Chapter 252 Samsara Knife

“Master, I disgraced you.”

He Yunxiang knelt down in front of “Red-hair Killing God” Zhang Bulao and almost kept his head on the ground.

Several other experts from the Qing Sha Clan, who had been to the Fengming Academy with He Yunxiang, looked nervous and fearful, and they could not even exhale.

Of course, that matter had disgraced “Red-hair Killing God” Zhang Bulao.

When he first came to Chang’an City, the core disciple whom he guided with vital training was knocked out in public, to be then robbed and left with nothing before he could show his muscles. The other experts of the sect who were with him had been shaved, with a lock of hair falling from the top of their heads. People would laugh at He Yunxiang, but they would also make fun of “Red-hair Killing God” Zhang Bulao and the Qing Sha Clan.

“Get up.” Zhang Bulao looked gentle.

“Before flying to the sky, a nestling hawk always falls down a few times. Only in this way, it can know the vastness of the sky. You just reached the Natural Realm, so you’re not stable. Moreover, you’re inexperienced in fighting, and you’re too arrogant. On the contrary, this defeat can give you a warning. Just pay attention later. What’s more, Li Mu defeated the Four Great Devil Zombies of the Ghost Sect a few days ago, so he enjoys a high reputation. It’s not too embarrassing that he beat you.”

“Red-hair Killing God” did not seem to be as angry as one would have imagined.

Everyone felt relieved after listening to those words.

He Yunxiang rose up and bowed to his master. And then, he continued, “Li Mu deserves to die. He took away all the treasures that you gave me… Master, please decide for me.” He felt distressed for those treasures.

“Since you lost, you should bear the consequences.” Zhang Bulao was cultivated and unfathomable. With no emotion, he showed an air of the harmony between man and nature. “As to those things that were taken away, you should get them back by yourself. It depends on whether you have this ability… About the woman named Lei Yinyin, you weren’t mistaken. She has the best caldron face.”

He Yunxiang said, “That’s absolutely right! It’s the same as the caldron face recorded in the ‘Texts About Bridal’s Shy Faces.’ All the fellow apprentices can testify.”

The other experts from the Qing Sha Clan also confirmed.

“Well, Yunxiang, you go to Fengming Academy again with my ‘Red-hair Killing Invitation,’ to ask them to send the woman.” “Red-hair Killing God” Zhang Bulao said as he nodded.

He Yunxiang and the other experts from the Qing Sha Clan all changed their countenances.

‘Red-hair Killing Invitation?’

When the Red-hair came out, those who submitted would prosper, and those who resisted would perish. Within three days, blood would flow for thousands of miles.

At that time, as the Red-hair Invitation was posted, all the warlords would change their behavior.

Even the Commanders of Border-provinces and Supervisory Departments of empires would give enough respect to a “Red-hair Killing Invitation”.

In the Fengming Academy, in front of the “Red-hair Killing God,” it was like a small snake facing a great dragon. Both of them were not at the same weight category.

Zhang Bulao had never ordered He Yunxiang and the other experts from the Qing Sha Clan to annex the Fengming Academy. They decided that all by themselves. He Yunxiang just wanted to create a disturbance in Chang’an City to show his existence. Otherwise, how could he perform the unique skills that he had acquired after joining the Qing Sha Clan? If he behaved properly when he returned to Chang’an City, he would not be able to show off.

But at the moment, “Red-hair Killing God” Zhang Bulao personally came out and sent a “Red-hair Killing Invitation,” which meant that it was the will of Qing Sha Clan’s elder.

They were totally different things.

In the secret chamber, Li Mu’s face beamed with delight.

The Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal was suspended above his head.

There were silvery threads in its golden part, like threads of a silkworm. They kept spreading out like tentacles, to the front of Li Mu. In front of the silvery threads, a weird large weapon, which was like a knife or a sword, kept rotating and shaking. It was undergoing wonderful changes.

It looked like a giant Tang Knife.

The Tang Knife was constantly sucking vigor from the silvery threads.

It seemed that the threads in the seal were moving like a tide to weave a strange weapon.

“It’s done.”

Li Mu opened his eyes and his mouth. The Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal transformed into a ray of five-colored light and went into his mouth.

The spiritual force of a cultivator was mainly in the Mud-pill Palace, which was also in the brain.

As a Taoist instrument, the Sky-flipping Seal was kept in the spirit sea of the Mud-pill Palace and was nourished with spiritual force. Over time, the relationship between the Taoist instrument and its master would become increasingly close; the integrating degree was increasingly high; the power was increasingly great.

Li Mu heard of the means to cultivate a Taoist instrument from the old faker.

In that world, experts marked treasures with a simple warlock star formation and spirit stigma. Obviously, that way was much wiser.

The Sky-flipping Seal disappeared. The suspended giant Tang Knife gently vibrated and fell into Li Mu’s hands.

It was two meters long and half a meter wide. Its whole body was bright red, and its surface was rough, speckled with silver and cyan. The color was relatively mixed. It had an edge on both sides. On one side, it was a sharp and thin, which could cut off a hair. On the other side, it was a relatively blunt and thick. The top was inclined. If weighed by hand, it was about 10,000 catties.

A warrior at the Joint-qi level might not be able to lift up such a heavy weapon. However, a warrior at the Joint-thoughts level might not be able to revolve freely, even if he could lift it up.

Li Mu held it with one hand and waved it slowly.

For him, it was as light as grass.

“This is the prototype of my knife. Hey hey, I need to give it a posh name. I’ll call it… Samsara Knife.” He muttered to himself.

He refined, forged, and pressed the Samsara Knife with spiritual force in the past day and night.

The main body of the knife was the Bloody Giant Dao that he took away from “One Cut that Sends Man to Death” Wu Biao. Then, he smashed the Flying Eagle Sword and mixed them. He also blended them with various minerals, refined irons, and containing metals that he took from Chu Nantian and He Yunxiang.

A mixture of those materials took its current shape, due to the intense spiritual force and the Qi of the golden part in the “Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal.”

In the process, Li Mu discovered that the “Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal” was a magic weapon.

At the beginning of refining and forging the Samsara Knife, Li Mu only wanted to enhance its sharpness, by virtue of the Ruijin Power of the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal. But later, he soon discovered that it could assist in refining weapons, which was fairly marvelous. The power of fire could refine, shape and forge; the power of gold could control the flexibility and improve its sharpness…

Because of the “Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal,” Li Mu could successfully make the Samsara Knife in the past day and night.

Of course, the “Samsara Knife” was just a prototype of a prototype.

Next, Li Mu would engrave various Taoist magic arts and tactical deployments inside the Samsara Knife with spiritual force, to make it tough and massive. Meanwhile, it could also fly like the Flying Eagle Sword.

In late autumn, the leaves were withered and yellow.

At sunset, in the slums of the west city, smoke was spiraling upward from kitchens’ chimneys. Children were playing around. Dogs were barking, and cats were miaowing. It was a little cold, but it was far from blowing snow and descending frost. Therefore, the entire sulm was only slightly chilly, but there were still smiling faces.

Tears had not dried on Lei Yinyin’s face.

She lowered her head, dressed in mended and patched clothes, wearing a pair of straw sandals, and carrying a little baggage. She kept silent and went to the block not far from her.

With astonishment, she stood still for almost half an hour. She heaved a deep sigh.

Then, she rubbed her face, wiped her tears, and forced a smile.

After that, her expression suddenly changed. She smiled again as if she were very relaxed. She hopped to a familiar neighborhood. On the way, she volunteered to greet her acquainted neighbors. She treaded the stepping-stones in the mud, passed through a few alleys, and returned to her home.

It was a small yard, with short loam walls.

There were two dirt rooms, three thatched cottages, and one well. In the chicken pen, there were six hens and two roosters. A yellow dog lay in front of the chicken pen, and two small Chinese rural dogs surrounded it, looking at the world in a daze.

“Yin?” A young married woman in her mid-twenties was waving a wash & starch stick, with sweat all over her forehead. Her long black wet hair hung down and stuck to the temples. Seeing Lei Yinyin come in, she was surprised and said with a smile, “It’s not a school holiday today. What are you doing here?”

“Sister-in-law, I miss you and Yueyue, so I came back to see you.” Lei Yinyin stuck her tongue out and went to lift up a kid, who was playing with a puppy in front of the chicken pen. Despite the dirt on the little face, she kissed the kid, saying, “Yueyue, call me Aunt.”

“Hello, Aunt.” Looking dignified and robust, the kiddy said in a childlike tone.

Lei Yinyin laughed and took out a few candies and said, “Yueyue, my good girl, have these candies.”

“Thank you, Aunt.”

“Do you miss me?”


“That’s my good girl.” Lei Yinyin kissed the kid again and then turned around, saying, “Sister-in-law, where’s my brother?”

“Your brother took on some unloading work today, so he went out early in the morning. I guess that he should be coming back.” The young married woman looked ordinary. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and said, “Go play with Yueyue first. Let me be done with this laundry and send the clothes to the neighborhood. Then, I’ll cook later, so we’ll eat at home tonight.”

“Sister-in-law, you work too hard. Let me cook dinner. On the way over, I bought a catty of meat. Let’s eat something nice tonight.” Lei Yinyin laughed.

“Ah, why must you splurge like this?” The sister-in-law said with great concern. “Meat is expensive. You should save money to spend in college.”

“It’s nothing,” Lei Yinyin smiled and said. She put Yueyue at the door, carried her baggage, and went into the dirt room on the west side, which was the kitchen.