Chapter 232 Rob the Rich to Help the Poor

This was a very remote secret chamber, which was deliberately prepared by Liu Chenglong in advance, that was a few kilometers away from the main stage. At this time, the battle on the main stage could not affect this area.

The four people, Liang Yifei, Bai Yuan, Han Feiran, and Jin Xuan, all looked proud. Looking at Mrs. Tang, who was stunned and frightened in the corner, all of them tacitly laughed loudly.

“Sh*t, we failed to get the two little beauties, but it is not too bad to get this beauty. Hahaha, Tang Chong’s woman must taste very good.” Bai Yuan sneered as he approached. He said, “Mrs. Tang, be clever. Take it off by yourself, lest we hurt you.”

“Yes, hehe, Mrs. Tang. If you cooperate a little and let us brothers be comfortable, your two daughters may suffer less.” Jin Xuan threatened Mrs. Tang with Tang Tang and Tang Mi, and she suddenly became scared.

She, who had been detained in the steel-made flower-decorated cart, did not know that her two daughters had been rescued at all.

Originally, she wanted to kill herself to save her reputation, but now, Mrs. Tang didn’t dare to do that.

“Hoho, take it off, and be a bit faster. If you don’t serve us well, your daughters will suffer a lot.” When Liang Yifei saw that the trick had worked, he immediately continued to threaten her.

“Hahahaha, Tang Chong, you died young, so we’ll let your woman repay the shame that you brought us then.” In Han Feiran’s eyes flashed a cruel light.

The four people surrounded Mrs. Tang in the corner.

When Mrs. Tang was about to give in, a voice arose in the room—

“I am relieved to see you commit such a crime.”

The figure with a silver smiley-ghost mask, as if coming from the void, appeared in the room, then the strange field instantly spread throughout the room.


“It’s you…”

“How come?”

Bai Yuan and the other three people all exclaimed.

Immersed in their surging desires, they suddenly seemed like a pot of cold water be had been poured on them from head to toe, since this figure’s strength that they had seen before was terrible. Why did this person appear here?

“You…” Han Feiran tried to say something, but as a ray of knife light flashed, his head flew off directly.

“You are the most insidious one, so you’d better die first not to waste time,” Li Mu said while showing his teeth.

Thanks to the old faker’s powerful person-finding Taoist magic arts, after discovering that Mrs. Tang was not in the steel-made cart, Li Mu found a few of Mrs. Tang’s hairs inside it, and then used the hairs as a hint to operate the Taoist magic arts. Thus, he immediately traced her to the secret room, and before that, Li Mu was hidden in the darkness for a while.

It could be seen that among the four people, Han Feiran was deep-minded and scheming, so he directly killed him.


The dead body fell to the ground.

Han Feiran couldn’t believe that he died in such a confused way.

“Ah…” Liang Yifei screamed, turned, and ran outside the door.

However, with a loud sound, there seemed to be a transparent wall in the air that directly made him fly back.

“Want to leave? It’s too late,” Li Mu said.

He had already arranged in this room the tactical deployment of the Dragon-imprisoning Field-locking Formation to enclose the surrounding space, so unless it was a powerhouse was stronger than Li Mu who could directly break the fetter, it was impossible to escape from the room.

Viewing this scene, Jin Xuan immediately realized that he was in danger. However, a cold light flashed in his eyes and he immediately moved toward Mrs. Tang.

The person with a silver smiley-ghost mask might come to save someone, so Mrs. Tang was caught as a hostage.

He was the descendant of the Gold Ray Faction. Among the four people, he had the most powerful strength, who had already become a half Natural Expert, and reacted the fastest.

However, before Li Mu appeared, Li Mu had already planned everything. How could things go as he expected?

“Lightning Chopping.”

Li Mu flashed and used this skill.

In the secret chamber, knife light flashed like lightning, sweeping through the filthy world and sins.

Jin Xuan only felt a trace of unparalleled sharp knife light moving toward him, and it was too late to try to run internal qi to stop it. As he was shocked, he found that within his vision, he could see his back.

“How can I see my back… I…”

Jin Xuan was in doubt, but he quickly realized that it was because his head was cut off and flew away.

“I am… I am going to die.

“Die like this?


At the last moment, all kinds of consciousness dissipated in panic.

In the last moment when Jin Xuan died, he regretted coming to Chang’an City. Unfortunately, this choice had determined his destiny. The most inconvincible thing was that he, with powerful martial arts cultivation, had no time to completely show it off before he was defeated. Besides that, at the last moment, he didn’t even know who killed him.

Li Mu appeared in front of Mrs. Tang.

Since he did not care about Liang Yifei and Bai Yuan, he turned around to put a robe on Mrs. Tang, and changed his voice to say hoarsely, “Don’t worry. Your two daughters had been saved, and now they are safe.”

Immediately in the eyes of Mrs. Tang a bright radiance showed, and she seemed to be alive again. Then, she said trembling, “Really? Where… where are they now?”

Li Mu replied, “The one who saved them is called the Wind Gentleman, Wang Chen. Mrs. Tang should know him.”

“Ah, it’s Mr. Wang, so Princess Zhen must also have come…” As soon as she heard this, Mrs. Tang was completely relieved.

At this time, Bai Yuan knew that he could not escape, so malice flashed upon his eyes. As Li Mu’s back was facing them, a blue dagger quietly appeared in his palm, and he immediately stabbed at Li Mu’s back.

Among the four people, Jin Xuan had the most powerful strength. Bai Yuan was the second, possessing the cultivation at the peak Great Master realm, and it seemed that he was very good at secret attacks, just like a viper silently spitting out poison saliva. He also moved as fast as a ghost.

However, although Li Mu did not look back, it seemed that he had seen it.

“Dao-Drawing Chopping.”

He backhand chopped him, and in the secret chamber, the knife light appeared again.

Bai Yuan’s figure became stiff in its original place.

Then, the body was split into two parts and fell to the ground.

A bloody smell filled the air.

Li Mu turned and looked at the last one, Liang Yifei.


Liang Yifei knelt directly on the ground.

With his face pale, he was like a homeless dog with a broken back, and he pleaded, “Don’t, don’t kill me. My father is the current imperial tutor, so let me go…” This evil young master completely lost his previous arrogance and malice. Since looking at the three bloody bodies in the secret room and facing the threat of death, he had become completely scared.

Li Mu raised his hand and pressed the long knife onto Liang Yifei’s shoulder. He said, “Where is the money?”

“Ah?” Liang Yifei was stunned.

Li Mu roared, “Don’t pretend to be dumb. Now that you’ve jointly come to participate in the auction, how can’t you raise money? Where is the money prepared by you? Give it to me quickly.” This was the way to make money that Li Mu found before.

The reason why he generously lent money to His Highness behind Wang Chen, and also auctioned Tang Tang to directly give to others, was because he had already planned to get compensation from these dregs.

Now that Liang Yifei and others had the money to participate in the auction, they must have taken huge sums.

Anyway, these four dregs deserved death, so it was better to recycle the waste. After directly killing them, their money would be his money.

“What is this called?

“Enforce justice on behalf of Heaven? Robbing the rich to help the poor?

“It is a good thing anyway.”

After understanding Li Mu’s meaning, Liang Yifei saw a trace of survival hope.

After all, this man with the silver smiley-ghost mask had pursuits and desires, so it would be easy to handle the matter.

He found a way and said, “Hero, let me go. No matter how much money it is, my father will be able to offer it to you…”


His mouth was directly cut by the knife and then bled.

Dissatisfied, Li Mu said, “This is not a multiple-choice question. What I ask should be answered by you, and you are not allowed to play freely… Where are your auction funds?”

Liang Yifei felt such an ache that he burst into tears.

This time, he no longer dared to ignore Li Mu, and quickly said, “Please forgive me, hero… Then, in order to buy Mrs. Tang in the hands of Liu Chenglong from the Musical House, the two million ingots of gold gathered together by us four had already been handed over to the Musical House…” They didn’t have much money now.

Li Mu was angry and a fierce light flashed in his eyes. “D*mn… So, it’s useless to keep you alive?”

“No, no, no…” Liang Yifei was so scared that he quickly said, “Hero, please listen to me. I have some money and the other three… should also have some money.”

“Do you need to say this? After I kill you, I can directly search for it.” In Li Mu’s hand, the long knife shook and he sneered, “Say something valuable. Where are the deposits collected by the Musical House and the auction money stored? Do you know?”

“I know. I know.” Liang Yifei revealed everything directly.

The four of them, after all, had authentic identities, so Liu Chenglong did not neglect them. When he paid the deposit, he went to the treasury of the Musical House.

“Okay, thank you,” Li Mu said.

After saying that, Li Mu cut Liang Yifei with his knife.

Liang Yifei was surprised, and then his head flew out.

“In your next life, become a good person,” Li Mu said.

For these words… he seemed quite boastful.

After a while—

In the treasury of the Musical House—

Li Mu’s eyes glowed.

“Hahaha, this time, I will get rich, wow, hahaha.” He was very excited.

The information provided by Liang Yifei was very useful, and he successfully found the treasury of the Musical House. In it, the deposits paid by the high and low aristocrats who participated in the auction at this time were more than three million ingots of gold in total. Adding in the savings of the Musical House over the past years, the treasury housed a huge amount of wealth, over 10 million ingots of gold, which was equivalent to a small treasure house.

“It’s all mine…”

As Li Mu laughed, he used his hands and feet to take it mercilessly.

He brought several storage space containers that had been made, and the gold coins, gold, jade, and other precious stones that looked very precious in the vault were all put into the space containers.

Although several space containers were filled, the entire vault had not yet been swept away.


Every three steps, he looked back in regret.

He should have refined more space containers.

Like the saying goes, a horse becomes stout after eating the night grass, and people become rich due to accidental wealth. Li Mu suddenly felt that he was really a rich man, since this kind of no-cost business was the best way to get rich.

The Musical House had extorted so much wealth from Chang’an City for so many years, and its principal, Liu Chenglong, who even dared to secretly get Hua Xiangrong, was the principal player of the immoral auction conspiracy tonight. He was not a good man, and just like Liang Yifei and the others, deserved death. Hence, Li Mu robbed the treasury without any psychological pressure.

On the other side, Mrs. Tang was a bit surprised.

When the man with the silver smiley-ghost mask just appeared in the secret chamber, a kind of mysterious style of an absolute powerhouse engulfed him, who was invincible, and as unimaginable as the extraterrestrial dragon. Bai Yuan, Jin Xuan, Liang Yifei, and Han Feiran, with very powerful backgrounds and force, were killed by him as easily as chopping vegetables. Thus, Mrs. Tang not only felt delighted, but also quite shocked.

However, the man with the silver smiley-ghost mask was like a thief who was greedy for money. His greedy look seemed obviously a little childish.

“Who is he?”

Mrs. Tang was curious about him.

“Well, I finally finished my task. It is interest, then, I should go to collect the capital…” Li Mu was extremely reluctant to leave, since he wanted to see more of such a vault. When he walked out of the vault door, Li Mu said, “Mrs. Tang, I will take you to find Wang Chen, and you and your daughters can meet together…”

Before the voice died away—

A change suddenly happened.

A shining sword light, like a heaven waterfall, or a dragon in the air, was extremely sharp, breaking the night sky, and moving toward Li Mu.

“Thief. Die.”

A cold scream arose with the sword light.