Chapter 61 You, Come HereMa Junwu had been preparing for a long time, and when he heard Li Mu’s words, he handed Li Mu that silver bow, which Li Mu was used to.

To deal with that kind of scene, Li Mu did not need the special-made fine steel wolf teeth arrows.

Four guards, each holding an arrow pot full of wooden arrows with feathers, squatted in front of Li Mu.

Li Mu did not look at them and picked up arrows at will.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

With the bowstring tremoring, the sound of arrows being shot was like constant drumbeats.

Li Mu drew arrows in rapid succession at the extreme speed, which was like a torrential storm. Almost in the interval of three breaths, and that four arrow pots were emptied.

There were twenty wooden arrows with feathers in each arrow pot.

That was to say, there were eighty arrows in those four arrow pots.

A burst of exclamation and mourning came from all sides.

Those martial arts masters who wanted to escape with Lightness Skill were all hit by an arrow in the mid-air on their knees without one exception. Then they were all lying on the ground, shouting loudly in pain, and thus could not jump anymore.

Li Mu stretched out his finger and counted carefully. Then he was a little disappointed, saying, “I’ve shot too fast, and I missed three times and failed one time…”

The three missed shots were all shot on a fat man’s ass.

As for the one shot that missed the target, it passed through the top of the old beggar’s head and landed on the stone wall of the fighting ring.

The old beggar gnashed his teeth in rage, saying, “You must have done it on purpose, little fellow.”

Li Mu laughed and said nothing.

At that time, hundreds of martial arts masters, who were present, dared not to escape.

Because it was impossible for them to escape since the archery of the county magistrate of Taibai County was too powerful.

That kind of archery, which was like a gale or a rainstorm, was no less stressful than the unparalleled patting of Li Mu.

None of the people trying to escape had succeeded.

A martial arts master who was shot by an arrow on his or her knee could not use Lightness Skill.

It was impossible for them to escape.

Then fought with Li Mu?

None of them dared to do.

Even the Iron Hand Holding up the Sky Tie Zhendong and the Sky Dragon Sword Dongfang Jian were knocked unconscious like ants and were put iron shackles. If they dared to resist, they would be chopped into meat mud, would they?

Li Mu, the head of Taibai County, was there anything he dared not do now?

So, there appeared rare scenes in Jianghu for decades—martial arts masters lined up and did not dare to resist at all. They waited for the county’s soldiers to come over and put them on handcuffs and shackles, and then soldiers used long ropes strung them together like a string of grasshoppers.

The desperados who used to kill people and set places on fire were as docile and meek as rabbits who only ate carrots.

Li Mu suddenly remembered one thing.

“Which one is Qin Yong?” He looked at the captives of the Sky Dragon Faction.

Among the crowd, a young man wearing red dragon soft armor and carrying a heavy sword changed his look.

He was the first disciple Qin Yong under the guidance of the Sky Dragon Sword Dongfang Jian.

That Qin Yong, a Silver Dragon disciple, could be called a master of the Sky Dragon Faction. These days, he was so arrogant and bossing people around in Taibai County. However, in the battle just now, after he saw the situation became risky, he just shouted a few slogans in the crowd and then stayed away, so he was not in the line of being slapped to faint by Li Mu.

Li Mu had keen eyes, and at first glance, he could figure out what had happened.

“You, come out,” said Li Mu.

Qin Yong’s face turned pale and he was very frightened, saying, “Ma-Ma-Ma-Master, what do you want me to do?”

“Ma-Ma-Ma… Damn ma what,” said Li Mu in a bad mood, “How dare a guy like you to be so pretentious in our Taibai County? So it is you who cut off people’s arm and hurt Uncle Liang of the tea stall?”

Qin Yong’s face suddenly turned pale.

A few days ago, he suddenly wanted to seek for some fun, so he cut off the arm of a chatty bearded warrior at a roadside tea stall and seriously injured the meddlesome old owner of the tea stall.

For Qin Yong, such a trifle was just a condiment in his life.

But now Li Mu said it, and he immediately realized that it was big trouble.

“That… I was really drunk that day, and unconscious…” Qin Yong stuttered and tried to explain.

That was obviously an excuse.

Li Mu was unwilling to talk with that wuss.

Clang! Clang!

A Dao was thrown in front of Qin Yong.

“Cut one arm by yourself.”

Li Mu said directly.

“I… Master Li, please forgive me…” Qin Yong was so frightened that he was paralyzed on the ground with a pale face. He kowtowed desperately for mercy because he knew he could not tolerate the pain of cutting an arm.

Li Mu was not moved at all.

On that day, how cruel and ruthless Qin Yong was when he cut off one arm of the beard young man! And he was even more arrogant and imperious when he seriously injured Uncle Liang of the tea stall. At that time, why didn’t he ever think about the inferiority and cruelty of his behavior?

One should not impose on others what he himself did not desire.

All of that was karma.

“Go help him,” Li Mu turned around and said that to Feng Yuanxing.

The secretary Feng Yuanxing did not say a word, and he just walked over with a steel knife and kicked over Qin Yong, who was frightened out of his wits. Feng Yuanxing took up that knife and cut off one of Qin Yong’s arms.

“The killers are always being killed by others.”

Feng Yuanxing blew a raspberry and said, “This arm is the price. Remember, don’t bully our Taibai people at will in the future.”

The soldiers and guards around him were also moved.

Uncle Liang and his wife were living in Taibai County for many years and they were very popular because they were happy in doing good deeds. The soldiers and guards always drank their tea at their tea stall. What happened that day made many soldiers and guards indignant, but they could do nothing with Qin Yong because he was the first disciple of the Sky Dragon Sword Dongfang Jian.

Today, at that time, they realized that their county magistrate did not forget such a thing.

It turned out that their county magistrate Li Mu also knew what had happened to Uncle Liang that day, and Li Mu was also willing to take revenge for an ordinary person like Uncle Liang, which made every guard feel a sense of recognition, and also let them more respect and support Li Mu.

Because Li Mu told everyone that he cared about the weak and was willing to draw a knife for them.

“Ah… Ah ah ah…”

Qin Yong howled, covered with blood, and rolled back and forth on the ground.

He felt the cruel pain he had inflicted on others.

And this tragic howling made every hero present feel a kind of unspeakable fear, and thoroughly eliminated their courage.

In the face of a powerful, strong, and vicious opponent like Li Mu, the head of Taibai County, the only thing that they could do seemed to obey his order.

Then everything had become simpler.

Because Li Mu had ordered before, the county government had already made some secret observation and investigation on the people in the city. Perhaps in terms of fighting, county soldiers and guards could not equal to those Jianghu masters who were always fighting, but in terms of orderly operation and collection of information, they were much stronger.

According to the investigation results of the government guards, those who truly cherished justice and did not commit crimes in the city were released on the spot. After some admonitions, they were allowed to leave Taibai County without delay.

And those desperados who had committed crime were all caught in prison without mercy.

Since Li Mu supervised the whole process, everything went smoothly.

Culprits, such as the Iron Hand Holding up the Sky Tie Zhendong and the Sky Dragon Sword Dongfang Jian, were strictly guarded. They were put on the strongest handcuffed and shackles and were locked at the most sturdy and gloomy cells.

“Damn it, that little fellow… He is quite interesting.” The old beggar was amazed at Li Mu’s behaviors.

He had never seen such a unique county magistrate in his travels, nor had he ever seen anyone handled things in that way in Jianghu.

He was too special.

“Bow-wow…” The fat yellow and white big dog barked.

It also looked at Li Mu, and there was an emotional color in its eyes that did not belong to a dog. It looked as if it had found new prey.

Suddenly, the big dog shivered all over.

An instinctive sense of panic rose in its mind.

It turned around subconsciously.

But in the distance, that adorkable and little Ming Yue had climbed down from the tree. After watching all of those, she seemed to be unsatisfied with it being over so quickly, or to be really hungry, because she was wiping off her slaver while staring at it.

The way that little Ming Yue was looking at it was not like she was staring at a living dog, but more like at a hot dish of dog meat that was just out of the pot, which made it shiver.

Suddenly, the yellow-and-white fat dog made a weird cry, and suddenly jumped behind the old beggar.

The old beggar smiled a little.

He then turned his attention from Li Mu to Ming Yue.

An imperceptible glow flashed deep in the eyes of the old beggar.

That was a very sophisticated look as if he had discovered something long ago, or it seemed that he was enjoying something pleasantly.

But soon, he seemed to be suddenly aware of something, and the smile on his face suddenly disappeared. He just turned around and looked southeast.

There, under an old tree, a blind Taoist with a huge black raven crouching on his shoulder stood silently like a ghost in the shadow.

Nobody knew when had that blind Taoist appeared.

There were even a few guards around him who were going back and forth, but it seemed that they could not see that blind Taoist. When they looked at the direction where he stood, it seemed they had no focal length at all.

At that time, the Taoist was moving his nose as if he was searching for some scent.

The black raven whirled suddenly, hovered over the blind Taoist’s head, and made a strange low cry with a strange scale as if it was saying something.

But soon, the blind Taoist seemed to have noticed that old beggar was watching him.

He turned around and there was no light in his eyes, but he still looked at the direction where the old beggar was.

The old beggar grinned silently.

He squatted down, farted loudly, stroked the yellow and white dog gently, and whispered. Then at the moment when no one else was aware of, the man with his dog turn around and left.

The blind Taoist stopped walking, and his sword-like eyebrow erected.

He covered his nose and had a slightly rich expression on his face.

Eventually, the black raven landed on his shoulder again.

“Everything has happened because of interfering…” the Taoist whispered to himself, turned around, and the bamboo pole in one of his hands made a squeaking sound, and then he left slowly and steadily step by step.