Chapter 303 Get Out

Two hours before, after checking the materials of the star stones, Li Mu removed the Life-and-Death Spell on Zheng Cunjian and let him leave.

That ended the subordination relationship between the two.

From then on, they would go their separate ways.

That was not because of Li Mu’s kindness.

Although Zheng Cunjian once did harm to the Taibai County, he had been tortured by the spell those days. After all, they were acquaintances, and it might be cruel of Li Mu to kill an acquaintance.

Moreover, the most important thing was that Li Mu was getting more and more uneasy when assigning tasks to Zheng Cunjian.

That didn’t mean that Zheng Cunjian was not afraid of the threat behind the spell.

It was because of the Heartless Scholar’s master, Li Gang, magistrate of Chang’an; he had begun to change his attitude towards Li Mu.

Before Huang Wenyuan died, Li Gang considered himself a chess player, while Li Mu was just a chess piece. Even if Li Mu broke through the Natural Realm and defeated Celestial Beings, he had just become a stronger one.

However, when Li Mu had enough power to fight against a sage, whether by himself or using external objects, Li Gang found that the piece was getting out of his control.

Would Li Gang continue to support an uncontrolled chess piece secretly?

Certainly not.

Unless Li Gang was a fool.

Therefore, under such a background, was the information offered by Zheng Cunjian, Li Gang’s flunky, totally true? Even if Zheng Cunjian was scared of that spell, was he not afraid of Li Gang’s plots?

Hence, how could Li Mu totally trust that hypocritical person?

Therefore, Li Mu had better free him.

“Piss off to accompany that brute. I won’t need you.”

That was Li Mu’s mentality.

However, it had been three days since the death of Huang Wenyuan and the others.

In the past three days, Li Mu didn’t practice, but improved the Dragon-assembling Pattern of geomancy array to enhance its stability and power as much as possible.

Li Mu had said that he was invincible within the Taibai County.

It wasn’t an exaggeration but a fact.

Since months before when Dragon-assembling Pattern was initially made, accurately speaking, the power contained in the geomancy array and the Yuan qi across the whole Taibai Mountain—with the holy tactical deployment as the core—was considerably horrifying.

Li Mu used the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal as a container to transform the power of the Dragon-assembling Pattern. He was as strong as a sage.

Li Mu wouldn’t even be nervous in front of a sage.

He was invincible in some sense.

The shortcoming was that once Li Mu moved out of the Taibai Mountains, he would no longer be able to employ that power and return to a peak Natural level. Not to mention a Sage, he might be defeated by a Celestial Being above the second tier.

However, why did Li Mu, a crafty person, leave the Taibai County if without confidence?

That was why Li Mu dared to kill Huang Wenyuan.

Li Mu directly performing with that kind of power was a matter of arrogance, while the most important aspect was to appease the people in the Taibai County. Otherwise, even such figures as Feng Yuanxing and Ma Junwu would almost be unable to bear the pressure from the Guanshan Pasture, not to mention the ordinary people.

Taibai County was the base in Li Mu’s plan.

The spark must be protected if used to start a prairie fire.

Li Mu had to find ways to be popular in the eyes of the public.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to unite them.

Those days were a crucial period to Li Mu.

After deploying the Dragon-assembling Pattern for the first time, Li Mu noticed the defects in his array, so he had to improve it through day and night.

In the Taibai Mountains, there were thousands of various tactical deployments set by Li Mu, who, like a hardworking engineer, adjusted them over and over again, making the frequently-adjusted formation as tight as a machine.

Just then, he had succeeded.

The power of that array had been upgraded by one layer.

Three days later, the people of the Guanshan Pasture didn’t arrive to have their revenge, so Li Mu tried to open Huang Wenyuan’s and the second prince’s treasure pockets by means of the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal. After many trials, he finally opened Huang Wenyuan’s treasure pocket first.

There were a lot of money, treasures, cultivation cheats, several treasure-level weapons, swords and knives in it. One of those swords, two palms wide, 1.6 meters and yellow, was the best, containing extremely strong earth Yuan qi. It might be Huang Wenyuan’s walking sword. Unfortunately, he didn’t even have a chance to use it before he was killed by Li Mu.

“These swords should be all repurposed as the materials for refining the Samsara Knife.”

Li Mu had been yearning for Primitive Gold of All Creatures and decided to continue to refine the knife of Primitive Gold of All Creatures with all the mixed materials. Currently, the Samsara Knife was only a treasure weapon, so there was still a long way to go before it was considerably improved.

In that treasure pocket, there were also star stones.

Moreover, they amounted to 10 pieces, much more than what Liu Chong had stored, most of which were yellow. The energy of nine pieces had been absorbed, and Li Mu felt special fluctuation of power.

“The energy in this star stone has not been totally absorbed by Huang Wenyuan…” Li Mu was very curious.

On that day, when Liu Chong said that the star stone contained a kind of extraterrestrial power that could be used to strengthen a warrior, Li Mu wondered whether it contained any cosmic radiation, which might cause cancer.

Would there be any sequela after he absorbed the extraterrestrial power?

After thinking for a while, Li Mu did not absorb the energy in that star stone, but it was taken into the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal.

The fire part glistened and then resumed, with nothing special on its surface.

However, that stone changed, as the surface circles of powder were falling, and finally became one tenth of its original size, turning into an irregularly-shaped metal that flickered with a yellow shimmer.

The strange yellow metal was very heavy, and in the size of a fist, but weighed 50 kilograms.

“Is this the extraterrestrial metal?”

Li Mu smiled then.

Judging from the standards stated in the materials, that had to be a piece of extraterrestrial metal of high purity.

Theoretically speaking, it was extremely difficult to refine the extraterrestrial metal in the star stones. Even many famous astrologers and alchemists were required to spend a long period of time, under specific conditions and with special instruments for a possible success. After all, there were no steel mills in that world.

But at the moment, he inadvertently used the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal to successfully purify a star stone and get a piece of high-purity extraterrestrial gold.

The star stone that had the extraterrestrial energy could be used to refine the outer metal. What about the star stone that had lost its active energy?

Li Mu used that method again.

It was effective.

The Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal could melt the rock components and purify the extraterrestrial metal.

Hence, the ten pieces of star stones in Huang Wenyuan’s treasure bag were completely purified into irregular yellow extraterrestrial metal.

After observing several times, those ten pieces of yellow extraterrestrial metal could increase Yuan qi with the soil property, and had excellent conduction effect for other properties of Yuan qi.

Later, he refined several other pieces of star stones obtained from Chu Nantian and Huang Wenyuan.

In the end, he obtained four pieces of silver extraterrestrial metal of gold property, five pieces of red extraterrestrial metal of fire property, and a piece of green extraterrestrial metal of wood property, plus ten pieces of extraterrestrial metal of earth property. But due to lack of pieces of water property, he failed to find all the five elements.

As for the usage of those extraterrestrial metals.

Li Mu thought for a moment and did not integrate them into the Samsara Knife.

Li Mu needed time to practice and ponder over the usage of those pieces of metal. He subconsciously felt that the extraterrestrial metal might not be tapped fully in that world, so they might be wasted if used in terms of the methods mentioned in the materials.

Li Mu vaguely felt that those star stones were currently far more valuable than when they were found.

Beyond Li Mu’s expectation, the Guanshan Pasture had yet to arrive.

Therefore, he continued to refine the Samsara Knife.

Li Mu directly melted the weapons and mining materials in Huang Wenyuan’s and Liu Chong’s treasure pockets as raw materials, and refined them with the fire part of the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal into the Samsara Knife.

Finally, on the fourth day, before the Samsara Knife was done, a voice that Li Mu had been expected for a long time reverberated over the Taibai County.

“Li Mu, get out.”

Huang Shengyi shouted, shaking the entire Taibai County violently, and the unscrupulous murderous intention surged toward Li Mu.