Chapter 223: Seven Beautiful Girls

This girl was the only daughter of a rich businessman who had committed crimes. Because her father violated the law of the empire, the family property was confiscated, and she was penalized into Musical House. Because of her good look, she was treated as the first item in this auction after being trained for a period by Chang’an Musical House. It was just a warm-up part of this activity.

The veil on her face was removed, and her black hair poured down. The young girl exclaimed and opened her eyes worriedly. When seeing a sea of people, she suddenly became shy and angry. She wanted to use her hands to cover the key parts of her body, but with her hands being handcuffed, she couldn’t do that. Thus, she suddenly became quite grieved.

She was struggling to run off the stage but was pulled by two strong servants. How could she struggle to get off?

“Don’t. Let me go… whoo whoo whoo… Father, mother, save Wan’er…” she cried out helplessly.

However, this kind of weak and helpless look made her more lovingly pathetic, so the desires of many men around her were activated. Some of the fat and wealthy businessmen on the VIP seats began to exclaim and were ready to take action.

After the auctioneer introduced the origin of the girl and some auction procedures, he said, “This sinful girl, Xu Wan’er, fifteen years old, is from Chang’an Mansion. She is good at singing and dancing. She is a virgin. The basic offer is five thousand pounds of gold, and each increase is no less than one hundred pounds of gold… The auction begins, and those who are interested in her can bid.”

“Five thousand and one hundred pounds of gold…”

“Five thousand and three hundred pounds of gold…”

“Five thousand and five hundred pounds of pounds… Don’t grab with me.”

On the VIP seats came screams suddenly.

In particular, among them, a middle-aged man with a malicious face, exclaimed most joyfully, “Listen to me, everyone. I am the owner of Datong Pawnshop, and this girl is my good brother’s daughter. Please offer me respect..” He bid directly five thousand and nine hundred pounds of gold with his glowing eyes.

Someone shouted, “You and Xu Zheng, the father of Xu Wan’er, were sworn brothers, but you betrayed them secretively, causing his family broken up. But now you even want to occupy his daughter. You are really worse than a beast…”

The malicious look of the middle-aged man changed, and he shouted, “That is a rumor… Six thousand pounds of gold. Don’t compete against me.” He had long coveted Xu Wan’er’s beautiful look, and this was a rare opportunity to get her. As he imagined the scene that his good friend’s daughter was under his naked body, he became so excited.

In the end, the price reached 6,500 pounds of gold, and this middle-aged man with a malicious face took the lead.

Other bidders no longer bid.

After all, Xu Wan’er was not a famous whore, enjoying no fame. Although in the Top Beauty Competition, it was easy for these competitors to award flower baskets that valued tens of thousands pounds of gold, there were interests in it, which was equivalent to sponsors on the earth. Hence, for such unknown girls like Xu Wan’er, six thousand pounds of gold was already considered quite high.

However, in the whole process, no one among the top VIPs in the pavilion area offered a bid.

Obviously, a girl from a wealthy business family couldn’t attract them.

In the 18th pavilion.

When Shangguan Yuting, who had always resisted her sympathy for the girl, saw that this poor woman would fall into the claws of the middle-aged beast-like man, she finally couldn’t stand it. In particular, Xu Wan’er shared a similar fate as her. Therefore, she couldn’t help being sympathetic to her. Then, she turned her head to look at Li Mu, wishing to speak but stopping on second thought.

Li Mu smiled and patted her arm, then looked back at Zheng Cunjian.

Zheng Cunjian understood his hint and directly said in front of the white-jade device with the sign, “Seven thousand pounds of gold.”

“Seven thousand pounds of gold.”

His slightly hoarse voice came from the silent VIP pavilion area, and under the activation of the sound-amplification tactical deployment of warlocks, it clearly spread around the main stage.

The auctioneer on the main stage also showed a hint of surprise in his eyes. Unexpectedly, as an appetizer, the girl could be able to make the top VIP bid. However, he did not hesitate, but shouted, “The top VIP in the 18th room bids 7,000 pounds of gold…”

The VIP area became silent at once.

The middle-aged man with a malicious look became hesitant.

He could continue to bid, but the problem was that under such an occasion, if he bid again, he would be likely to offend a top VIP, but anyone who could enter these pavilions would be either rich or powerful. Not anyone dared to offend them.

Looking at Xu Wan’er’s beautiful face and naked body on the stage, and thinking about the schemes and preparations made for this day, the middle-aged and malicious man hesitated for a while and sighed, then he sat back, daring not to bid again.

He was scared.

In the end, no one bid again.

Li Mu got Xu Wan’er at the price of 7,000 pounds of gold.

The first auction tonight was completed at a very high price. For Musical House, it was definitely a wonderful start.

The auction started again.

Forcefully dragged by the two female servants, Xu Wan’er in scare was taken to the 18th pavilion.

“Distinguished guest, your auction item is here.” The maid standing at the door respectfully sent the message.

A voice came out from inside, “Bring in.”

When the door was opened, Xu Wan’er was directly pushed into the room, and then the door was closed.

Xu Wan’er, who was quite shy, was shivering, and entered the pavilion when she exclaimed. Extremely shocked, she stumbled into the room, and tightly closed her eyes. Under her long eyelashes, tears were flowing, but she did not dare to open her eyes. As if she would be isolated from the world without being hurt as long as she closed her eyes…


A light sound.

Xu Wan’er suddenly felt her wrists light and the silver handcuffs were removed.

As she subconsciously opened her eyes, she noticed that an extremely cute cat-faced mask was shaking in front of her…

“Ah…” she screamed again.

The following auction went smoothly.

Within two hours, ten females were auctioned, and most of them were the unfortunate misses from some wealthy families. Six of them were taken by the mysterious person in the top VIP area of No. 18, and as long as the top VIPs bid, guests on the ordinary VIP seats, no matter how frenzied they were, did not dare to bid again.

In other districts for those top VIPs, there was no one competing against the 18th VIP.

Therefore, the auction for the 18th guest witnessed a very smooth process.

However, for Musical House, the 18th VIP did not directly bid from the starting price but waited to take action until the price reached a certain high level. Hence, Musical House could accept it completely, since they would not miss the profits.

In the ordinary VIP seats, everyone dared not to speak despite their anger.

Since they all had their own goals, they paid the deposit. However, plus Xu Wan’er, seven beautiful young girls were taken away by the 18th top VIP. Hence, all of them were frustrated. Even if they didn’t dare to compete, they would definitely complain secretively.

“Who is this one in the No. 18 VIP area?”

“Why is this big figure so greedy? Prairie female slaves and State-revitalizing General’s wife and daughters have not yet been auctioned, but he has got seven people, who are just from humble families. Can they really attract the real big figures?”

“Won’t it be an unimportant person who accidentally got a top VIP sign that is pretending to be a powerful person?”

Various criticisms and rumors spread in the ordinary VIP area.

The seven beautiful girls were wearing tulle, with their well-shaped bodies partly hidden and partly visible. If observed carefully, their graceful and white bodies could almost be seen completely. They huddled together and shivered, with panic and fear in their eyes. Then a faint and strange body fragrance filled the whole room.

Li Mu reluctantly rubbed his temple.

Hua Xiangrong gratefully looked at Li Mu, and her eyes under the golden phoenix-winged mask were quite tender.

Of course, since Hua Xiangrong was sympathetic to these poor girls, Li Mu, in order to comfort her, directly asked Zheng Cunjian to bid for them. They cost about 50000 or 60000 pounds of gold, but it was just a small part of Li Mu’s current wealth.

“Go to get some clothes to let them wear.” Li Mu ordered. It was really a romantic and attractive scene with a group of beautiful and naked girls in the room, and to be honest, Li Mu couldn’t handle the situation.

Zheng Cunjian followed the order.

When the seven poor girls heard Li Mu’s words, they were slightly relaxed. It seemed that this mysterious master with a silver ghost-smile mask was not a cruel person–in this situation, they could only comfort themselves by this method.

“Thanks, master.” Xu Wan’er came first. At this moment, she was slightly calm and smartly thanked.

Even though the other women were astonished, who were like ducklings that lost their mother, they all rushed to learn and tried their best to thank Li Mu politely, so as not to suffer other hardships.

Only a 17-year-old short-haired girl looked like a man. She, with a handsome look, seemed different from the other girls and presented a kind of special beauty. Besides, in her eyes glowed the light of alertness and hatred. She, standing there and holding her head high, didn’t speak a word, and from her tragic look, she was like a martyr who was ready to fight for justice.

Li Mu took it easy, took off his mask and smiled a little. He said, “Don’t thank me. It is Yuting who can’t bear the result that you may fall into the demons’ claws that persuades me to bid for you. You need to thank Yuting. Since then, you will follow Yuting and obey her orders.”

“Ah…” There was a girl exclaiming.

It was not because that she recognized Li Mu’s true identity, but because that she did not expect that this new owner was so young, who, with big eyes and bushy eyebrows, looked handsome and chivalrous. He should not be a bad person.

After Shangguan Yuting gratefully glanced at Li Mu, she took off her own mask. Suddenly, the whole pavilion became glamorous, and a kind of sacred color appeared.

The appearance of Shangguan Yuting was like a fairy, and the entire room was full of holy light.

Those young girls could not help having a sense of inferiority simultaneously and immediately.

One of them stayed shocked for a while, then suddenly reacted. She could not help but exclaim, “Are… are you Master Hua, Hua Xiangrong?”

Shangguan Yuting smiled and said, “Hua Xiangrong has been my previous name. From then on, there is no more Hua Xiangrong in the world. I am called Shangguan Yuting. You can call me sister Shangguan. Don’t worry. You will be safe from now on. Brother Mu is not a bad person and will not force you.”

The beautiful girls whispered in surprise.

Xu Wan’er was the smartest one. When she heard Shangguan Yuting’s words, she knew that she was really Hua Xiangrong. It was no wonder that except for Top Beauty Hua Xiangrong tonight, no one could be as beautiful and fascinating as a fairy. She realized something, then she directly asked, “You are really Master Hua… then, is this… this… Young Master Li Mu, poetry and sword genius?”

Her voice was trembling a bit, indicating she was excited.

At this time, other beautiful girls were also aware of that, then looked at Li Mu with surprised and expectant faces.