Chapter 278 One Style for One Man

Li Gang flashed to the 100-meter-high void and looked at the second prince on the pavilion. As he raised his hand, a ray of light flew into his hand to the distant government organ, and converged into a matte and plain mirror. The sunshine on it seemed to be swallowed up, without any reflection at all.

With that ancient mirror, Li Gang seemed to be more imposing, like the flames in the wind.

The second prince smiled slightly and said, “Even if you call out the Sky-stabilizing Mirror, what can you do? Since this region is dominated by the imperial edict, the Sky-stabilizing Mirror is just a waste. Do you think that with this waste you can bring about an upswing?”

Li Gang ridiculed, “Waste? It seems that His Royal Highness still doesn’t know the true secret of the Sky-stabilizing Mirror.”

As he spoke, he pinched out a secretive seal and pressed it into the ancient matte mirror.

As the mirror surface rippled, that unknown mirror changed strangely into liquid-like form; it quickly covered Li Gang’s whole body, along with his injuries, and then it turned into a suit of silver light armor, to then solidify.

The Sky-stabilizing Mirror became a suit of armor.

Li Gang’s body was wholly covered with a bright-light holy armor, which, exquisite and perfect, was obviously made by a world master. When he wore the mask, he seemed to be an invincible war god who had emerged from the Light Shrine.

“In the mundane world, the affairs are inconstant… Secular Sword, come!”

Between his opposite-facing palms appeared a stream of light. It, like the pen point, quickly sketched out a sort of an ancient bronze sword of unique charm. The sword was engraved with an epigraph that was vaguely visible. Some wonderful energy from heaven and earth shrank and expanded around Li Gang.

“The Secular Sword!”

The second prince stared at the ancient bronze sword.

Twenty-one years ago, it was that sword that was known across the Qin Empire and had shaken the world.

In the past 21 years, although it had become less powerful and had gradually been forgotten by many young people in Jianghu, many high-level people were still shocked by it. After all, the Secular Sword had always ranked first in the sword category among the weapon rankings made by the Western Qin royal family, and its owner had always ranked as the first swordsman of the Western Qin Dynasty.

“Today, will it be used again?”

Even the second prince regarded his personal action as a given. At that time, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of aggression.

After all, any martial artist wanted to challenge that legend which had created myths of martial arts.

But he finally restrained himself.

“The two pieces of treasure, the Sky-stabilizing Mirror and the Secular Sword, are your trump cards, aren’t they?” said the second prince, as he looked at Li Gang, “Master Li, I will give you one last chance. If you swear on the Secular Sword to be loyal to me, I can save you, and you will still be the leader of the Chang’an Mansion. Let’s put an end to today’s business, shall we?”

For the second prince, he would feel it far more satisfactory to get a renowned sword and to convince the first swordsman of the West Qin than to destroy them.

However, he was attacked by a sword light.

“You are not qualified to say those words to me.”

That was Li Gang’s answer.

At that moment, he was no longer the low-key leader of the Chang’an Mansion, but the first swordsman of the Western Qin Dynasty. At that moment, the sword seemed extremely imposing and powerful when it was unsheathed.

A hint of malice flashed upon the eyes of the second prince.


He waved his hand.

Mu Qing, Long-brow Saint and the other three Celestial Beings behind him flashed forward to attack Li Gang.

Supported by the imperial edict, the repressive force of the Sky-stabilizing Mirror had become ineffective, and the five Celestial Beings had already restored their true cultivation, who could mobilize the power of heaven and earth, no longer as weak as in the battle against Li Mu. Then, a horrifying energy fluctuated around their bodies, like five suns in the void. As the momentum of the Celestial Beings was spread, the entire Chang’an City seemed to be trembling under the control of the Celestial Beings.

Even Li Mu on the ground could not help but be shocked.

He once tasted the power of a Celestial Being in the battle against Zhang Bulao, Red-haired Killing God.

And Zhang Bulao was only half a Celestial Being.

From some profound martial art cheats in Zhang Bulao’s space storage tool, he knew the cultivation methods for becoming a Celestial Being. In that world’s martial-arts cultivation system, a Natural Expert pursued Three Flowers over Head, condensing natural qi and transforming the acquired power into natural strength, while a Celestial Being needed Five Chao Yuan . The so-called five kinds of qi referred to the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney; the heart contained the mind, the liver the soul, the spleen the intention, the lungs the spirit, and kidneys contained the energy. A Celestial Being had to cultivate from those five kinds of qi, so the Celestial Being Realm was also divided into five steps. It was said that one step stood for one level, and the full five steps meant the fairy level. The fairy here referred to the saint, who couldn’t be defeated. The saint was the god of that world.

Zhang Bulao had restored some of his kidney qi, but his energy wasn’t adequate.

As for the saying that kidneys contained energy, the acquired one was impure, while the natural one symbolized wisdom; once one was not immersed in joy, one would gain the full energy. Kidney qi was Water Chao Yuan of the northern Emperor Mo among the Five Chao Yuan. Since Zhang Bulao lacked full kidney qi, he could only be regarded as a half Celestial Being.

Cao Bingyan, Star River Sword, who had previously died in a battle, embarked on the evil path, but he had cultivated four kinds of qi of the five, except for the mind power, so he was a four-step Celestial Being.

However, among the five Celestial Beings, only the rogue cultivator, Long-brow Saint, cultivated kidney qi and could be regarded as a one-step Celestial Being, while the other four were two-step Celestial Beings, a lot stronger than the Red-haired Killing God, Zhang Bulao.

If Li Mu fought against any of the five Celestial Beings that day, he would be unable to win.

It was conceivable to sense how terrifying it would be if the five Celestial Beings joined forces.

Li Mu looked up at the sky.

In the sky, the power of heaven and earth was surging like a stormy sea, and the light was twisted, as if the space had been folded. Everything that the fetal eye could see had been distorted, but only his Third Eye could see through all those secret methods and the profound meaning of the fluctuating power of heaven and earth.

“Sh*t, this is simply a fight between gods.”

Li Mu felt dazzled.

Zhao Yu, a genius in swordsmanship on one side, also looked up at the battle scenes in shock.

Those two were crazy for martial arts.

Li Mu thought for a moment, and pinched out several pieces of jade around the main hall of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club. By means of the power of heaven and earth resulting from the war between Celestial Beings, he directly placed a protective tactical deployment to safeguard the people in the hall.

He was compassionate.

Zhao Yu turned to glance at Li Mu with a strange look, and then immediately looked up at the sky.

At that time, Li Gang had fought against the five Celestial Beings for ten moves, and their strengths were evenly matched.

Li Mu also had to admire that brute magistrate who was really strong, and his dis-respectfulness and disdain for Li Gang was lessened a bit. Li Mu had once believed that he was the most powerful man in Chang’an City, and in case that brute prefect were to trouble him, he could kill him with one move. However, he found that at the moment such an idea was really immature. With one move of this sword, that magistrate might just chop Li Mu into pieces.

“I really looked down on the world hero.”

Li Mu honestly reflected on his actions.

On the pavilion, although the second prince seemed to be calm, he was still worried about the arrival of the faint blue light. He said, “The Secular Sword fairy indeed deserves the reputation, but it is difficult for you alone to resist them. It’s rare for you and your son to reunite, and today, you can go to hell together. Hahahaha!”

He intended to distract Li Gang.

Even in such a prevailing situation, the second prince still sought the opportunity to weaken his opponent. As for the so-called grace, temperament, etc, he didn’t care.

Even if the five Celestial Beings fought against him one vs one, they could trap Li Gang in a seasaw battle.

Even if all the five were to die, he wouldn’t fail.

In the air, Li Gang suddenly changed his sword style and the Secular Sword became glaring. The holy armor made by the Sky-stabilizing Mirror glowed and only the sword light swiftly flashed from his eyes. He said, “In the mundane world, the affairs are inconstant…Your Highness, don’t you want to see the styles of the Secular Sword? Open your eyes and see them clearly!”

As soon as the voice died down.

A bundle of Secular Sword light broke the sky.

“Ah…!” Before the Long-brow Saint was aware of the attack, his body was cut into pieces in the air, and then became a blurred phantom, disappearing in the void like a ray of green smoke.

The Long-brow Saint had died.

That sword, really like a fairy, broke the battle circle by the five Celestial Beings easily. Before the other four Celestial Beings realized that, the Long-brow Saint had died, saving had been out of the question, after witnessing such a sudden attack.

The second prince was stunned.

While at that time, there was another light that emerged once again.

“In the mundane world, the affairs are inconstant!”

Mu Qing couldn’t rebel but saw the sword come toward him. Any magical or secret method, all the power of heaven and earth and all the trump cards, like hot soup on the snow, would instantly be dismantled by that sword. He saw the sword light pass across his body, and then everything that belonged to him began to dissipate between heaven and earth!

Another Celestial Being had died.

The situation was reversed in an instant.

“Da*n, this…One move for one man?”

Li Mu on the ground also looked stunned.

“Hey, magistrate. The brute, my big brother, you are a bit too strong.”