her daughter.

The eldest daughter, Tang Tang, with dull eyes, seemed to be lost in a daze.

The Musical House was a quite terrible term to them.

Once females from official families fell into this place, it was like falling into the devil’s cave for them.

The sound of footsteps came.

“Mrs. Tang, did you decide? As long as you cooperate with our Musical House, you and your daughters not only can eat fully and wear warm clothes, but also can still live extravagant lives.” A sarcastic voice came from outside the iron cage.

It was the leader of the Church Division that came again, who was responsible for persuading the mother and daughters.

“Hoho, women sometimes have to accept life as it is. Now that you are in such a situation, why do you insist on virtuous things like chastity and reputation? Is it meaningful? It is better to be an opener. You won’t feel pain, but will be comfortable. As long as you open your legs, you will have a lot of money…”

This leader was also a middle-aged man in his early 30s but was wearing expensive robes with a white and powdered face. He spoke in a womanly tone, and behaved like a woman. His slanting eyes were flashing lust.

The beautiful woman just closed her eyes and did not speak.

“Oh, Mrs. Tang, you don’t have much time. Take time to think about it. In three days, it will be the day for the oiran election. Hehe, you can be considered one of the most beautiful females on that day. I will give you one more day to think about it. If you are still stubborn, we’ll have to force you. Think about it, your daughter can’t support herself for too long.”

The beautiful woman was still crying.

The middle-aged man snorted and turned to leave.

Suddenly, the eldest daughter, Tang Tang, opened her mouth and said, “I promise you…”

“Eh? What did you say?” The leader, with a half malicious look, looked back, and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Tang Tang rushed to the side of the iron railing and said excitedly, “I promise you. I promise everything you said. You’ll let go of my mother and my sister, won’t you?”

“Hahaha, little girl, you are too naive. Who dares to let go of your mother and sister?” The leader looked at Tang Tang with pity, and said, “You are important criminals. The emperor intends to make you three become whores for your lifetime to pay for your father’s sin. Why do you dare to bargain for conditions?”

“You…” Tang Tang was stunned.

“In three days, it is the auction day. At that time, if you still do not yield to us, we’ll have to take some measures. Hoho, anyway, we’ll just make sure that you will not be starved so there will be someone to buy you.” Without compassion, the leader turned away and sneered, “The earlier you agree, the less suffering you will face. Hehe, if you don’t want to get revenge for General Tang and clear his name, before the auction, you can commit suicide to be free from humiliation.”

This last sentence was the most sinister one. At once, the courage to commit suicide of the three people—no, Tang Mier was still small and ignorant, so it should be only Mrs. Tang and Tang Tang—disappeared, and their idea of suicide also dissipated.

Yes, they had to live to rehabilitate their father (her husband).

Father (husband) was killed by the traitor and bore the name of humiliation and rebellion, dying with grievance. Nowadays, there were only the three people left in the world who still believed that this man was loyal and just. If they died, who would fight for his innocence?

He noticed that the power and decisiveness in their eyes disappeared, which became immediately dim like the last trace of a spark in the ashes under heavy rain.

The leader sneered and loudly ordered the guards around them not to offer them any water and rice before he turned and left.

“Dear Tang, you bless me and Tang Tang in heaven. Dear Tang, what… what should I do?”

The heart of the beautiful woman was broken.

If she was alone, she would have long ago committed suicide to accompany her husband in heaven, but she had two daughters, who were the only offspring of the Tang family at present. If she was dead, what would the two daughters do? At such young ages, their life had just begun… The beautiful woman was really in as much pain as if she had been cut by a knife.

“Who can save us?”

The beautiful woman’s heart was bleeding.

At the time when her husband was alive, he was quite kind and had helped numerous people. Now, who could come to save them?

“Don’t cry. You do nothing but cry.” A crisp voice came from the side. “You Qin women are weak.”

About five or six meters away was another iron cage, in which a young prairie woman was imprisoned. She yelled, “Think about how to save your daughters an get them out of there. Don’t cry all the time… Hmph, women’s tears should only be seen by their most beloved men, and should never be seen by their enemies.”

The beautiful woman glanced at her.

She knew that this woman had been caught from the prairie.

This woman and her dozens of prairie companions were all in the Musical House, and had suffered the same kind of coercion as the three people. However, this grassland woman seemed to be the leader, so she was highly valued. Separated from her companions, she was also locked in this yard.

Everyone originally thought that the barbarian grassland females should be female animals with tusks and a rude look. No one could have imagined that this grassland woman would so surprisingly beautiful, which shocked the beautiful woman. She was like a blooming bloody flower.

But it was a pity.

That’s because such a beautiful girl had become a prisoner. Given that the Qin Empire and the grassland tribes had always been disharmonious, these grassland female slaves had to face extremely miserable ends as playthings. And the more beautiful, the more miserable fate they would have.

Of course, beyond expectation, the beautiful woman admired that this beautiful grassland woman was extremely resolute and valiant. Even though she was completely locked up with heavy black iron handcuffs, she was still strong, never yielding, as if she would never give up hope. No matter how the leader of the Musical House forced her with both mild and severe measures, she wasn’t coward at all, wild as a female leopard on the prairie.


With this soft sound, half of a dry steamed bun fell beside the foot of the beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman looked at the prairie woman in surprise.

It was she who had thrown it over.

“She even secretly stored food. How did she do that?

“Moreover, she also has not eaten or drunk for several days, but she gives it to me?”

“Don’t look at it. It is for your daughter.” The extremely beautiful prairie slave, with her naturally curly black hair between the eyebrows, watched the little girl curling up in the arms of the beautiful woman, and with a slight softness in her eyes, said, “On the prairie, children would not suffer this.”

“Thank you. Thank you.” The beautiful woman quickly picked up the steamed bun and thanked her through tears.

She took a small piece, chewed it, wet it with her own spit, and fed her daughter, who was about to lose consciousness due to hunger and coldness.

Then, she gave the older daughter a larger piece.

“Mother, I am not hungry.” In Tang Tang’s mouth was no trace of saliva due to her thirst, and her internal organs were like they were being burned. But she still shook her head, and said, “Mother, you and sister can eat it. I am not hungry at all.”

After a while—

Another leader came up to the iron cage for that female slave and tried to persuade her loudly in words used on the prairie.

However, the prairie woman directly spat on the face of the leader, and cursed loudly. Although she was a prisoner, this unparalleled beauty was always pride.

“Lowly slave, you court death. Slap her.” The angry voice of the leader echoed in the small yard.

Beside him was a warlock, who tortured the prairie slave girl with some very evil techniques. Her body trembled fiercely, and her cold sweat flew out like water. But she was always energetic, cursing loudly, proudly raising her head, and not yielding.

In the end, the leader cursed and left with the warlock, who was exhausted.

“Are you okay?” asked the beautiful woman with worry.

Under the same fate, she now felt that this grassland woman from a different race was more cordial than any other Qin people, including the leaders of the Musical House, so she was worried about her.

“As a child of the wolf god, will I give in under these means?” she said indifferently and decisively.

After suffering from almost two hours of magical skills, this grassland female war god was dripping with perspiration, and her lips, bitten through by her teeth, were bleeding. Due to the intense pain, she looked pale, but her will remained as solid as rock.

Seeing the figures of the leader and others leave, the prairie woman was full of contempt and had hatred in her eyes. From such eyes, there was no doubt that if she could get out of trouble, she would definitely tear the leader and the warlock who did spells on her to pieces.