Chapter 288 Just Become a Full-sense Natural Expert

Another month swiftly passed by.

Everyone in the Taibai County felt that the surroundings seemed to have changed.

The air seemed to be fresher, and the water in the well sweeter. Some dead trees were actually starting to sprout, and the withered grass germinated in the snowy winter. Besides, some animals and birds that should have disappeared in that season had even appeared in the county. The frozen stream began to flow, and the dead springs were awake again…

A few of the older people who were almost at rest in that cold winter looked increasingly vigorous, and they could even walk alone. On the other hand, some disabled people also surprisingly found that they were recovering, and after ten days, they were completely healed.

That kind of personal experience surprised countless people.

In the Taibai County, Qing Feng, a scholar servant who was known as the Little Master, certainly noticed such changes.

As Li Mu’s most intimate confidant, he knew of its reason, which had to be related to his Young Master’s active business those days.

After Feng Yuanxing, Zhen Meng and the others were summoned for a discussion, they reached a conclusion.

Soon, throughout the Taibai County, everyone heard that it was because of the county magistrate’s protection that those changes had appeared. Being omnipotent, the county magistrate could communicate with the heavenly immortals and pray for the townsmen. As long as the citizens abided by the law, they could always be sheltered by the county magistrate.

“The county magistrate truly is a living god.”

“This is the blessing to our Taibai County.”

“I hope that the county magistrate can always stay in the Taibai County.”

“I don’t dare to expect it. The county magistrate loves people like his own children, and he is also politically excellent. I am afraid that he will be promoted soon…”

In the morning, it was sunny.

When the female pharmacist, Zhao Ling, went to the Shennongtang Pharmacy for medicine, she heard similar dialogues all the way.

She had lived in the Taibai County for several months. Though she had been unwilling to stay there from the beginning even out of hatred, she had fully adapted to the life there. The more she knew, the more shocked she was. All this while her own cultivation had improved considerably in the recent months, reaching the peak of Joint-thoughts level. Those days, there were hidden signs of her breakthrough, and reaching the Zongshi Master Realm were just around the corner.

Hearing those words, a sense of pride faintly arose in Zhao Ling’s heart.

After all, she was just a fifteen-year-old girl. Because she could enter the county magistrate’s mansion at any time, the people there thought she was the county magistrate’s confidant, and respected her. Every three days when Zhao Ling volunteered for a treatment at the entrance of the old county magistrate’s mansion, she was called the first doctor of Taibai County. She was well-positioned and her medical skills were verified from countless empirical experiences.

In the words of the overbearing county magistrate.

It was “from the masses and for the masses, and practice is the only criterion for testing the truth”.

In fact, it was quite reasonable.

The current life was something she had never experienced before in the Taibai Sword Faction, full of warmth and happiness.

She didn’t want to go back to the Taibai Sword Faction hurriedly.

Currently, Shennongtang was the largest pharmacy in the county, and of course, it had nothing to do with the sinister Shennong Faction. It was operated by the survivors in the Shennong Faction’s cave under the support of the overbearing county, and its shopkeeper was Mu Qing’er, the single daughter of the doctor who had been killed by the Shennong Faction. The pharmacy enjoyed having an excellent public reputation, since neither the old nor the children would be cheated there.

When Zhao Ling arrived, Mu Qing’er had already prepared the required medicine.

“Sister Zhao, the prescription you gave me yesterday was so effective…” Mu Qing’er gradually turned vigorous from grief. As she was very talented in pharmacy, Zhao Ling often taught her some medical skills, intending to cultivate her.

After talking for a while, Zhao Ling spent another hour treating some patients who had been waiting and then left with the medicine.

Because of the recent changes in the county, the number of patients in the city had decreased, and the people who went there for a treatment by him were basically from the surrounding counties and more distant places.

Zhao Ling, a pharmacist and a warrior, certainly noticed that change in the city.

In her view, that was a strange phenomenon caused by the fact that the Yuan qi from heaven and earth had amazingly been concentrated hundreds of times more, compared to normal environments. That day, all across the Taibai County, the concentration of Yuan qi from heaven and earth was stronger than some of the secret cultivation places of the Taibai Sword Faction, completely confusing her.

But she was clear of one point.

That change was caused by the overbearing county magistrate, Li Mu.

There were too many secrets in that young person, who was quite invincible.

She became more and more curious about him.

When she was walking, a figure blocked her way.

As Zhao Ling looked up subconsciously, at first glance, she was shocked and her face became pale.

“Why… why have you come? Leave now…”

“The excessive assignment tactic is really the most effective way to improve on academic performance.”

After finishing the closed-door training, Li Mu walked out of the practice room with a sense of satisfaction.

For more than two months, he had been arranging formations in the Taibai Mountain, flying on his sword, using the Samsara Knife to carve various hidden Taoist lines in stone walls, earth, cliffs, river beds and caves. He really painted the earth, and sometimes he needed to remove a mountain or even open another channel…

In the first month, the Dragon-assembling Pattern of the geomancy array was initially repaired.

A month later, he spent time modifying it.

That required a lot of spiritual force and natural qi.

Many similar arrays needed to be engraved repeatedly. Just like the excessive assignment tactic for the primary school students, practice made perfect. Compared with that two months ago, Li Mu’s talent in formation and geomancy had been improved considerably.

Great progress.

As the Broadsword-commanding Skill was integrated into Taoist formation lines, and then merged into the enlightenment from the battle of the three peak Celestial Beings in Chang’an City, he had gradually begun to comprehend the rudiment of the knife intent. The power of the 24 small, well-manipulated flying knives was far greater than before, no longer simply relying on speed. Currently, even battling against a Celestial Being, Li Mu was confident.

More importantly, the Dragon-assembling Pattern of the geomancy formation had been successfully made. At the moment, the entire Taibai County had been completely covered by the tactical deployment. With thousands of Taoist lines and patterns, no one could intrude without Li Mu’s permission.

In other words, Li Mu consolidated the entire county into an iron bucket.

Currently, the entire Taibai County had become Li Mu’s personal estate.

Even if such peak Celestial Beings as Li Gang, the Secular Sword Whiz, attacked him, Li Mu also had confidence in resisting him by means of the tactical deployment’s power.

“I finally have the capital in this world to stand up.”

Li Mu was deeply relieved.

After two months, he was finally relieved.

At the moment, even if the associates of the second prince showed up for revenge, or the imperial royal family to punish him, Li Mu could also resist them.

After his spiritual strength had been integrated into the formation, it, like the radar covering a large area, could spread across the county. Once sensing, he could feel throughout the entire Taibai County countless and various breaths and could speedily distinguish the foreign strong people.

“Hey? This breath… It turns out to be him. Interesting.”

Li Mu suddenly sensed that there was a kind of strange breath of a martial arts strongman in the county.

He smiled.

After a while, the female physician Zhao Ling visited him.

“Your honor. I…” Zhao Ling stopped speaking hesitantly.

Li Mu smiled, since it was the first time that he had seen that female physician—who was arrogant and casual—behave in such a hesitant manner. He said directly, “Did your brother Zhao Yu come to see me? Lead him here.”

“How… how did you know?” Zhao Ling widened her eyes in surprise.

Li Mu giggled, “I know all the historical events, including everything in this county.”

Zhao Ling snorted and turned to walk out.

She was really arrogant.

Li Mu curled his lips.

For a while, Zhao Yu, the oldest fellow apprentice of the Taibai Sword Faction, was led in.

“Young Master Li.” Zhao Yu saluted in a bold manner.

Li Mu laughed, “It has been more than two months since we parted in Chang’an City. Brother Zhao became stronger. You have entered the Natural Realm, and formed a stream of natural qi. Congratulations… Brother Zhao, please sit down.” He was also surprised by that combat-type genius’ abnormality, to make progress so rapidly.

Zhao Yu looked a bit proud.

From that battle, he was greatly enlightened, and after returning to the Taibai Sword Faction, he immediately isolated himself to practice. Two months later, he finished that process and became the historically youngest Natural Expert in the Taibai Sword Faction, breaking countless records. People in the whole faction congratulated for his success, and he was directly regarded as the first choice for becoming its leader.

“What did Young Master Li gain?” Zhao Yu asked.

Li Mu sighed said, “Eh. Since I returned to the Taibai County, I have been busy with the administrative affairs for the people, having no time for practice. Therefore, little progress has been made on regards to the martial arts realm…” He seemed helpless.

Zhao Yu said, “In fact, you should not care about the secular affairs…”

He really wanted to give some advice to Li Mu. After all, Li Mu had once saved him. However, he had just heard that Li Mu was crazy about women, who even dared to take the top beauty Hua Xiangrong from the Musical House, also buying dozens of other beautiful girls… No matter how energetic he was, he could not prevent his desire from eroding his soul. Besides, Li Mu needed to handle administrative affairs.

But soon, Li Mu added, “After two months, I have just become a full-sense Natural Expert…”


Zhao Yu almost spitted blood from his mouth.

Full-sense Natural Expert.

Just a full-sense Natural Expert.

He urged to bite Li Mu to death.

“Now that you have become a full-sense Natural Expert, why are you upset?”