Chapter 49 Punch You into PiecesLi Mu also laughed.

“Really? I am afraid you will be disappointed.”

He tore his Taoist gown at random, and threw it directly into the wind, revealing his strong and athletic body.

The moonlight shone on Li Mu’s streamlined muscles. Every muscle on his whole body was very clear, and his glittering skin reflected a faint fluorescence, which was like the body carved by Jade. In a word, his figure was full of indescribable strange beauty.


Wu Biao had changed his look and began to feel a little worried.

Because the body in front of him was clearly the body of a 20-year-old young man, and it was really vigorous and full of energy and strength, so it was fundamentally incompatible with the look of that 50-year-old face. The face with that body was very strange.

“Would you not believe me if I told you that your Netherworld Dao Qi could not hurt my viscera at all?” Li Mu smiled, squeezed his eyes, then opened his mouth and breathed in a strange rhythm.

In an instant, the moonlight in the sky seemed to be alive, pouring into his mouth and nose.

Wu Biao found that Li Mu’s chest was fluctuating violently several times, and the sound of drum-like heavy beatings was coming out from his heart, which was really long, far-reaching, and not like the sound made by any human heart. Then that horrifying Dao scar made by Wu Biao were slowly healing like they were crawling alive at a speed that could be grasped by human eyes under the moonlight.

“This is… im-immortal body?”

He exclaimed with surprise, “You are… actually a demon?”

In that world, there were legends of demons.

And only the real strong men could understand how terrifying they were.

In the legends, only demons had such healing power.

In particular, some demons who had been practicing for a long time could be transformed into human bodies, which was also immortal. Only by destroying their hearts could completely kill them.

“Demons?” Li Mu shook his head and said. “I am a human, but I am not an ordinary person.”

“Who on earth are you?” Wu Biao felt more and more worried.

“Aliens and I’m also the successor to communism.” Li Mu smiled pretentiously.

“Aliens? Communism? What do you mean? What is an alien? “Wu Biao felt strange to that title as if he was lost in a fog or cloud, saying, “Successor, what, what faction is it?”

Li Mu smiled.

He finally got the opportunity to show his superiority as a time-traveler.

At that moment, he, with a dignified but proud look, raised one of his fingers and pointed to the dark blue sky high above the two moons.

“I’m not afraid to tell you the truth, aliens do not belong to the world. They come from the outside world. Well, you can regard them as people from another world. The cause of communism is the common goal of aliens who preach the five talks and four beauties and revenge with blood. From a very young age, I have been determined to fight for the cause of communism all my life. I have tried and practiced in primary and secondary schools. I learned skills and knowledge there, also, I had joined the Young Pioneers, the Communist Youth League, and had been a small captain, a chief captain, commissary of the Young Pioneers, and chief of the Young Pioneers… One day, I will be a glorious member of the communist party… How about that? Are you scared?”

Li Mu said in a high spirit.

Under the moonlight, Li Mu said with a solemn look, and his whole body was full of the sacred glory of striving for ideals.

“What? People from outside world? You, you’re you a devil from another world?” Wu Biao directly filtered Li Mu’s other impassioned speeches and captured the information he most cared about. Instantly, he became really scared.

He was originally in a high spirit.

But in that instant, the rage and fighting spirit that burned like a fiery fire disappeared like a flame watered with ice water.

Then he chose to escape.

It was like Wu Biao had encountered the most terrifying thing in the world, and this desperate martial arts madman unexpectedly chose to turn around and run away, just like a dog that lost his home.


Li Mu was surprised.

Why did he react like that?

Were aliens frightening?

Wu Biao should know that on earth, aliens were an eternal topic and hot spot. If someone really met aliens, they would be very excited as if they had won the first prize of Mark Six, because there were many earth humans who had been pursuing the traces of aliens all their lives in the hope of having an aliens friend.

How could a master like Wu Biao be so frightened when he heard aliens?

However, Li Mu was surprised and did not move at that moment.

Tonight, he would not let go of Wu Biao.

Otherwise, Li Mu would suffer a lot if Wu Biao, who was like a tiger, was not killed.

What was more, Wu Biao was like a mad tiger.

Li Mu chased him down.

He jumped directly off the rocky peak.

Below that peak, Wu Biao shouted and manipulated that Giant Leopard, which was leaping between the cliffs and fleeing in a hurry.

The black giant leopard was a wilderness alien. It traveled through mountains and rivers with Wu Biao on its back as if it was walking on the ground, which was like a shooting star in a fast speed.

But tonight, Li Mu had reached a new level in terms of the practice of Sky Hammer, the second move from Zhenwu Boxing, so he was faster than that black leopard.

He ran quickly on that cliff with a 90-degree angle, which was like a flat ground to him.

Li Mu, like a lightning, caught up with that leopard in an instant, reached out and grabbed the back of Wu Biao.

Wu Biao roared and clamped his leopard to keep balance. At the same time, he pulled back the Bloody Giant Dao to chop Li Mu.

Li Mu touched the rock wall next to him lightly by his tiptoes and moved like lightning to come to the right side of Wu Biao and punched out.

His strongest strength was physical strength.

Under the explosion of weird power, he could break through mountains with one punch, which was more horrifying and barbarous than his self-created Dao-using methods.

After the first punch-out, here came the same sound of cries of tigers and dragons around them, and the air was turbulent in a moment. The black leopard roared constantly and his body was hit askew by that punch wind, then it was difficult for it to maintain balance and it began to fall downward…

Wu Biao had no choice but to make a cruel decision: abandon that leopard and protect himself, so he heavily stepped on the back of the leopard by his feet, and with the help of the bouncing force, he rose again, and that action temporarily let him escape the miserable fate of being thrown into the ground and smashed.

Compared with his unparalleled Dao-using methods, his Lightness Skill was obviously much worse.

But when he leaped in the middle of the sky, where there was no ground for him to stand, he could not use his powerful Dao methods, and thus in a great flurry, who was like a fish out of the water, a tiger in the sea, or to be more exact, an eagle whose wings had been cut off.

Under several confrontations, Wu Biao lost the first chance to win and after three consecutive punches, he was beaten into pieces by Li Mu in the air.

Blood rain and white bones were dispersed in the sky!

Evil would be recompensed with evil: This ruthless murderer king who had occupied Qingfeng Mountain, a branch of the Taibai Mountains, to commit all kinds of crime, eventually died without a burial place.

At the same time—


There was a loud crash below.

It was the giant black leopard, first, it had lost balance and then it was trampled on by Wu Biao. Therefore, it could not maintain its balance any longer and lost its center of gravity, and eventually, it fell sharply in the middle of the sky and hit the mountain path heavily like a meteorite, which made a loud sound.

Dust swirled in the air.

Although it didn’t fall to death at once, it was badly injured.

Its horrifying force of falling smashed a big pit on the ground, which caused countless rocks beneath it shattered, and many of its bones broken.

That leopard was twitching and struggling.

The black leopard tried to stand up with its four limbs, but it failed to do that after many struggles for a long time.

Blood came out from its mouth and nose after so many times of struggles…

At the same time, a danger had occurred.

Without Wu Biao’s control, his weapon, the Bloody Giant Dao, fell downward.

And it fell in the direction of the location of the black leopard. That huge weapon, which weighed up to five thousand kilograms while falling to the ground, could smash that Giant Leopard’s head into pieces with its sharp blade once it really hit that leopard.

The black leopard was also aware of it.

It whimpered and mourned, but could not escape.

Ultimately, it could only wait to die.

But at this time, with a flash of shadows, Li Mu appeared next to the black leopard although that Bloody Giant Dao was almost reaching it. He reached out, grasped that Bloody Giant Dao in his hand and stopped its falling successfully. At that time, the distance between the blade of that huge Dao and the head of the leopard was only a finger wide.

“Nice weapon.”

Li Mu held that Bloody Giant Dao in one of his hands and weighed it for observation.

Obviously, this giant bloody Dao was infinitely stronger and heavier than that broken podao in terms of the material, workmanship, toughness, forging and appearance.

This kind of heavy weapon that weighed 500 kilograms was relatively rare. Ordinary warriors could not hold it, and even if they could barely hold it, it was still impossible for them to kill enemies.

But for Li Mu, it was still as light as grass mustard.

But compared with the simple podao, the Bloody Giant Dao could be called heavy.

“I can use this giant Dao for a while.”

Li Mu inserted it in the rock beside him.

The black leopard looked up and roared at Li Mu, but the look in its eyes was somewhat complicated. It seemed to hate him for killing his master but thanked Li Mu for saving its life.

“Big cat, your master put you to the death road at the critical moment. Are you still willing to be loyal to him?” Li Mu looked at the black leopard.

Li Mu felt that there was a strange intelligence in its eyes, which was quite different from those ordinary stupid wild beasts.


The black leopard gave a low roar.

That was the first time that Li Mu heard the roar of a leopard, which was somewhat similar to that of a cat. Of course, it was not purely “meow meow”. It was much louder, slightly crisper, and more powerful and dignified.

Such a catlike voice was quite cute from the mouth of such a black giant leopard. Li Mu, who had the potential of being a cat people, had the impulse to touch it immediately.

However, Li Mu, more or less, could guess what the leopard was thinking.

It was obviously sad for Wu Biao’s betrayal at the final moment.

However, it was clear that it did not want to follow Li Mu, because he could feel an unsuspecting alert and resistance in its roar, besides, he could find cruelty in its eyes, even if Li Mu had just saved it.