Chapter 309 Natural Qi of the Five Elements

Li Mu was also a bit confused.

“What is this?

“Why did I succeed suddenly?

“Is this method so powerful?”

Although he had tried numerous perception methods, he failed to grasp any property of natural qi. However, unexpectedly, as Li Mu employed his spiritual force for perception, his natural qi was immediately turned into that of the fire property.

Li Mu came up with an idea.


All over his body was surrounded by flames. Fortunately, his appearance in the flame was not destroyed, and it was indeed imposing.

Then, his clothes were turned into ashes…


Li Mu’s figure flashed and disappeared in the room.

After a few dozen breaths, he reappeared in new clothes, looked at Huang Shengyi with murderous eyes, and said, “Hey, what did you see?”

“I…” Huang Shengyi was puzzled.

“I am a man. You are not attractive to me. Do you think I like to look at a naked man?” But of course, he didn’t dare to say that, he just sincerely replied, “Don’t worry. Nothing was seen.”

Li Mu nodded in anger. “What is going on with this? I noticed that your clothes were not burned when you activated the raging fire…” Fortunately, the flame was derived from natural qi, so his eyebrows and hair wouldn’t be burned off. Otherwise, Li Mu really wanted to cry.

“That is because you are not very familiar with its property.” Huang Shengyi spoke patiently, who elaborated to Li Mu the principle of how to control the attribute of natural qi and its combat skills.

There was no doubt that a Semi Sage was really sophisticated, since he could explain profound theories using simple language.

After hearing his words for a while, Li Mu gradually mastered the essentials.

When he once again urged the raging fire natural qi, the flames around him didn’t burn anything. The flames turned it into various shapes under his control, as it was simple for Li Mu, who had complete success in the Natural Realm, to concretize the natural qi.

Huang Shengyi just looked stunned.

Li Mu was the most talented person he had ever seen, who could grasp the significance at once… This boy was simply extraordinary.

“Although natural qi of fire property is fine, this is not enough. If I can master all the properties of the five elements at the same time, it will definitely be more effective for the Broadsword-commanding Skill,” Li Mu thought.

He then asked Huang Shengyi about this.

After hearing his words, Huang Shengyi said, “This is impossible. Even a Sage can only grasp the power of one property. Most of the martial artists perceive the property of natural qi all in line with their own physique. I guess the reason why you could not grasp other properties is that you are innately compatible with the power of raging fire. It is impossible to master more than one property, which is the firm law of martial arts…”


Li Mu directly punched him.

“Don’t say these nonsense words. Just tell me…” Li Mu pointed to him and said, “Do you have any methods of perceiving other properties? You had better tell me all of the other four properties among the five elements. I will try first.”

Huang Shengyi was full of indignation.

“I am not here for you.”

Since he was caught by Li Mu, he had been living hard like a slave, with all his pride and dignity as a Sage and plots uprooted by the punches.

In fact, once one was conditioned to bowing low, one would hardly straighten up again.

This was true even for a Semi-Sage like Huang Shengyi.

So, in the end, he honestly told him a few perception methods for other attributes that he knew. Although he cultivated the natural qi of raging fire, he was also aware of some profound meanings of the other elements and had to practice them. Hence, these perception methods were of high standards.

Li Mu asked again to ensure that it was correct, then immediately closed his eyes to perceive.

He would try it first.

“I am really here for you, and it is like suicide when you cultivate various properties of natural qi, since you will be very likely to lose your mind once these properties reject each other…” Huang Shengyi advised Li Mu earnestly, “There was a Semi-Sage in the Northern Song dynasty who firmly decided to grasp another kind of natural qi. As a result, as the different kinds of natural qi rejected each other, he lost control over his internal energy and eventually became disabled…”

However, Huang Shengyi suddenly stopped speaking.

His eyes widened.

Because within a few dozen breaths, a palm of blue water rippled with faint surging sound.

Then, a blue water-curtain layer, like an illusion, floated around Li Mu.

The surging sound seemed to come from Li Mu’s body.

“This…” Huang Shengyi was stunned.

“Is it the natural qi of water property?

“And, it is so pure.

“So authentic.

“Water and fire are incompatible with each other… But why isn’t there even the slightest sign of conflict in Li Mu?”

If not witnessing this scene, Huang Shengyi would definitely not think that Li Mu’s innate natural qi was of the water property.

The blue water disappeared.

Li Mu closed his eyes again.

This time, he opened his eyes one hour later.

“Well? Did he give up? Perhaps the powers of water and fire finally conflicted in his body. Can’t he hold on?” Huang Shengyi speculated.

Of course, he didn’t dare to show his expression at all.

However, in the next moment, he once again was shocked.

That was because around Li Mu now were the orange thick soil property, the green wood property, the blue water property, the pale gold property, and the fire property of natural qi flickering and flowing.

The natural qi of the five elements.

The five kinds of attributes constantly changed and alternated with each other. Li Mu sophisticatedly and smoothly controlled them in harmony.

Although his martial art was suppressed, he could see this result.

He could feel that these properties changed naturally, rather than in a forceful way, which was the most ideal state of balance and contradiction.

Five elements into one!

“How could this be real?”

There are numerous kinds of attributes of natural qi in the world, all based on the force of the five elements. Only a few attributes, such as space, light, and darkness, are not derived from the five elements.

The power of the five elements is the mighty source of power.

In this world, countless gifted talents, supreme Sages, and wise men tried to master all the powers of the five elements and integrate them, but they all failed.

However, now… Huang Sheng had witnessed the birth of a miracle, Li Mu.

“What kind of monster is this teenager?”

He had been shocked many times.

He noticed that Li Mu derived the forces of the five elements constantly. In the end, he could even generate raging fire with his left hand and surging water with his right hand at the same time and then change them into other attributes of natural qi.

Obviously, Li Mu had reached a sophisticated level over the control of intangible natural qi and was improving it.

“This monster will be… awesome.”

Huang Shengyi was scared.

Within a few days, he had discovered so many secrets and abnormal states of Li Mu, who overturned Huang Shengyi’s understanding of many firm laws regarding martial arts.

In the past, he was determined to get revenge and destroy Taibai County into ruins once released. But now, he felt that he might not be able to do that because if Li Mu kept his current momentum, he could soon fight against a real Sage.

The young man’s talent and potential were so formidable.

Huang Shengyi saw infinite possibilities in Li Mu.

Once Li Mu really made improvements, possibly no one in this world would be able to defeat him, unless… unless it was those people who came out of the darkness.

Over the next few days, Huang Sheng assisted Li Mu under punches by answering various questions or spraying fire to help Li Mu refine instruments.

This Semi-Sage was as obedient as a child bride.

That he was detained was wildly spread from Taibai county to Chang’an Mansion, the Western Qin Empire, and even the rest of the whole Divine Land, stunning countless people.

Especially in the Western Qin Empire, people were all shocked.

In Qin City, the capital of the Western Qin Empire—

The crown prince almost became a joke to various sides.

Because yesterday, this emerging ruler, who had almost become a unique figure after defeating the Second Prince, had to despondently withdraw his previous order to arrest Li Mu for a final verdict on the death of the Second Prince, and had to discuss with his subordinates how to deal with Li Mu, the newly rising “Sage-to-be”.

It was necessary to win him over.

Because a Sage-to-be was strategically important. If he were not drawn to their side, other enemies would seize the opportunity. Then, it would be a disaster.

News came from all sides.

It was said that the emissaries sent by the royal families of the Northern Song and Southern Chu empires had already set out to visit Li Mu with incomparably favorable gifts.