Chapter 250 Go Away

The vibration sound shocked the whole people in Fengming Academy.

Soon, He Yunxiang, with a dozen people, was surrounded by the indignant students of Fengming Academy, who heard of the news.

“Who are you? Put down our plaque.”

“You destroyed the gate of our college. None of you can leave today.”

The fame of disciples and the academy was connected to each other. Hence, when seeing the destroyed gate and the plaque stamped under others’ feet, the students of Fengming Academy were furious and tightly encircled He Yunxiang and his companions.

“They are from Hanshan Academy.” Some people said that they first discovered that among the people behind He Yunxiang, there were several disciples of Hanshan Academy.

This discovery even caused all the people mad.

After all, Fengming Academy and Hanshan Academy had always been competitors. Whether in enrollment or in martial-art competition, academics, fame, etc., they had always competed against each other fiercely. However, no matter how fierce the struggle used to be, it was always controllable, and it had never been under such an occasion that the plaque was directly broken.

He Yunxiang stepped on the hundred-year plaque of Fengming Academy, with a provocative and contemptuous smile.

Facing the indignant Fengming Academy students, he calmly looked at them as if they were ants.

He might once be similar to them.

But now, he was already a dragon to heaven, while these students were still wild dogs crawling on the ground for food. They were already from two different worlds.

“Hit him.”

“Deform him.”

Some of the hot-tempered students from Fengming Academy rolled their sleeves and approached him. After all, although arts were taught in this academy, martial arts were still covered. The students were all young and tough. Who could stand this?

He Yunxiang shook his head, sneered, and slightly released his internal qi.

Invisible pressure spread out.

A few young students who came nearer felt like being pressed by a mountain, and then their legs were broken. They, lying on the ground, were struggling.

While the other students, with looks pale, only felt the power forward them and felt a sense of suffocation, unable to speak.

“Let your director appear, you waste don’t deserve talking to our brothers.” A female disciple of Hanshan Academy, following He Yunxiang, sneered loudly.

The students of Fengming Academy felt sad and miserable, but no one could do anything at the moment.

“The dean comes.”

Someone shouted.

The crowd became excited.

The dean of Fengming Academy, with a dozen of guiders and some senior students, rushed here.

The corners of He Yunxiang’s mouth curled upwards.

The hero finally came.

“Hanshan Academy? Are you He Yunxiang?” The dean of Fengming Academy looked old. When he slightly narrowed his eyes, he recognized that this leader was one of the most outstanding geniuses of Hanshan Academy several years ago. However, after graduation, he had not seen him for three or four years, but today, he should appear in such a way.

“Hoho, Dean Qu, nice to meet you. You seem to be much older.” He Yunxiang smiled slightly, and in his tone showed arrogance.

“Dean, why spend time talking to him? I will kill him…” Beside Dean Qu was the youngest and the most temperamental guider in Fengming Academy, who couldn’t wait to take action.

Dean Qu raised his hand to stop the guider and then looked at He Yunxiang, coldly saying, “He Yunxiang, the dispute between the two major academies has always been on the literature and martial arts. Now that you broke the gate and the plaque, the revenge of life and death is set. Do you know clearly?”

“Haha, the revenge of life and death?” He Yunxiang sneered, “Dean Qu, you may think too highly of your Fengming Academy. I come today to try to tell you that from now on, there is only one college in Chang’an City. That is Hanshan Academy, and there are only two choices for your Fengming College. One, it will be merged into Hanshan Academy as a secondary academy; second, it will be closed.”



“Pushing too far.”

“Who do you think you are?”

After he said these words, the students of Fengming Academy were gnashing their teeth.

Lei Yinyin and her friends were also in the crowd.

Lei Yinyin blushed out of anger.

“So arrogant, who are you? Cultivating for several years outside, you really think that you become strong, don’t you? So arrogant…” Lei Yinyin was a bit short and her vision was blocked by the crowd. Hence, she could only jump up to curse.

She couldn’t help but feel hurried.

To shut down Fengming Academy, for Leiyin, was like killing her father.

Since she was born in a slum in Chang’an City, her family was extremely poor and struggled to survive. Her parents had eight children, three dying early, two starving, one dying of sickness, and finally, only she and her elder brother were alive. When she was seven years old, her father died of illness. Finally, she, her brother and her mother depended on each other. One year later, their mother was sick and had no money to heal. Lei Yinyin showered herself and washed her hair in the small stream behind the shack. Then, she inserted a mark on her head to sell her body to make money for her mother…

Now recalling those days, Lei Yinyin felt quite fearful.

Fortunately, that day when Dean Qu of Fengming Academy passed through the market and showed sympathy for her, after listening to the original committee, the dean not only enrolled her to Fengming Academy without any fee but also sent a doctor in the academy to treat Lei Yinyin’s mother.

After that, when Lei Yinyin was in the academy, she showed outstanding martial arts talent and improved her cultivation. She also did part-time jobs to support her family, then they could live a better life.

Today, her eldest brother was married and her mother was healthy.

All of this was because of Dean Qu.

For Lei Yinyin, Dean Qu was like a father and the academy her home.

Now, some people had smashed her home and even insulted her father. How could Lei Yin not be anxious?

Under indignation, she even wanted to risk her life.

Moreover, numerous disciples of Fengming Academy were in the same mood as her.

In the two academies of Chang’an City, if Hanshan Academy recruited children from wealthy families by taking the route of for the rich merchants, Fengming Academy was just the contrary. The students recruited almost all came from low-income families. However, over these years, they had always been able to compete against Hanshan Academy. It really had the ability.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The Flying Eagle Sword floated in the air and vibrated.

Li Mu flashed and jumped onto the sword.

Haha, he was flying on the sword.

This was a man’s dream.

Li Mu quickly grasped the skill of standing on the sword in balance.

“This is more imposing than Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc. Haha…” Li Mu was very excited. Although flying on the sword was not a violent skill for battle, it was a feeling. Hence, after Li Mu finished practice, he spent some time trying the practice.

After mastering the balance of the sword in the static state, he would grasp the balance in the flight state.



The sword flew out.

Li Mu fell.

“Ah? It seems that there is something wrong.”

Li Mu fell onto the ground and was covered with dirt.

Tried again.



Falling again.

Tried again…

After about a dozen times of failure, Li Mu was sure that except that his own methods were incorrect, the Flying Eagle Sword might not be suitable for flying on the sword. It was said that the sword fairy who was flying on the sword to travel around the world relied on his natural flying swords, as well as various magical flying swords at the Taoist instrument level.

He pondered for a while and returned to the secret chamber to play Flying Eagle Sword.

First of all, he would remove all the simple warlock deployment set in Flying Eagle Sword, and then began to set some tactical deployment of Taoist magic arts by means of his spiritual force.

After an hour.

The appearance of Flying Eagle Sword had completely changed into a light-green long swaying sword. The iconic eagle wing swallowing was gone, and it looked extremely simple and old.

Li Mu came outside and tried again.

As internal qi was poured in, the long sword emitted blue brilliance, and a layer of transparent blue phantom appeared with the sword. At first glance, it seemed that the blade had expanded three or four times. Li Mu jumped onto the sword and stepped on the virtual shadow. Then, he suddenly felt that he could keep balance much better than under the thin-sword state.


Li Mu activated the long sword.

This time, he and the long sword together became a ray of flowing light, disappearing into the original place, and turning into a small black spot in the sky.

After several breaths.


A whistling sound broke out.

Li Mu himself studied the skill of flying on the sword, and when he used it, he could break the sound barrier.

Breaking the sound barrier!

“Hoho, he is so weak. It seems that there is really no one in Fengming Academy.”

He Yunxiang slowly stopped and shook his head unwillingly.

On the opposite side, the mouth of the dean of Fengming College was bleeding. Additionally, his left arm was fractured in a shockingly 90-degree angle. The white bones pierced the muscles and were exposed outside, and his face was as pale as the silver. Behind him, Lei Yinyin, with other several people, was holding the temperamental young guider that had been seriously injured. Besides, around them were lying a dozen of guider and students, who were currently outstanding members in Fengming Academy. But without exception, they were all defeated and seriously injured.

The person who took action was naturally He Yunxiang.

After joining Qing Sha Clan, he practiced the secret skills of Qing Sha Clan, and his strength improved a lot. Now he was a lower-level Natural Expert but was strong enough to destroy the whole Fengming Academy.

The dean of Fengming Academy was just a Great Master, so how could he defeat He Yunxiang?

The whole process only lasted for quite a short period. The people of Fengming Academy ultimately failed, and almost those who joined the battle were all seriously injured.

“Faker Qu, the world has changed. Now, Chang’an City has been different. You should be clever. Why are you determined to bury your old bones here?” He Yunxiang sneered like a conqueror.

Dean Qu did not speak and was forcibly urging internal qi to heal his body.

Lei Yinyin finally couldn’t help but shout loudly. “Fengming Academy is the holy land for our poor students. Even if we are all killed here, we will never succumb to you… Fantasy.”