Chapter 304 You Finally Come

The entire Taibai County was suppressed by that half-step Sage.

Huang Shengyi arrived with hatred and indignation. As fierce flames, like a sea of blood, his momentum spread over the Taibai County, covering up the sunshine. All the townsmen could only see the blood light when looking up, just like facing the end of the world.

The Guanshan Pasture had finally arrived for revenge.

Feng Yuanxing was scared.

He was exactly as nervous as the public in the Taibai County.

Except for some children who didn’t know of the Guanshan Pasture, almost everyone had been worrying about that scene.

It was true that they were relieved when seeing a powerful county magistrate that day. However, it was only that day’s victory that counted most and could completely reassure everyone. If Li Mu could bear the pressure at the moment, he could really rise up in the Taibai County.

For a time, countless people went to the streets.

Everyone was praying and silently cheering for the county magistrate.

The Guanshan Pasture was the patron saint to the Qin people, which had saved that empire in danger, but most of the time, it meant to protect the imperial court. Hence, the ordinary might not think so, especially the people in the Taibai County, who only knew that after that young county magistrate worked there, he enabled them to have a decent life, clearing off chaos.

What’s more, Huang Wenyuan casually slaughtered civilians and guards like a butcher. Li Mu killed Huang Wenyuan for the sake of the county people and to avenge them.

Thus, without doubt, those pure townsmen supported Li Mu instead of that Holy Clan.

But was their support useful?


Kilometers away from the Taibai County, Li Gang said such two words.

When he saw that thousands of people were rushing out to cheer Li Mu, who were shocked by the overwhelming pressure from Huang Shengyi, his look changed slightly. He didn’t expect that Li Mu was respected by those county people.

However, it was only an accident.

In that world dominated by the strong, popularity was meaningless, while weapons and fights counted the most. But Li Mu even put his mind in that respect. Was he stupid or naive?

Li Gang went to watch the battle.

He regretted not watching Li Mu kill Huang Wenyuan and catch Liu Chong. Therefore, he had arrived earlier as a witness of the fight with “Fire Devil” Huang Wenyuan.

He wanted to know what kind of power Li Mu possessed.

However, Li Gang was still more optimistic about Huang Shengyi.

Fire Devil matched him. Before Li Gang became famous, Huang Shengyi was already the most eye-catching talent in the Western Qin empire, whose flame warfare was invincible. Numerous troublesome devils and enemies were killed by that sly character who stepped on those bones. After joining the Guanshan Pasture, he was put in an important position by Li Poyue, the Guanshan Master, who taught him the sage’s Cultivation Methods. In less than 30 years, he broke through the barriers and entered the half-step sage realm.

Huang Shengyi could be ranked among the top warriors across the entire Divine Land.

Given that such a strong figure had experienced numerous hardships, it was unreasonable to think that he would fail there.

“This bastard had better die. Anyway, he can’t be used by me.”

Li Gang looked cruel and cold.

Suddenly, he looked towards the northwest.

Two sword lights, flashed towards that place, and their chill spread across the sky. That kind of familiar sword intent …Li Gang’s mouth slightly went upward.

In the distance, a pair including the handsome and refined Sword Whiz and his disciple, dressed in white, stopped on a piece of cloud.

The Taibai Sword God, Zhao Xue, with frost-white hair, looked refined in the distant air, and he noticed Li Gang.

As they looked at each other, a fight seemed imminent.

They hadn’t met each other since their battle in the capital, and also did not expect to meet each other again under such circumstances. One was the successful and famous person, while the other was the loser. Apparently, that battle result wasn’t important anymore as time passed by.

Li Gang smiled slightly, but did not take the initiative to speak.

As a winner, he was more confident.

Zhao Xue smiled slightly and bowed his hands, saying, “I haven’t seen you for twenty years. It’s really accidental today. Brother Li still looks as before,” He was calm and generous.

Li Gang nodded and said, “Does Leader Zhao want to fight as soon as possible?”

Zhao Xue replied, “I was going to ask you the same question.”

Li Gang looked indifferent in the direction of the Taibai County and said, “I just came to watch the situation. Since Li Mu killed Huang Wenyuan, he should be punished. What’s more, Huang Wenyuan, as the appointed official, was killed on the way. I, as a supervisor, shouldn’t ignore it. What do you think?”

Zhao Xue nodded.

He had no resentment against Li Gang, even if the battle of 20 years ago changed his life track, but he was very curious why Li Gang was so indifferent towards his son.

Because, logically speaking, Li Gang, who was obsessed with power and status, had to favor this talented son as his assistant.

“Li Mu is a talented person of our Western Qin Dynasty. His future must be bright. If it is appropriate, I would like to save him,” Zhao Xue said bluntly.

“The Taibai Sword Faction has kept a low profile for 20 years. Is leader Zhao eager to rise up?” Li Gang slightly ridiculed.

Zhao Xue did not speak.

It was useless to talk anymore.

He didn’t expect that Li Gang would try to stop him from saving Li Mu.

However, a low profile manner didn’t mean bearing everything.

He wasn’t confident that he could save Li Mu… but he would try it.

Zhao Xue was waiting for the change of the situation as he looked at the Taibai County.

If Li Mu could resist Huang Shengyi, he might survive.

“Li Mu can’t defeat him,” Li Gang said as if he were answering Zhao Xue’s puzzlement.

At that moment, Zhao Yu, who did not speak behind Zhao Xue, felt disgust towards that prefecture magistrate.

During the battle at the Chang’an Mansion, that Secular Sword Whiz who killed the Ghost Sect leader directly looked as imposing and graceful as a Celestial Being, and was admired by Zhao Yu. But just then, his image collapsed soon.

Zhao Yu didn’t know why such a talented and refined man was so sly.

Besides the two famous swordsmen, many warriors from the Chang’an Mansion had also arrived, who all felt stunned when hearing the news that Huang Shengyi murderously arrived to the prefecture’s government organ. But they were based on distant peaks for fear of injuries.

After all, the powerhouses attacked with terrifying might.

For many warriors, being able to watch a battle between sages was a matter of proud.

“Li Mu has caused a great disaster.”

“Wind will destroy the tallest tree.”

“He is too arrogant.”

“Today, Li Mu will die.”

Everyone thought that Li Mu wouldn’t survive that battle; that miracle would come to an end that day.

“Li Mu, get out.”

Huang Shengyi shouted with his murderous intent permeating the sky.

Everyone was shocked in the government organ’s yard.

When Shangguan Yuting saw the indignant devil-like figure in the air, she was worried about Li Mu. She and her sisters went to the front yard and noticed the also nervous Qing Feng, who was turning the wheelchair and rushing to the study.

At that time, Li Mu rushed out of the room.

Those beautiful girls were anxious when seeing him move in a hurry.

Li Mu had never been so impatient before.

“Brother Mu…” Shangguan Yuting intended to fight with Li Mu, and decided to protect him despite the risk of death.

However, Li Mu looked at everyone, and then shook his hand towards Shangguan Yuting, saying, “Go back. I am going to handle a big business hahaha… Finally he comes.”

He was even extremely excited.

Shangguan Yuting, Qingfeng and a group of beautiful girls were suddenly stunned.

“Li Mu…” Huang Shengyi roared once again, “I will…”

“Here, here. Be patient. I am here,” Li Mu went out of the county and jumped onto a 20-meter-high tree, shouting, “Hahaha. Why are you so anxious to court death? Are you in a hurry?”

“Are you Li Mu?” Huang Shengyi overlooked Li Mu with his sharp eyes, and said angrily. “A question for you. My grandson…”

“Right, right,” Li Mu kept nodding and said, “Your grandson, Huang Wenyuan, was killed by me. There is nothing wrong. It was me.”

He replied bluntly and honestly.

Huang Shengyi was confused.

That was totally different from what he had imagined.

Shouldn’t Li Mu be anxiously arguing, and begging for his mercy?

He did not even know how to retort.

Li Mu stood at the top of the tree and said, “What are you doing? My Samsara Knife is being refined, so I have no time to argue against you. Don’t blame me for not showing respect to you. Let me move first because I am in a hurry.”

Li Mu couldn’t fly without the Samsara Knife.

He directly activated the formation, then Yuan qi of heaven and earth in the entire Taibai County was instantly solidified; the bloody clouds formed by Huang Shengyi disappeared like blown-away sand completely, which shocked everyone…

“What?” He felt a kind of irresistible power that was shockingly surrounding him.