Chapter 62 The Smell of a Big MonsterThe silent communication between that old beggar and the Taoist was not even noticed by Li Mu.

Li Mu didn’t even notice when the old beggar and the dog left.

In the end, the big fight in Shennong Faction finally ended.

Li Mu rode on a white horse, with two little servants, surrounded by the secretary Feng Yuanxing, the Dutou Official Ma Junwu and a crowd of government guards, headed for the direction of the county government.

Here came the sound of cheers from streets and alleys along the way back.

At that time, many people who had hidden in the dark slowly appeared.

“Huh, this young county magistrate is a little interesting.”

A white-haired young man appeared abruptly on the fighting ring as if he had stepped out of the waves of the void.

A rare curiosity appeared on his frost-like face.

This white-haired young man, looking at the direction where Li Mu and others had left, thought for a moment, and eventually left the Shennong Faction ruins with his ancient sword on his back.

In fact, he was there from the beginning.

But no one found his existence.

The so-called big fight between those two factions, or even the so-called masters in Northwest Wulin world, like the Iron Hand Holding up the Sky Tie Zhendong, were like ants from his point of view, so in general, he was not interested in fights among ants.

But that time, for some reason, he came to Taibai County.

Just because it was so boring to wait, he just came up and took a look at this farce to relieve boredom.

To his surprise, there was an unexpected joy.

A young county magistrate who could not even be seen through by him, and besides, that county magistrate was accompanied by that little servant.

The smell of the monster was so strong.

Who on earth was the monster?

The county magistrate?

Or the little servant?

“Well, there’s something like that.”

In the inn, the Fairy Face Zhou Kole, a future leader of Qing Sha Clan, who was lying lazily in a sloping chair with bare snow-like feet, showed a trace of surprise on her pure and delicate face after listening to the description from her cousin, the Devil Heart Ling Li, another future leader of Qing Sha Clan.

“It was not the Great Jebe of the grasslands that made the shots, but was the county magistrate of Taibai County Li Mu, and the Magic Moon Shoot is in his hands.” The Devil Heart Ling Li showed a slight joking smile on his Yin-Yang face, saying, “Cousin, this time, you seem to have guessed wrong.”

It was rare to see his ingenious cousin made a mistake, so he was in a good mood.

Such a smile would only appear in front of his cousin.

The Devil Heart Ling Li was the most outstanding heir of the contemporary Qing Sha Clan. With a heart like a monster, his hands were covered with blood because he killed so many people. There were venerated old masters of Wulin and cute children who were killed by him. His endless killing made him the first genius of the contemporary Qing Sha Clan.

Ling Li was really stubborn when he was young, and he got a violent personality, so he would be really impulsive like a madman.

He only listened to the words of two people in his life.

One was his teacher, who was already dead.

The other one was his cousin, the Fairy Face Zhou Kole.

He and Zhou Kole were inseparable from each other, and they always kept each other’s company. In Wulin, they were collectively called “Fairy Face and Devil Heart” and were also called the representatives of the new generation of the ancient Qing Sha Clan, besides, they were also the most popular and powerful young people in the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty in the past ten years.

“I am not a god, who knows everything.” Hearing her cousin’s teasing, Zhou Kole showed a shy look on her fairy-like face.

The reason why she was honored the Fairy Face in Wulin was she had a fairy-like face, but in fact, nobody knew how many martial arts heroes and geniuses were killed by her.

Such a woman with outstanding talent, status, strength, and wisdom had become a lover with her ugly cousin with a Yin-Yang face, which made many people surprised.

“If I can catch the Taibai county magistrate and take that Magic Moon Shoot, then I will surely seduce the Great Jebe of the grasslands,” the Devil Heart Ling Li said that.

“No, we will see,” the Fairy Face Zhou Kole put her bare feet on her cousin’s chest and said with a cute smile, “Don’t you think there are many mysteries of that young county magistrate that deserve our observation?”

“This is true,” the Devil Heart Ling Li said, “The little girl with him is a big monster, and her monster smell is so strong that even I can’t see her through.”

The Devil Heart Ling Li was so irritable and impatient, so the reason why he did not catch Li Mu and torture him to speak out the origin of Magic Moon Shoot on the spot was that he found he could not see that little girl Ming Yue through, so he was a bit of concerned.

“Have you seen that Bai Rushuang?” The Fairy Face Zhou Kole changed the topic.

The Devil Heart Ling Li nodded and said, “Yes, it’s surprising to see that he also appeared at where those two shit factions were fighting today, but he just didn’t show up.”

“How do you feel?” the Fairy Face Zhou Kole asked him.

The Devil Heart Ling Li turned serious, saying, “He is very strong, and he gets the power of Zongshi Master, but I cannot tell which level he is in. After all, he is the most outstanding genius of Sirius Clan in a hundred years, who does not disappoint me. Killing such an opponent let me excited and full of the strength to fight.”

“That’s good,” the Fairy Face Zhou Kole stood up, jumped naughtily to the back of the Devil Heart Ling Li, pushed him with her soft breast, smiled and said, “As long as you, my dear cousin, does not underestimate the enemy carelessly and avoid conceit and impetuosity, except the future leaders of the nine Holy Clans, no one will be your opponent among those disciples from big factions or the six gangs.”

Hearing such praise, the Devil Heart Ling Li did not show much joy.

Ling Li looked out of the window with a solemn look. There was a kind of yearning in his eyes. Then he said word by word, “The nine Holy Clans? When I finish this, sooner or later, I will challenge those the so-called God’s favored ones from those nine giant clans.”

The Fairy Face Zhou Kole buried her beautiful head into Ling Li’s neck, sniffed her sweetheart’s body and said gently, “If that day comes, whether there will be a furious storm or gentle breeze and warm sun, I will always stand by you.”

At the county government prison.

Li Mu was the first time to enter that place.

The air was filled with a smell of decay and mildew. The sunlight shone through the narrow top window, forming a clear white beam of light, in which the dust was flying, and that was very dazzling.

Those jails, which most of them were empty in the past, were packed with people now.

Li Bing and his group of fellows who were imprisoned a few days ago were going mad and they looked like beggars now. All of them, who were all were good-for-nothing young men from wealthy families and had lived an extravagant life, were confined in the same narrow cell now, and none of them had ever suffered like that, so they were almost losing mind.

About two hours before, Li Bing was screaming like a madman.

But by that time, he had closed his mouth in horror.

Because he saw, people were dragged or escorted into the prison one by one, and most of them were beaten half dead, besides, some of them were still shot with arrows on their knees, and nobody helped them pull those arrows out, so they screamed loudly.

Judging by their clothing and discourses, those people were all strong martial arts masters in Wulin.

“They are from either Sky Dragon Faction or Huya Faction…”

Li Bing felt very shocked.

Something even more incredible had occurred: Li Bing soon recognized that there were some famous martial arts masters who were also dragged in like dead dogs, and he recognized one of them was the most famous Great Tablet Smashing Hand Yue Yang, who was pierced through scapulae and turned to be almost dying, which really shocked him.

“What happened? Even Yue Yang was caught…”

Li Bing could not believe what he saw.

The Great Tablet Smashing Hand Yue Yang, in Li Bing’s mind, was already an absolute powerful master. Yue Yang was so strong that even he himself could not fight with him within half of his move if he was confronted. So Yue Yang should be able to sweep the whole Taibai county. But now, he turned to be like that.

Moreover, hearing the whispers of some of the people who were detained around, Li Bing understood that the Great Tablet Smashing Hand Yue Yang was not the most powerful master who had been caught.

Li Bing immediately closed his mouth quietly and hid into the corner with fear on his face.

Although he did not know what had happened outside, he could guess something bad must have happened.

He observed them secretly in the corner.

Soon, his eyes shone with anger.

Because he saw Li Mu, the county magistrate of Taibai County, who had arrested and humiliated him and then robbed away all his belongings. So, Li Mu appeared in the corridor of the prison, accompanied by several soldiers and guards.

But quickly he turned that anger into doubt and fear.

Because Li Bing found that every martial arts master who was dragged in, including the Great Tablet Smashing Hand Yue Yang, who had just woke up with blood all over his body, showed fear and awe in his eyes and dared not speak anymore.

Suddenly it became very silent in prison.

It seemed that death was coming, so no one dared to gasp.

“Your honor, everything is ready.” In the deepest part of the prison, the door to the darkroom of torture was opened, and the warden Zhen Meng came out and salute to Li Mu respectfully.

Before that, he received a notice from Feng Yuanxing, the secretary, that ordered him to prepare some strange things in the torture darkroom.

The warden, Zhen Meng, although his name meant strong, in fact, he did not have a strong appearance. He was a thin man in his thirties who was as thin as a bamboo pole, and his face was pale and almost bloodless, who gave people a feeling of weakness.

Zhen Meng was running internal qi in his body, and he should be at least a second-rate master in Joint-qi level judging from that.

“Good, well done.”

Li Mu nodded.

That was the first time that Li Mu saw Zhen Meng.

Previously, he only saw the name of Zhen Meng on one of the official documents.

During the last period when Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing were in charge of governmental affairs, that warden was somebody in Taibai County Town. Many officials and warriors in the county government wanted to be familiar with Li Mu, and then got some benefits, however, Zhen Meng never took the initiative to appear in front of Li Mu.

For this reason, Li Mu was still a bit curious about that Zhen Meng.

However, he did not say much.

Accompanied by Zhen Meng, Li Mu and his servants entered the darkroom of torture.

That darkroom was very empty, and it covered an area of more than 100 square meters with rock walls and roofs. Although it did not have any windows, there were many small air holes connected with the outside world, so the air was still circulating. On the walls around, there were more than 20 torches hanging and burning in a crackling way, which enabled them to see extremely minute or tiny things.

There was the place to interrogate the prisoners.

In the four corners of that room, there were dozens of horrible and sinister instruments of torture with dark black patches on them, which were apparently the bloodstains left by the prisoners who had been sentenced, and nobody knew how long those had happened.

All sorts of strange torture tools made people shudder with fear at first glance.

“Your honor, will the trial begin now?” asked Zhen Meng beside Li Mu.

“Well, time is limited. Let’s start now. Just bring any two Wulin heroes in Joint-qi level. I’ll try and see if my routine can be used.” Li Mu looked around and laughed.