Chapter 249 Candied Fruit

After 4 hours.

“Have you heard that poetry and sword talent, Li Taibai, defeated by the Four Great Devil Zombies of Ghost Sect.”

“Of course I heard that. Ghost Sect lost its face now.”

“Is Li Mu not practicing Dao techniques?”

“It is said that in Pig-Herding Alley, the Sword Qi was surging, as if the sword fairies came to the human world. Although the Four Great Devil Zombies of Ghost Sect jointly fought against Li Taibai, they couldn’t resist for two hours. Were it not for Li Taibai’s mercy, the Four Great Devil Zombies would have been killed in Pig-Herding Alley.”

In the restaurant, a group of people who looked from Jianghu were discussing excitedly.

Today, the most shocking news was the fight in Pig-Herding Alley.

The Four Great Devil Zombies of Ghost Sect were all experienced powerhouses in Natural Realm, who were rampant across various mansions these years. They were quite infamous, above the two ghost zombies, second only to the Deva powerhouse, Ghost Sect leader. Numerous Wulin masters were killed by the Four Great Devil Zombies, so their fame was made by their victory fights.

However, it was such four famous monsters that were defeated by Li Mu.

Yes, Li Mu did show his powerful strength before, and the fifteen-year-old Natural Expert was eye-catching in any place. However, when compared with the real experienced powerhouses of Natural Realm, people still chose to believe those senior people who had already proved their fame by countless battles. After all, Li Mu’s power, like the sunrise, lay in the potential, while the strength of the Four Great Devil Zombies, as strong as the sun, was at the peak moment.

Moreover, it was even four to one.

However, the Four Great Devil Zombies really failed.

When the four senior Natural Expert of Ghost Sect were expelled from Pig-Herding Alley like the homeless dogs, people of martial art circle in Chang’an City once again talked about Li Mu.

Undoubtedly, after this battle, Li Mu’s reputation in the martial art circle would peak again.

“In the Four Great Devil Zombies, the one with the lowest strength is Green Zombie, who is said to be a middle-level Natural Expert who has transformed 50% of internal qi into natural qi. The strongest one is Black Zombie, who is said to be an upper-level Natural Expert that has possessed already 80% of natural qi. How terrible it will be if the four people jointly enter a fight. They might defeat Deva. Does that Li Mu defeated them mean that Li Mu is already a peerless powerhouse of Celestial Being Realm?”

Someone unbelievably asked.

“It is not like this… Although Natural Realm sounds similar to Celestial Being Realm, in reality, there is a huge realm gap between them. Hundreds of Natural Experts will not defeat a master of Celestial Being Realm despite their joint efforts. Therefore, that Li Mu defeated the Four Great Devil Zombies only showed that his cultivation was at a very strong level. However, it is actually a joke to say that he could be compared with a peerless powerhouse of Celestial Being Realm.”

Some martial arts strongmen made such comments.

“Why did the Four Great Devil Zombies challenge Li Mu? Are they crazy?”

“I heard that it is because the ghost zombies were killed by Li Mu…”

“Really? Li Mu is really trouble. He first destroyed Heaven Sword Martial Club, and then irritated the second prince due to his invitation refusal. Now he provokes Ghost Sect… Does he want to die earlier?”

“I think that he will die soon since the Lord of Ghost Sect has also come to Chang’an City, who is a really peerless powerhouse in Celestial Being Realm. For him, killing a Natural Expert is as easy as killing a hen. Even if Li Mu is quite strong, he has no chance of winning Ghost Sect lord.”

“Eh, if a tree stands out in the forest, the wind will destroy it. Li Mu is still too young and too proud.”

All kinds of arguments spread throughout Chang’an City.

Today, as officials were violently tracking and arresting the remaining General Tang’s associates, the atmosphere of the city was serious. Many Wulin people were acting in a low-key manner. However, Li Mu dared to go against the current and stirred up such serious troubles. The people in the city were shocked. He was really conceited. Who knew if the second prince would take advantage of this excuse to deal directly with him?

After all, he hated the second prince.

Some people were gloating, some were secretly worried, and some people felt pitty.

Countless people were paying attention to Pig-Herding Alley.

“Boss, Li Mu seems a bit strong.”

Marvelous Mathematician sat at the door of the main hall of Xiongfeng Martial Art Club on a chair, and turned the iron prods in his hand. As the meat was toasted, he drooled.

The owner of the Xiongfeng Martial Art Club, Qin Yanzi, swallowed the toasted meat and said, “I have said that this man is a fierce person. It is a pity that we can’t draw him on our side, otherwise, now our Xiongfeng Martial Art Club can also be a bit more famous!” Regret was contained between words.

Two people were barbecuing and drinking at the entrance to the lobby.

“Boss, you really eat much recently. You can eat as much as a dozen people do. Cook Chen wants to remind you that we almost have no food left.” Marvelous Mathematician shrewdly said.

“What?” “I haven’t gone to Musical House to squander for ten days, but how is the money saved spent?” The owner of the Xiongfeng Martial Art Club said with anger.

“You don’t go to the brothel, but the problem is that the interest for your previous debt is a great number…” Marvelous Mathematician complained, and also asked curiously, “But boss, don’t you really go to the brothel? Do you change? What’s the matter? Who is living in the ceremony lobby? You have been guarding outside the lobby for more than ten days. Why don’t you still forbid others stepping in?”

These days, the owner was really a bit strange, which was talked about by all the staff of this martial art club.

The owner of the Xiongfeng Martial Art Club, Qin Yanzi, yawned. “Who is living there? It is just an empty room. The official patrol has searched many times, hasn’t it? There is no one inside it.”

Marvelous Mathematician curled his lips.

After a while, Cook Dong, a fat man with a big head and a bull neck, came with two bunches of candied haws and said, “Owner, your candied fruit has been made. It costs 20 taels of silver. Money for this.”

“Oh, nice. Now that we are in intimate terms, why did you ask me for money…” The owner of the Xiongfeng Martial Art Club jumped up to try to seize it.

Although Cook Dong did not move, he flashed and stepped back one meter. He said, “Twenty taels of silver.”

“I am the owner. Would you like to save my face? Let me owe you first.”

“You owe too much. The money for its raw materials was lent by the ghost grandmother…”

“Since it is the ghost grandmother’s money, I will repay the ghost grandmother…”

“It seems that you don’t want it. OK, I will eat it myself.”

“Hey, hey, hey, wait. Marvelous Mathematician, lend me some money… Hey? Where is he? He was here just now… Da*n, He is really not loyal… Fled fast.”

In the end, the owner of the Xiongfeng Martial Art Club helplessly scraped some gold powder from his own gold sets. He said, “Brother Dong, save me face. The gold powder for you, and the candied fruit for me.”

Cook Dong sighed. “I really sympathize with me myself… Previously, people who were so unwilling to pay me, the poison god, had already been killed, but these years, I really become quite tender because of you… Take it.”

He threw the candied fruit to the owner of the Xiongfeng Martial Art Club, and carefully received the gold power. Then, he asked, ” Owner, you ask for sourer candied fruit. Is it because you got knocked up in the brothel?”

“Look at me. I will allow you to reorganize your words for a while.”

“Oh, I didn’t say anything… But, I remember that you used to most hate most the sweet and the sour stuff. The candied fruit is just for children, but you…”

“Get away.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Da*n…” Chu Nantian gnashed his teeth. “How could Li Mu be so strong?”

When hearing about the process of the battle in Pig-Herding Alley, he became depressed.

He was shocked by Li Mu’s strength once again.

In fact, he became a Natural Expert at the age of about thirteen, who could be regarded as the top talented one. How imposing he was who was as famous as Flying-eagle Holy Sword! However, now, Li Mu seemed to take away the glory that belonged to him, but the only enjoyable thing was that the result that he fled dizzily after defeated by Li Mu wasn’t disclosed. So, he did not become a topic.

“According to the servant’s observation, Li Mu also robbed the Four Great Devil Zombies.” After Zhang Chengfeng finished his words and saw the face of Chu Nantian change, he immediately wanted to slap himself. He said improper words. After pausing for a while, he continued, “More than one disciple saw that the Four Great Devil Zombies escaped in a very embarrassing look, only wearing robes…”

He recalled the picture that Li Mu robbed Chu Nantian that day.

Simply cruel.

Chu Nantian himself also trembled.

“However, it is certain that Li Mu was injured seriously in this battle.” Zhang Chengfeng said, “Someone saw that Li Mu’s arms were broken… The Four Great Devil Zombies’s Iron-wood Zombie Skill is terrible, enabling their bodies to be as hard as iron.”

Chu Nantian brightened his eyes.

But he still had no courage to challenge Li Mu again.

“Bear more. In a few days, Grandmaster will come… Whether Li Mu is hurt or not, he will die.”

He cursed in his heart.

Actually, Li Mu’s arms were not broken.

It was only his chest that was stabbed and the hamstrings of his left foot were cut off.

Such injuries were serious.

However, this was only defined in the general category.

Li Mu was not an ordinary person.

He was strange.

Also very strong.

So in fact, in two hours after the war, his severe injury had been completely cured. The evil ghost natural qi that was forcibly poured into his chest by the oldest one among the Four Great Devil Zombies and was considered to make Li Mu suffer in bed for half a year in their view was, in less than two hours, completely removed from Li Mu’s body.

After all, the body tempered by Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing was unexpectedly strong to the martial art masters in this world.

Of course, the Four Great Devil Zombies were indeed horrible.

It was the first time that Li Mu had suffered such serious injuries in the battle.

The natural qi-contained swords of the Four Great Devil Zombies pierced Li Mu’s muscles, which proved that although his physical body was as strong as the sacred god or fairy gold, he was still not really invulnerable. Hence, in the battle, Li Mu found his weaknesses, and also realized that the battle force of middle-staged and upper-stage masters of Natural Realm was forcible, who were obviously more precious than the so-called drug-using genius, Chu Nantian.


Li Mu wanted to scream.

Enlightened in a fight.

He mastered the magical object-controlling power thoroughly.

Although still in the second stage of Thunder out of the Instrument, it was enough for him to kill or hurt the upper-level matchless master of Natural Realm. This level was strong enough for Li Mu.

He ignored the rumors and eagerly digested his own gains.

At the same time, an event in the Fengming Academy was about to happen.

He Yunxiang, with a smile, raised his head, stood at the door of Fengming Academy, and looked around. Then, he suddenly took action, and the gate of Fengming Academy was directly broken. As the sawdust flew, the hundred-year plaque written by the sages fell into his hands.