Chapter 225 The Fight over a Little Girl

Room No. 7 housed a total of 10 men—the pasture Army Advisor, the young master of the Western Qin branch of World Chamber of Commerce, and the pasture experts, including the young tribe chief who looked as unwavering as an iron tower. The instant they saw the first pasture slave was dragged onto the stage, all of them looked enlivened.

“It’s Cao, a female guard serving for the Virgin Goddess Qing Yan. She is only 16…” A pasture guard hollered emotionally in their pasture language.

The eyes of all the men from the pasture reflected flames of fury.

“How can Grassland God’s most brilliant daughter be insulted by the Qin people like this? The hatred between the Qin and the pasture won’t be dissolved until we destroy you!”

The young pasture Army Advisor knitted his brows. He felt the situation was steering to a not very desirable direction. If the Virgin Goddess Qing Yan and her 46 Wolf Warriors would be auctioned one by one, it was undoubted that this would put a huge challenge on their action. And vaguely, he sensed that there might be some other reasons for the Musical House to adopt this method of auction.

“Relax, I assure you that I’ll rescue all the daughters of Grassland God.” Guo Zhihui, the young master of the branch of World Chamber of Commerce, patted his chest as he promised, “Such an attractive beauty shouldn’t fall to the hands of those greasy and tubby aristocrats.” He looked quite indignant.

Soon, the auction for pasture slave kicked off.

On the main stage, an auctioneer with white hair and white beard started introducing the object animatedly.

“This female slave from the pasture is not an ordinary one. She is a Wolf Warrior of the Wolf Temple on the pasture. Well, what is a Wolf Warrior? Some of you presented might know it, but some might not. So please allow me to give a quick explanation. Wolf Warriors are a troop which only the most excellent female warriors in the pasture tribes can be admitted in. Even the pasture noble families from all the tribes have to be respectful when they run into a Wolf Warrior. They are just like the prestigious royal members of our Qin Empire. Recently, our Empire of Great Qin Dynasty launched a smart raid against the pasture tribes. We captured one Virgin Goddess-to-be and even arrest 46 female Wolf Warriors of the Wolf Temple alive. This is a rare success that we didn’t hear of over a century…”

Like a dramatic storyteller, the old auctioneer made it sound that the Wolf Warriors, especially the female ones, enjoyed a very high status that was almost comparable to the god or goddess on the pasture. His exaggerated introducing certainly attracted the scorching eyes of countless men around the stage.

For men, protecting the weak and spoiling the chastity were the eternal theme of their desire.

Fervent eyes battered at that female Wolf Warrior.

“What’s more worth mentioning is that this female Wolf Warrior has a cultivation in the Master Realm, which hasn’t been wiped yet. Look, the silver handcuffs she is wearing is the forbidding instrument made by a Deva in the capital, which seals her cultivation and dents her power. Please consider this, a beauty from the alien land in the Master Realm has no leeway to fight back in your presence and allows you to do anything to her… And if you give her the proper discipline and make her fall in love with you, you’ll basically have an extra appealing guard in the Master Realm… Well, the most important part is— she is still a virgin.”

The auctioneer of the Musical House advertised the object vigorously.

Further, as if to complete the oral description, two sturdy woman servant jerked forced the female Wolf Warrior into a variety of unconventional postures to perfectly display her flexibility and amazing curves.

Since her strength and power were cramped by the forbidding handcuffs, the female Wolf Warrior could not struggle a bit in spite of her rage.

Such a hot scene expanded the veins of all the men on the spot.

“Now, the bidding process will starts. The starting price is 50,000 gold ingots, and each price markup shall not be less than 5,000 gold ingots!” The voice of that auctioneer was highly alluring. With the help of the voice-booming warlock formation, it spread through the whole Liufang Street.

The atmosphere was lit up at once.

Innumerable people placed their bids.

Although the starting price for this female pasture slave was already sky-high, the real well-off did not mind such an expense at all.

To say the least, any female slave in the Master Realm would worth this price, even if she was ugly as a hag.

And those in the rooms for the top distinguished guests, who had remained silent most of the time during the auction, also joined in the bidding.

At last, it was the most distinguished guest in Room No. 7 who took the female pasture slave with the incredibly high price of eighty thousand gold ingots.

And that was also the highest bid that had been placed since the start of tonight’s auction.

“Those from the pasture surely have stepped out.”

As Li Mu saw this, he already realized what was happening.

His sworn brother, Guo Yuqing, was also from the vast pasture. Thus, Li Mu had quite a good vibe for the pasture. If those female pasture slaves in distress could be rescued by the pasture force, he would be more than glad.

Considering that, Li Mu did not place any bid to raise the price in this auction.

At the top-of-the-range Room No. 7…

The female Wolf Warrior named Cao was brought in.

The girl, who had braced herself to destroy her and her buyer the first opportunity she got in case the Qin man could have her, suddenly widened her eyes. Excitement surfaced on her face, and she yelled, “Army Advisor, Brother Tie, it’s you guys…”

The young Army Advisor smiled. He then got up and strode over Cao to free her from the forbidding handcuffs while comforting her. “Don’t worry, you’re safe now. Brother Tie and the warriors of the Moon-shooting Tribe have long since arrived in Chang’an. We’ll get you and the Virgin Goddess Qing Yan out of here!”

The pasture chief with an air of an iron tower stood up and donned a robe around Cao’s shoulders in person before saying, “Cao, you help yourself to some food here to gain some strength and leave the rest to us.”

Cao looked thrilled, as the fatigue and anguish on her face instantly evaporated. She gritted her teeth and exclaimed, “It’s fantastic. Brother Army Advisor, Brother Tie, I’m not tired at all. Give a broadsword and I’ll fight along with the warriors of Moon-shooting Tribe!”

The women from the pasture were, indeed, that tough.

The auction continued.

10 more female Wolf Warriors from the pasture were staged in succession. Their starting price was set at five hundred thousand gold ingots. Those girls all had blond hair, blue eyes, and a tall and slender figure. According to their beauty and strength, their price markups were slightly different from one another. Among them, several well-stacked six-two female Wolf Warriors were bought by the whopping price of 120,000 gold ingots each, causing a big stir.

And what was more shocking was that all the female pasture slaves were, without exception, bought by the same highest distinguished room—Room No. 7.

The man in Room No. 7 had paid the shocking 700,000 gold ingots in total. This number took everyone’s breath away.

“How can they play like this? A man in Room No. 18 took almost all the innocent beautiful girls from our Qin Empire. Now, there is Room No. 7 that bought all the female pasture slaves… Even though we dare not touch the real juicy meat, they should have left us with some soup.”

“Will they let others a chance to do some serious bidding?”

“Well, it’s not like we can’t outbid them. It’s just that… we don’t have the guts to compete with them.”

At the seats for the medium distinguished guests, many were rather irritated, but their anger was of no help to the issue. In the face of the walls of the cruel, stratified hierarchy in this world, they had no such courage to break them or fight for their rights.

The auction presumed.

This time, the one shoved onto the stage was not a female pasture slave but a little girl of merely three or four years old.

This little girl was wearing her hair in braids. She had pink cheeks and fine features, which made her looked like a delicate jade doll. Although she seemed to be a little too thin, all the men knew she would definitely be a beauty when she grew up at first glance. But she was now in a trance. Clearly, she had been fed with some confounding drug before she was carried to the stage and placed on a desk.

“This is the younger daughter of Tang Chong, the founding general. Her name is Tang Mi, four years and a half. I bet everyone presented today can tell that she positively has the potential to be a cutie. If any of you adopts her for a dozen years, she will grow into a real gorgeous who might stun the whole empire. Her mother, Dongfang Hui, is from the Dark Ice Faction, a five-grade faction. She used to be one of the top 10 beauties in the assorted factions of our Western Qin Empire. Given her exceeding beauty, this little girl will absolutely be a knockout beauty that every man scramble for in the future. The noble blood running in her veins is a guarantee of glory. Her starting price is 100,000 gold ingots. The price markup each time must not be less than 10,000 gold ingots.”

The auctioneer shouted out the introduction.

Another uproar of excitement broke out among the audience.

The daughter of the founding general!

Only that line of description was enough to drive the audience to nuts.

It was beyond doubt that she was a girl related to an official of the highest rank that the Musical House had ever auctioned.

As the auction began, a riot of voices broke out at the medium distinguished area. They all shouted their bids against others. However, when those at the top distinguished area upstairs started to place bids, the guests at the medium distinguished area soon fell silent. Well, they dared not compete with the upstairs after all.

“150,000.” A voice was heard from the top-of-the-range Room No. 10.

That man directly added 20,000 to the current price, 130,000. He clearly thought he could outbid everyone else by that offer.

It was the first bid placed by the top-of-the-range Room No. 10.

“200,000.” The man in the top-of-the-range Room No. 15 renewed the price at once.

The man in Room No. 15 actually had placed several bids when auctioning the female pasture slaves. But as a result of his cautious bidding, he was outbid by Room No. 7 at last and had not gained any haul so far. Thus, it came as a surprise to many people that this man was willing to offer such a high bid for a four-year-old baby girl.

“220,000!” Uttered the man in Room No. 10, who raised the price by twenty thousand again. Surely he was hell-bent on winning.


“250,000.” The man in Room No. 15 placed a second bid with more overbearing confidence.

By this time, the bidding had finally become competitive as never before. The game gradually turned white-hot.

In Room No. 10.

Wang Chen looked a little gloomy.

“Room No. 15 certainly hides that bunch of monsters!” Spat him in exasperation.

Some of General Tang Chong’s foes had taken a specific trip to Chang’an to participate in the auction. They were eager to vent their resentment towards the late general upon the fatherless girl and the widow. Wang Chen had detected their vicious plan but failed to find out their whereabouts or completed more fruitful investigation. But judging by the current situation, those in Room No. 15 must be the antagonists.

Qin Zhen, the princess, was still expressionless.

“Keep placing more bids,” ordered she. Her voice showed no sorrow nor wrath.

On no account would she give up rescuing General Tang’s wife and daughters.

She had foreseen this scene before going to this auction.

Anyway, wrath was no solution.

Wang Chen nodded firmly.

But what concerned him was that considering the competitiveness of the bidding, the 700,000 gold ingots that the princess managed to raise with enormous effort would soon run out before they could rescue the three women.

In Room No. 15.

Four young men were watching the main stage outside with a satisfied smile of revenge.

“Back then, Tang Chong flogged me a hundred times and kicked me out of the Mighty Army just because I accidentally violated a military order. Humph, he certainly couldn’t imagine that one day his favorite daughter will be my prey. Haha!” The man speaking was Bai Yuan, the son of the chief commander of the Crane Army, which was one of the imperial armies stationed at the capital. He was wearing silk from head to foot and grasping a foldable fan. Although he might look like a gentleman, as a matter of fact, he was rather ferocious and mischievous.

“Right. As we bring up the girl, we only need to educate her carefully so as to turn her into a whore who is shameless and only knows how to please men. Haha!” A chilling smile curled the corners of the mouth of Liang Yifei, the son of the current imperial tutor.