Chapter 280 Is He Li Mu?

“It turned out that this world is not really isolated from the universe, and it could be connected with the cosmic race?”

“Isn’t it an isolated low-level Martial Art Star?”

“Da*n, the old faker told me fake news.”

“Or is it because the old guy has been on earth for too long, and has already lagged far behind the current situation?”

Li Mu was a bit confused at the moment.

However, the history of the continent that he had learned seemed to record very few large-scale invasions from the Galaxy, so events like the call of the second prince was probably rare, much like a satellite call. Not everyone could find the signal for this ‘satellite call’…right?

Moreover, from Li Gang’s expression and demeanor, what the second prince did might not be tolerated in that world.

It was undoubtedly not a righteous way to open the door of time and space by sacrificing flesh and blood of creatures.

Li Mu stared at the black hole of the bloody vortex, that was more than a meter wide.

The universe was endless, full of the mysterious colorful nebulae and glittering stars, while the eye in the universe, which was like a bloody sea, was evil, constantly absorbing the energy from the flesh and blood of the dead creatures in Chang’an City.


This sword style was majestic.

However, through the bloody vortex of the black hole, a layer of dark red evil light film wrapped the second prince, and it wasn’t influenced by the attack of the secular sword. Instead, the Sword Intent was offset instantly.

“Lowly servant, what do you want?” The evil voice came from the other end of the bloody vortex.

The second prince said enthusiastically, “Great demon, please give me the power of the sage realm, and the second layer of the Black Sheep Evil Energy…”

“The power of the sacrificed flesh and blood is inadequate.” The cold voice of the evil cloud sheep demon came.

“This…” The second prince was angry.

Three years ago when he found the blood crystal statue of the demon cloud sheep god, he was ecstatic and regarded it as his treasure. After his communication with the sheep god several times, he secretly planned to gather enough sacrifice blood in exchange for greater power and a cultivation method. But that time, he was forced to take that summoning opportunity. Due to inadequate preparations, he could not get what he expected most.

“Then please give me the power of the sage realm,” The second prince said with a fierce look.

With the power of the sage realm, he could sweep Chang’an City and kill Li Gang, Li Mu and the others, then destroy the entire city. Hence, he could frame Li Gang with colluding with an extraterrestrial devil.

“You sacrificed little flesh and blood this time, and your fleshly body is so weak that I can only give you one thousand of the satellite-level energy…” The cold voice of the demon cloud sheep god was heard.

Then, from the bloody vortex, a torrent of majestic power was poured out like bright blood. When it flowed into the world, countless rune chains flashed in it, and then turned into a finger-sized drop of blood. Later, it fell on the second prince’s forehead, and went into his skin as if absorbed by soil.

“Ah…” The second prince roared toward the sky, as if he felt pain but also extreme joy. The bloody lines, like a sly snake’s forehead, bulged from his face, spread toward his whole body along his face and neck, looking horrible and sinister.

“Incorporating the power of the otherworldly demon, and being irrigated by such evil power… You are already crazy…” Li Gang looked serious.

Across the Divine Land, collusion with the extraterrestrial devils was a capital crime.

That was a minefield.

Numerous powerful dynasties, sects, famous figures were denounced for that reason. It was rumored that a thousand years ago, there were ten Holy Clans on the Divine Land, and later one of them was besieged for its collusion with the extraterrestrial devil, and disappeared from history.

The second prince had actually colluded with an extraterrestrial devil, which would cause a great disaster once spread out.

He must have known the result, but he still did it. He was really crazy.

The situation had completely gone beyond Li Gang’s expectations.

Not everyone could be favored by that devil, so how did the second prince achieve it?

“Li Gang!”

The second prince said with an evil sounding voice.

After the irrigation of the demon power, his eyes had completely become blood pupils, and a pair of blood-red horns bulged on his forehead in a fierce manner. The evil breath lingered around him, strangely incorporated with his own dragon-ruling natural qi. Thus, the natural qi which was full of pure royal majesty became evil and violent. He craved for massacre, just like the demon from hell.

“Li Gang, you are hindering my plan. You must die!”

The second prince raised his hand to take action. The blood-colored dragon claws appeared directly from the sky. Then, the unbeatable bloody air was running toward the chicken-like Li Gang.

Li Gang looked serious and resisted three times.

The Secular Sword Intent surged so violently that it barely blocked the bloody dragon claws.

“Eh? Celestial Being realm… No, he is almost half a saint. This kind of power is too evil.” Li Gang immediately knew the power of the second prince who was infused with the energy from the extraterrestrial devil.

“Brother Qinzhi, come out to help me,” He spoke out directly.


A huge orange punch broke into the air from a kilometer away and rushed towards the second prince.

Sky-cracking Punch.

“Colluding with a demon. You are sinful… Die”! Sky-cracking Punch, Xu Sheng, Supreme Elder of Yue Mountain Faction and one of the empire Executives in the Supervisory Department, took action. His hill-like punches crossed through the sky, as if tearing a permanent crack in the sky.

The Sky-cracking Punch deserved its reputation.

Li Gang also moved at the same time.

The two senior Celestial Beings jointly fought against the second prince who had become crazy.

That battle was far more horrifying than the battle between Li Gang and the five Celestial Beings.

Fortunately, the devil may have been worried that the secret would be leaked, so in the sky, the bloody vortex, after having been filled with an adequate amount of sacrificed flesh and blood, had gradually disappeared. The bloody sea-like horrible eye had gradually closed as well, with the evil breath dispersing. Eventually, it became a layer of iris-like energy, completely covering the range within three or four kilometers.

The civilians and warriors who were isolated from the outside could not see what happened inside the iris array.

The battle among Li Gang, Xu Sheng, and the second prince could not harm people outside that range.

That area completely destroyed, and the ground collapsed like an earthquake. All the buildings had almost become ruins in moments. Except for the main hall of the Xiongfeng Martial Art Club that was protected by Li Mu’s jade tactical deployment, other areas had completely turned into ruins…

Li Mu and Zhao Yu both retreated into the main hall.

That kind of god fight had reached its climax, so none of them could stop its progress. The aftermath, not to mention Zhao Yu, would seriously injure Li Mu.

Two martial-art geniuses, standing at the door, watched the battle of the three peak Celestial Beings through the array of shields.

Li Mu felt more and more anxious.

“F**k. How can this be regarded as revenge?”

“The second prince was tricky. He even reserved another trump card. He not only ‘asked the devil for help’, but also received a time-space express delivery of energy to become stronger. He can even fight against two peak Celestial Beings, “Secular Sword Whiz” and the “Sky-cracking Punch”.” Li Mu guessed that in the current situation, even if he used the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal, he would be completely defeated by the second prince.

“If they both lose, I will take advantage of the benefits.”


The aftermath blasted over the protective cover of the hall.


Li Mu’s protective cover was cracked.

In the hall, there was a burst of exclamation.

Li Mu immediately raised his hand to shoot all his refined deployment jade, then, he walked around the main hall as he used the Broadsword-commanding Skill to control the flying sword. Later, on the ground around the main hall, the stone walls of the hall, and the stone pillars, he quickly depicted a series of Taoist runes into a whole.

He used his knife as a brush to engrave the Taoist patterns and to consolidate the array.

“I have tried my best…” Li Mu’s forehead was also sweating.

Fortunately, in those days, he made great improvements in his cultivation. He reached the first level of the Xiantian Skill, and his mental strength was adequate. He also had a new understanding of the Taoist patterns taught by the old faker. Only by succeeding in the Broadsword-commanding Skill could he do that.

The main hall, like a little boat in the surging waves, was finally stabilized.

Li Mu took a long sigh of relief.

“Oh, the power of tactical deployments is stronger than what I had imagined.”

Li Mu returned to the entrance of the main hall and soon found something wrong.

He found that his tactical deployment was more powerful than the usual theoretical one.

“What happened?”

He thought for a while, and was suddenly struck by something.

“I understand… haha. Help from heaven. I am so smart that I should stand out today, and I can claim revenge for my chrysanthemum leopard.” He looked at the sky, noticing that the demonized second prince who had gradually occupied the upper hand in that fight and was bursting into laughter.

Li Mu was enlightened.

However, he did not notice that since he had returned to the main altar hall, a pair of beautiful eyes were fixed on him.

“Is he Li Mu? Li Mu… is it him?”

Her eyes widened, looking at him for quite a long time. She couldn’t accept the fact.