Chapter 259 Strangled Celestial Being

Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal.

The five-colored holy light flowed down like a silk curtain in silver, green, blue, red, and orange colors. The qi of the Great Way flowed like a misty light curtain, surrounding Li Mu.

The eyelids of Red-hair Killing God, Zhang Bulao, fluttered.

He instantly felt that this five-sided square seal was eccentric, and power seemed to be hidden within it, which made him slightly shocked.

“This is what you call the trump card?” As he ignited the power of heaven and earth, Natural Expert qi flowed and his breath reached the peak stage. He then said, “The gap between realms can’t be overcome by your magic weapon. It is too late and useless. This is the last chance for you to hand over your magical skill secrets, so that you will suffer less. Otherwise, you will suffer all kinds of cruel torture by the Qing Sha Clan.”

Li Mu did not answer, but used both hands to pinch out the hand signs for the Taoist seal.

Then, the transparent seal signs were imprinted into the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal.

In the square seal, the blue wood part in the five elements began to sparkle.

On the entire square seal, the green lines flickered, and the green light became thick. After this, numerous plants were growing rapidly within hundreds of miles, and there were green light clusters in the branches, just like the green fireflies gathering toward the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal over Li Mu’s head.

The forest with flourishing plants was the most blessed place for the wood part in five elements.

Red-hair Killing God, Zhang Bulao, looked surprised.

That was because he felt the power of heaven and earth flowing, gathering, and twisting like a whirlpool.

And the center of this whirlpool was exactly Li Mu.

“Just by relying on an external device, a Natural Realm expert could even activate the power of heaven and earth?

“Are you kidding me?!”

“Hmph, after all, an external object is not your own power… Die.” Feeling the approaching danger, Red-hair Killing God, Zhang Bulao, had no time to ask for a Cultivation Method, so he used his hands to hold the long blood knife to activate the power of heaven and earth. He chopped out while saying, “Bloody Deity-slaying Chop!”

In an instant, a hundred-meter-long blood knife light moved toward the foothill where Li Mu was.

The knife light did not move fast, and there was a faint roar of demons coming from it, as if a demon’s soul was bound inside it, extremely aggressive and horrible. Under the blood air, wherever the knife light passed by, the trees would wither and the birds and beasts would die, even if they were several kilometers away…

The knife light was like a path of death.

Since the knife light targeted Li Mu, he could not move or dodge away, but could only fight against it.

This was one of the “Hacking Deities Three Styles” by Red-hair Killing God, who could sweep across Wulin using them.

Li Mu activated the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal without expression.

Then, the Taoist Power of the wood part flowed. It seemed that all the plants were growing, and an old and lofty tree appeared behind him. On the old tree, phoenix birds and other ancient birds were chirping, flying, and nesting. Then, its branches stretched and twisted toward the blood knife light.

When the blood knife light touched the ancient branches, countless green leaves were scattered all over the sky and turned into bits of green radiance, which was the purest wood energy.

However, Zhang Bulao didn’t smile.

That was because the Bloody Deity-slaying Chop moved more and more slowly.

In the end, the hundred-meter-long Deity-slaying knife light was plunged into the boundless sea of green foliage, and became entangled, strangled, decomposed… and eventually swallowed.

“Destroying-god Chop!”

“Devouring Chop!”

With a cold look, Zhang Bulao held his knife in both hands and displayed another two styles.

They were the other two moves in the Hacking Deities Three Styles.

Their power was not less than the Deity-slaying Chop.

The power of the two moves combined was stronger than just adding them together.

However, everything was futile.

As for the old tree behind Li Mu, the branches and leaves were shaking, and countless branches extended toward Zhang Bulao at either a slow or fast speed. In a flash, the two wide lines of knife light were directly swallowed, and before Zhang Bulao was aware of this, he found himself in a sea of green leaves.


Feeling the danger approaching, Red-hair Killing God became angry and shocked.

As he roared, he used various secret techniques and Cultivation Methods to madly counterattack because he wanted to be free from the encirclement of these green leaves. However, the situation became worse, as the green vines, like ancient pythons, entwined him. Thorns directly pierced his protective cover, body armor, and skin, going into his flesh and blood…

No matter how many branches were twisted off, there were numerous supplementary ones.

The thorns that pierced into his flesh and blood, as if they were living, were not only poisonous, but also absorbing the nutrients and energy in his flesh and blood and devouring his qi and blood. Instantly, Zhang Bulao’s arms and legs became feeble and his skin wrinkled…


He shouted, struggled, and used all kinds of means.

However, they were useless.

Under the entanglement and engulfment of the vines, he was getting weaker and weaker.

The unique skill of activating power from heaven and earth at the Celestial Being Realm was even also restrained by the boundless green vines. Surrounded by the strong qi of green wood, he was totally separated from the outside world. How could Zhang Bulao motivate the power of heaven and earth?

Ultimately, only a layer of his skin outside his bones was exposed, and he, like a dried corpse, even could not kill himself.

“No, I can’t die here…”

Zhang Bulao was resentful and frightened.

This was because he didn’t expect to ever face such a situation.

“He is just a middle-staged and marginal person in the Natural Realm who is inferior to me. But he is even able to kill me?”

“That square seal… What… what is it?” Zhang Bulao might die with everlasting regret. Like a dying old man, he stared at the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal and then looked at Li Mu. He said weakly, “Who… who… who are you? You?”

Before he finished his words, he died with his neck dropping down.

In fact, at this time, all his blood, energy, bone marrow, and flesh had been sucked out.

Then, the green branches moved back.

The wizened body of Red-hair Killing God, Zhang Bulao, like a sand sculpture that had been dried up, turned into flying ash, dissipating in the void.

An elder of the Qing Sha Clan died without any trace remaining.

As the green branches dissipated, the armor on his body, the long bent knife, the treasure pocket, his clothes, the jade, the hairpin, and other items were left intact and fell from the sky.

Li Mu collected all of them one by one.

After he finished this, sweat appeared on his forehead, and worn out, he sat down on a stone on the mountain peak.

The power of the wood part of the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal was really formidable.

A peerless master in the Celestial Being Realm was killed, leaving no trace.

“The only shortcoming?

“Why does the ancient lofty green tree appear above my head when I perform the wood part of the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal?

“Green above my head?

“This is not a good sign.”

Li Mu gasped and laughed at himself.

After all, a lot of spiritual force and internal qi were required for the activation of the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal.

At this time, Li Mu felt exhausted. Had he not broken through the first layer of Xiantian Skill this time, it would not have been so easy for him to take advantage of the wood-nature power to kill Red-hair Killing God. And then, the most likely result of this fight would have been that Red-hair Killing God would have escaped and Li Mu would have returned without any injury.

He ran the Xiantian Skill to relieve himself for a while, and then became a bit more energetic.

He sorted out some of Zhang Bulao’s items, and opened the treasure pocket by using his spiritual power. At first glance, Li Mu burst into a smile.

“The items are much more than those collected by Chu Nantian, the future leader of the Heaven Sword Sect… Da*n, I really gained a lot of things today. Haha, a big harvest in delivery. This elder of the Qing Sha Clan is really the most dedicated deliveryman, hahaha… He is an employee from SF Express. Hahaha… Although this battle was breathtaking, the harvest is absolutely abundant.”

Li Mu was quite overjoyed.

In his treasure pocket, there was large space for storage and all kinds of treasures.

The only regretful thing was that the Samsara Knife, which was refined a few days ago, was completely broken in this battle.

Li Mu sighed as he looked at the pieces of the Samsara Knife on the ground.

These pieces, of different sizes and irregular shapes, were even exactly 108.

“It seems that I have to go back to refine again to see if I can restore them together.”

As Li Mu thought it over, he took Zhang Bulao’s long curved knife and waved it around. Things were cut off immediately. This knife was extremely sharp, as it cut up the rock like tofu without any noise. With his Third Eye, he could see there was a blood-checkered tactical deployment inside the knife, which was better than the warlock’s star array, and was somewhat similar to the Taoist tactical deployment.

This was a treasured knife.

There being a demon’s roar in the knife light from Zhang Bulao’s Hacking Deities Three Styles might be related to the blood-checkered tactical deployment.

“This is a good knife, but unfortunately, the shape is a bit terrible.”

Li Mu did not like the bent knife.

There was only one reason.

The knife was too curved.

A real man didn’t hold a curved knife.

He preferred the old-fashioned sword, which was suitable for a face-to-face attack.

However, the material of this long bloody curved knife, although Li Mu knew its structure, was of good quality, and its internal tactical deployment had value for reference.

Li Mu thought for a moment and had an idea.

When returning to refine the Samsara Knife, he could incorporate this into the Samsara Knife.

“Zhang Bulao had said that the Samsara Knife was made of the ancient delicate iron. It should be the material of Bloody Giant Dao that belongs to One Cut that Sends Man to Death, Wu Biao. However, Wu Biao may know little about this. Zhang Bulao thinks highly of that material, so this so-called ancient delicate iron is a kind of quite magical material for producing instruments.”

Li Mu pondered.

However, he did not like this bloody appearance.

“I have to think of a way to change the color of the knife, since the color of blood always looks like an evil demon. The silver color is in line with my style and role, who represents love and peace.”

At this time, Li Mu had become much more vigorous.

Since he was about a hundred miles from Chang’an City, without the Samsara Knife, he couldn’t fly on this knife.

Li Mu took out a piece of clothing from the storage container and put them all in it randomly. Then, he rushed for a few kilometers toward Chang’an City.

He spent two hours in the fight against Zhang Bulao.