Chapter 308 You Lied to Me

How valuable was a Semi-Sage?

This question could be answered from many aspects.

For Li Mu, it was simply luck that he could direct Huang Shengyi to do things, who cultivated the power of raging fire. Among the five elements, the flame ranked first in instrument casting, and the raging fire was powerful enough to be listed among the top 10 kinds of strange fire. Besides, Huang Shengyi was a master of casting in Guanshan City. In the Western Qin Empire, he was known for both his martial arts and ability to cast instruments.

Usually, even all of those nobles and powerful martial masters offered him lavish gifts and pleasing words, but Huang Shengyi posed arrogantly and might not help them.

But now, he was caught by Li Mu, which meant that he mustn’t disregard him for fear of his punches.

Huang Shengyi felt depressed.

But he did not dare to conceal himself and deceive Li Mu.

That was because he unexpectedly found that although Li Mu was not very familiar with the chemical casting technique of this system, he grasped an inconceivable casting system, which could greatly shock him.

On a few occasions when Huang Shengyi played some tricks in the process of refining the instruments, they directly exploded after being put into practice.

Thus, Huang Shengyi was seriously hit by Li Mu, and Li Mu even used his Samsara Knife to attack.

“If you swindle again, I will hack you up directly,” Li Mu roared. “Do you really think that I cannot refine the knife without you? I am giving you the opportunity to redeem yourself, not asking you… You’d better f**king be clear of the situation. Don’t provoke me again. I am a madman beyond my own control.”

Huang Shengyi was covered all over with blood and he shivered, with his nose and face swollen.

In the end, he completely surrendered and no longer dared to play any tricks.

Fortunately, as a Semi Sage, even if without Yuan Qi of heaven and earth and with his strength constrained, his physical body was much more superior to an ordinary person’s. Hence, he was healed soon.

He honestly instructed Li Mu.

In addition to teaching him theoretical knowledge, he was forced to activate his natural qi and inject the raging fire from his mouth into the array to enhance the power of the fire element, so forcefully that he even felt dizzy and exhausted…

It was just like this—


After five days like this, the Samsara Knife finally reached the second step as Li Mu expected.

The impurities in the blade were removed.

The long knife in his hand gleamed and its internal tactical deployment was run smoothly, meaning that the conductivity of natural qi in it almost reached an invincible realm. Once Li Mu gently slashed with this knife, the air was cut up as easily as cutting butter.

As for its sharpness…

“No, no, no, what are you doing? Don’t… I am too old to sustain these attacks. This is already a magic weapon.” Seeing Li Mu targeting him, Huang Shengyi screamed, fearing that Li Mu would take him as an object to be experimented on.

This knife was made under his assistance, so he knew the tactical deployment in these 24 small knife components, and recognized that this knife was exquisite, which was superior to a Spiritual-tier weapon. He, whose Semi-Sage cultivation was sealed, couldn’t resist if he were to be hit by this knife.

Li Mu gave up when seeing that Huang Shengyi was so scared.

In fact, this man, despite the fact that he rushed to avenge his grandson, did not do evil things in Taibai County. If he were to be killed, it would be a bit cruel. After a while, he placed several Taoist spells into his body, including the Life-and-Death Spell, and then directly detained him as he was unconscious.

As for the punishment, Li Mu had not decided.

Anyway, a Semi Sage could do a lot of good for him.

Li Mu also thought that it might be too cruel to do this. But, he should detain him from his conscience.

Back in his practice room, Li Mu practiced for a while.

Then, as he activated the tactical deployment, the array lines on the bright Samsara Knife were flickering and suddenly expanded into a giant six-sided blade. The knife was half a meter wide. Then, the blade was shrunk to only the size of a palm, flying around Li Mu.

“Flying knives. Shoot accurately.”

Li Mu recalled these words that stirred up countless martial artists’ mood.

His surname was also Li.

Under the excitement, he directly flew out of the room on this knife into the sky like a stream of light.

He could use the Samsara Knife to fly by skipping the sound barrier before.

Now, from the Spiritual-tier to the Magic Treasure level, it would fly faster after being fully activated by Li Mu, so much so that Li Mu’s eyes even couldn’t keep up with the speed of the knife. He could only distinguish the surrounding scenery by opening his Third Eye.

On Taibai Mountain, he could make a circle within 10 breaths, equal to the distance of one kilometer, which a Sage couldn’t reach.

“Hey, no one can catch up with me.”

Li Mu was overjoyed.

This was a means of survival.

“Flee if failing to defeat him,” the old faker had said many times.

However, from the point of view of speed, the Samsara Knife could be regarded as a Taoist Treasure weapon, thanks to the various Taoist magic arts of tactical deployments taught by the old faker, which were hard to understand even to such a Semi-Sage as Huang Shengyi. Li Mu did not know that these Taoist arrays were of much significance even in the starry sea.

One knife turned into 24 parts and shot toward him.

The re-refined Samsara Knife became stronger, as were the tactical deployments engraved into each smaller segment. Different combinations of numbers formed different tactical deployments of endless power.

Li Mu, above the sky, obsessively performed his knife-using methods.

Sometimes, the knife turned into 24 parts, while sometimes they were combined into a single intact Wind-Cloud Six Moves. Li Mu became more familiar with the Broadsword-commanding Skill.

In the end, as night fell, he stopped his practice with excitement.

“It is a pity that I can’t perceive the property of natural qi. Otherwise, the tactical deployments and Wind-Cloud Six Moves would become more powerful, since the power of these arrays can only be fully performed under cooperation with the force of the five elements.”

Li Mu sighed.

When he returned to Taibai County, it was dawn.

Being winter, there were few pedestrians.

Li Mu went to the gate of the old county government organ and looked at the plaque.

Now that a new county government organ had been established elsewhere, it was not suitable to maintain this name. It was better to change it.

As he manipulated the Samsara Knife, the knife flew out like a stream of lightning to engrave on the plaque, and the characters on the plaque were replaced by two other characters—

“Knife Hut!”

From now on, this place was used as a knife hut for Li Mu to practice his knife-using skills.

Back in his practice room, Li Mu immediately awakened Huang Shengyi, who was unconscious, and asked about the property of natural qi. Perhaps there was something unique about this Semi-Sage.

Li Mu still did not give up.

It would be very pitiful if he couldn’t grasp the property of natural qi. Therefore, Li Mu finally decided to find a way to do so no matter what happened.

Huang Shengyi’s natural qi of raging fire had greatly impressed Li Mu.

Then, Huang Shengyi woke up with a resentful look, but when he looked at Li Mu, who was holding a knife, he immediately became cowardly and tried to please Li Mu. “Do you need any help, Master Li?”

Li Mu told him about his puzzlement.

“Perhaps my method of perception is useful.” Huang Shengyi rolled his eyes as he spoke.

Li Mu directly punched him and said, “Tell me the perception method for the natural qi of raging fire.”

Huang Shengyi had to show his trump card.

Huang Shengyi was full of reluctance, but when he saw Li Mu’s Samsara Knife, he became shocked instantly and quickly said, “Yes, yes. I am ready to tell you.” One had to behave humbly in another’s territory.

However, Huang Shengyi also thought that Li Mu couldn’t grasp the property of natural qi even if he told him the method, which required a specific physique.

Therefore, he told Li Mu his most treasured method.

He didn’t have any trick, since he feared being beaten again if he were to be discovered by Li Mu.

Li Mu nodded, and then began to perceive it.

Soon after, his face showed a strange look.

When Huang Shengyi saw it, he immediately screamed, “Master, I am telling the truth. I really didn’t lie to you. This perception method for raging fire can only be mastered by a fire-related physique of a Natural Expert. It is hard to succeed. I didn’t hide anything at all…”

As he spoke, he suddenly stopped and looked at Li Mu with a stunned look.

Because Li Mu snapped his fingers.

Then, a dot of flame floated on his fingertips.

The fire was lively like an elf, and was extremely bright.

This… was the purest raging fire.

“Did he actually succeed?

“In such a short time?

“Only within a dozen breaths?”

Huang Shengyi was shocked and immediately became angry.

“You lied to me, didn’t you?”

He looked at Li Mu with an extremely wronged and sorrowful look, since he felt that he was fooled by Li Mu and his trump card was stolen by Li Mu.