Chapter 305: Confused

It was not just the feeling of weakness after he lost the power of heaven and earth.

Almost at the same moment, all the Yuan qi of heaven and the earth within the entire county seemed to be solidified into a tangible object, squeezing against him.

That kind of majestic power of heaven and earth trapped Huang Shengyi like an ant caught as if in a swamp, making him unable to struggle.

Even a half-step sage was in an extremely unfavorable state immediately.

“You stand so high… Come down.”

Li Mu jumped up violently, appearing like a male monkey trying to pick a peach, and dragged down the Fire Devil from the air in a flash.

“You… dare.”

Huang Shengyi lost his mind before he was beaten into the ground heavily.

However, he was also very responsive. Before standing up, he punched towards Li Mu’s temple who was heading to catch him.

The whole fist was surrounded by flames.

Huang Shengyi cultivated the fire-related method, and formed his fire natural qi. Among the five elements, the flame was the most destructive force.

The half-step sage was different from a Celestial Being. Even if failing to control the power of heaven and the earth, he could attack closely with horrifying strength.

Even a three-step Celestial Being would retreat when facing that punch.

However, Li Mu was an anomaly. He smiled and punched directly.


In the sky, the visible air wave extended with the spurting reddish flames.


At the moment when the bone was fractured, Huang Shengyi’s fist bled, and his wrist was broken. A bone was directly stabbed into his flesh.

But he just frowned. With shock, he then punched again maliciously and imposingly, as if the broken fist were not his.

“Hey? The old man also acts this boldly,” Li Mu said, also shocked by Huang Shengyi’s movement.

However, he did not have the slightest respect for that senior. Against that experienced master, Li Mu had to directly defeat him when having the upper hand, for fear of his trump cards later.

“Killing the master with punches,” Li Mu shouted, “My chain punches of 108 styles.”

He punched violently and wildly.

Tempered by Zhenwu Boxing, Li Mu’s body was abnormally strong, although he only used the Samsara Knife, knife-using methods and the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal in recent fights. Hence, others gradually forgot Li Mu’s terrifying physical strength.

He once broke the horns of a mature flood dragon, only using his fists.

In the Taibai County, since Yuan qi had been solidified by Li Mu, Huang Shengyi could not use it. Although the Fire Devil had rich combat experience and had been nurtured by the sage’s power for decades, he was far weaker than Li Mu in terms of physical strength.

Bang, bang, bang.

Huang Shengyi’s arms were both broken, and his face was hit dozens of times. Even his eyes were swollen and his nose was bleeding…

“Ah ah ah…!” He yelled with anger.

He had never been beaten so violently by others like that.

Everyone was shocked by such a scene.

What was that?

Feng Yuanxing and the others were dumbfounded.

Was that… senior with a swollen face and bare head really the deputy owner of the Guanshan Pasture? Why did he look like a bullied old beggar?

Even many people showed sympathy for the old man.

On the high altitude outside the Taibai County.

Li Gang widened his eyes.

Although he was much sophisticated, he couldn’t help but feel shocked, and even subconsciously rubbed his eyes to confirm that scene.

On the other side, Zhao Xue was also stunned.

He had just hoped that Li Mu could support himself for a period of time in that battle, so he could show up to resolve that hatred and save that martial artist. After all, from all aspects, Li Mu was outstanding because of his talents and personality.

However, that result was beyond his expectations.

Zhao Xue even doubted whether Li Mu was the embodiment of a thousand-year-old monster, or a projection of an extraterrestrial devil.

Since Li Mu was unreasonably strong.

Zhao Yu widened his eyes and mouth, since he also was too shocked to say a word.

Bang, bang, bang.

Li Mu unexpectedly punched again.

Huang Shengyi barely resisted and swayed like a drunkard.

“I am really in a hurry… Uncle, my Samsara Knife is still being molded, so I have to go back to add fire… Sorry, uncle.” Li Mu screamed, and performed the first style of Zhenwu Boxing.


Huang Shengyi’s stomach was hit, and his body was bent like a dried shrimp. He crouched and fell down.

“You are really tough,”

Li Mu said.

A stone-made mountain could be smashed under his fists, but Huang Shengyi’s body was intact, except his bleeding mouth and his confused mind.

“Hey, you…” Huang Shengyi was unprecedentedly puzzled.

Li Mu really did what he stated.

He was directly confused by Li Mu’s punches.

He had gone through numerous dangers and hardships, but he had never been confused by a combat method.

In the past few decades since he had entered the semi sage realm, he had absorbed Yuan qi of heaven and earth and had been enlightened by the Taoist law, with treasures, trump cards and secret methods, all things of the sage realm. However, at the moment, he was fighting against a Celestial Being. He… forgot how to tackle in Celestial Being’s ways.

“Uncle, are you ready? I will defeat you.”

Li Mu did not stop his attack when he was speaking.

In the end, he punched at Huang Shengyi’s temple, directly beating that peak master onto the ground and leaving him with dizziness.

Everyone cheered.

Li Mu wasn’t relieved, so he punched at Huang Shengyi’s temple several more times until he was sure that he was unconscious.

When seeing that scene in the distant air, Li Gang took a breath, feeling that his temples were bursting with pain.

Zhao Xue also felt his teeth aching when seeing that happen.

Li Mu was simply… was…

He didn’t know how to describe Li Mu.

Zhao Yu felt that he was in a bizarre dream. As he bit his lower lip, he didn’t feel ache despite the bleeding…

The martial-art people, who expected to see the sage’s victory were almost mad.

Just then, as Li Mu punched Huang Shengyi, there was a burst of exclamation coming from the mountain peaks. Those great martial artists looked extremely shocked.

In particular, when they saw that Li Mu directly beat Huang Shengyi onto the ground, they completely felt stunned and confused.


“The situation has been changed.”

“Li Mu… Fortunately, I have not provoked him.”

“This crazy man can never be provoked.”

“In the Western Qin Empire, there is another devil-like character who can’t be provoked.”

On a steep peak of a kilometer high.

After the sturdy man, Lord Zhenxi, saw that, he looked totally pale; he clenched his fists, with his joints white, and gasped.

The guards around him were all the best and experienced elites, who didn’t care of death, but at that time, they were all sweating with incredible reverence and fear.

“Lord…” a person who seemed to be a think tank said nervously.

“Go, leave this place.” Zhenxi Wang turned and left. He added, “Quick, go.”

That group of people performed their cultivation methods in a low key manner, then jumped down from the cliff and disappeared into the distant mountains immediately.

Above an ancient tree.

The corners of the Bloody-moon Evil Master’s mouth were trembling.

“What… what the hell is going on?”

He arrived with confidence, but was blown away after seeing that result.

Those days, he had already absorbed the evil power that was under the desert in the old site of the Xiongfeng Martial Art Club, and had improved his strength manifold. Therefore, he was confident of fighting against Li Mu, a Celestial Being. Even if defeated, he wouldn’t be injured seriously. He thought it was time to battle against him.

But just then, it seemed…

“Well, why did I insist battling against Li Mu at that moment?”


He regretted doing so.

“Send out the news that I will have a closed practice and the battle against Li Mu will be delayed indefinitely…” He almost gnashed his teeth when he told his confidant subordinate.

“Ah? Oh.” The subordinate was shocked and then immediately nodded.

The Bloody-moon faction had totally lost its face.

But was there any solution?

They had provoked an invincible person.

At the same time.

A giant white crane had flown to the area several kilometers away from the Taibai County.

Liu Chong sat on the back of the crane with anxiety. His face showed a hint of joy, “I am coming. The deputy lord is still there… and there is still a chance…” He drove the white crane rapidly and directly intruded into the Taibai County.