Chapter 74 The Magic ArtsThis future leader of the Sirius Clan was forced to display his real moves.

The fight escalated instantly.

Without any languages, the sense of fighting for the warriors was the best way to communicate. After several attempts, Bai Rushuang and the mid-aged scholar made an agreement, and one of them was attacking in the distance while the other was attacking closely with the flood dragon.

Li Mu liked martial arts, and he was not in a hurry to leave anymore as he saw such a wonderful battle, and instead, he kept there watching.

Obviously, the mid-aged warlock dressed in cyan and the future leader of the Sirius Clan, Bai Rushuang, had increased their strength to a new prospect, and they were much more tyrannical compared with “Sky Dragon Sword” Dongfang Jian, “Iron Hand Holding up the Sky” Tie Zhendong and others.

A brand-new martial art gate was opened slowly in front of Li Mu.

Even the adorkable Ming Yue, who enjoyed watching the battle, became quiet.

And the old beggar didn’t need to cover his face and creep away.

He grabbed the big yellow-white fat dog and tried to start a heart-to-heart talk with it.

Soon, this guy and the dog made an agreement and were reconciled. They sneaked around the lake, and it was unknown what they were doing.


“Hee hee, we’re so lucky. This flood dragon has been dormant for one thousand years and it’s going to be a dragon; it is so sophisticated and even the two masters couldn’t kill it… What about my husband and I help you and share with you?”

A pure and innocent laugh suddenly sounded in the valley.

It was a crisp and melodious female voice like a lark from an empty valley, which covered other sounds in the valley as the giant flood dragon roared and the sword qi whistled like thunders in the valley. The voice was overwhelming other voices and echoing clearly.

The black and white light twinkled.

There were two figures above the Nine-dragons Fall floating down slowly like feathers.

They were exactly “Fairy Face” Zhou Kole and “Devil Heart” Ling Li from the Qing Sha Clan.

“Get out of here.”

The future leader of the Sirius Clan, Bai Rushuang, shouted coldly, and he broke the void to form two gusts of Sirius Sword Qi and cut them directly.

The Sirius Clan and the Qing Sha Clan were long-standing enmities, and they had feuded with each other for a long time.

“You want to die… let me kill you first, and then the flood dragon. That’ll also be good.”

There was a strong killing intent on “Devil Heart” Ling Li’s Yin-Yang face, and he was running internal qi while there was a dense vortex in his while left palm like the tornado that was engulfing the two gusts of Sword Qi directly.

“Fairy Face” Zhou Kole stopped Ling Li as he was willing to fight. She smiled and said, “Those who achieve great things always have such cool attitude. Bai Rushuang, as the future leader of the Sirius Clan, do you really have such little ambition like this? If we cannot succeed in hunting the flood dragon today, other masters from the clans may come and gather here and there’ll be no chances for us to get it when they get the news.”

Bai Rushuang hummed coldly and didn’t speak again.

He knew this was the fact and he was not willing to say anything more.

Because the giant flood dragon went berserk, its pressure became more and more terrible.

Half of its body was exposed outside the water like mountains which were entrenched. It was breathing and bombing while waving its claws. Though it seemed huge, its body was flexible to the extreme. Its huge tail was acting swiftly and wittingly and rushing out of the water to kick the warlock away, who was flying into the cliff as he was holding the fingerprint.

The giant wings with cyan blades of the warlock dressed in cyan were also broken into pieces by the impact.

Bai Rushuang used his ancient sword to block his chest, and his Sword Qi had formed a phantom of the whistling moon wolf which blocked in front of him.


The flood dragon broke the phantom of the whistling moon wolf.

With a flushed face, Bai Rushuang hummed coldly and flew backward.

Obviously, this flood dragon was powerful beyond imagination.

The future leader of the Sirius Clan and the warlock dressed in cyan couldn’t withstand a single blow from the dragon even though they joined their hands.

Zhou Kole and Ling Li lost countenance.

“Let’s move.”

Without hesitation, they also joined in the battle.

There was no eternal enemy in front of interests.

They had to gang up in order to get the treasures from the flood dragon.

“Qing Sha Clan – ‘Yin-Yang Bind.”

“Devil Heart” Ling Li acted. One black and one white hot and humid clouds flew out among his fingers, which rushed towards the giant flood dragon like two Immortal-trapping Ropes of Yin and Yang.

“Love killing sword dance.”

“Fairy Face” Zhou Kole held a thin sword with her long skirts floating in the air like the Fairy of Ninth Heaven. She had a pliant figure and danced in an extremely graceful way while showed a great killing intent.

The Sword Qi was flying and dancing.

Though Zhou Kole seemed to be weak with her graceful and slender figure looking like the beautiful willows, she had an extremely fierce fighting style. She held the long sword in her hands, showing an unparalleled momentum, and she even launched a close fight actively to the flood dragon.

On the contrary, Ling Li, who was ugly and strong, were fighting in the distance.


“Fairy Face” and “Devil Heart” were the most outstanding young geniuses from the Qing Sha Clan. One of them was a warlock and the other always launched close battles. They were congenial and cooperating skillfully with each other to the extreme, which was obviously more orderly than the cooperation between Bai Rushuang and the mid-aged warlock dressed in cyan.


One cyan streamer flew out of the mountains.

The mid-aged warlock dressed in cyan looked a little embarrassed but he didn’t get injured.

He was surrounded by a cyan windshield and then shouted loudly, “Hello, everyone, this flood dragon is so cruel. You may get something from it only when you throw away your resentment and work together.”


Bai Rushuang braced himself and nodded in agreement finally.

The four great masters joined hands with each other officially.

“The warriors are practicing the internal qi, what about the warlocks? That must be another system and method, right?” As Li Mu watched, he felt it more interesting.

Till today, he knew that there were not only warriors in this world, but also warlocks.

And it seemed the warlocks of this world were just like the Taoists described in the supernatural fictions on the earth since they could control the power in the world as well as the worldly possessions. They were rather powerful and focused on distant attacks when they fought with their opponents. They needed to pinch fingerprints and chant spells to fight, and their body and power were weaker than the warriors in a close fight.

They would die instantly if their opponents broke through their magic defense.

“It’s a little like online games on Earth. There’re humans, attack power and close battles, and that’ll be almost a small team once there’s someone who can make them at full health.”

Li Mu thought it over to himself.

Were the teams of online games on Earth so useful in the alien martial art world?

But those four great masters seemed not to suppress this giant flood dragon even though they ganged up.

Some of them were constantly bombarded and crashed into the canyon cliffs, which made the debris splash.

Those four great masters were blown up by this giant flood dragon constantly and bounced back and forth between the canyon cliffs like the rubber balls, causing countless holes on both sides of the valleys of the whole lake, which seemed like a game like Whac-A-Mole.

Li Mu’s eyes fell more on the mid-aged warlock dressed in cyan and “Devil Heart” Ling Li.

Because he became interested in magic arts.

Also because that Li Mu felt that he seemed to overlook something important since his coming to this world.

The old faker forced him to practice not only the “Zhenwu Boxing” and “Xiantian Skill” but also other things in extra time, for example, the Chinese geomancy, exorcism, ghosts expelling, Daoist magic and so on when he was on Earth .

These skills were boasted by the old faker, and he also used them to get something to eat and drink by cheating in the Randengsi Village.

Myths and legends were spreading in many rural areas of China,

These legends were based on mythological novels such as the Legend of Deification, Journey to the West, the Classic of Mountains and Rivers and so on, and they formed a special deification system after some evolution of the native Taoist culture in the countries.

For example, in many mountain villages on the Loess Plateau of Gansu in Northwest China, there were temples almost in every village for divination, hexagrams, inquiries, and seeking for medicines, children and marriage. No matter how poor the local people were, there were two things that they couldn’t lack.

The first was the education for the children.

The second was the temples in the villages.

It sounded contradictory, but actually, it was harmonious.

Many students would go back to their villages after college to worship their ancestors and Gods, and they might also collect money to repair the village temples, which was extremely pious for them.

To some extent, the village temple was also a kind of clan culture.

Under this background, many local Yin and Yang masters in the countryside enjoyed good positions in many occasions, such as weddings, funerals, as well as building Yin and Yang residences, moving and so on.

And the old faker was the most famous one among the local Yin and Yang masters.

It had struck people’s ears like the roar of thunder when they mentioned his name in every village and town around Baoji City.

This was also one of the reasons why the old faker could “occupy” the ancient Randeng Temple for a long time by himself.

Li Mu had heard so many legends about the old faker from the villagers, many of which made him feel fantastic even till today, and the old faker was just like an immortal in the eyes of many villagers.

And many of the skills of the old faker of getting something to eat and drink by cheating were basically imparted to Li Mu.

At that time, Li Mu thought that the old faker’s skills, such as “Xiantian Skill” and “Zhenwu Boxing”, were just deceptive tricks which was a way of deceiving villagers for foods and drinks and thought it devious.

But after his coming to this planet, Li Mu found the power of “Zhenwu Boxing” and “Xiantian Skill”. Then he recalled his time on Earth and thought instinctively that only these two skills, which the old faker had forced him to practice endlessly, should be the core and the real immortal Cultivation Methods.

As per those methods such as Chinese geomancy, exorcism and so on were not taken seriously by Li Mu.

Because the old faker had even said that the planet which he sent Li Mu to was a low-grade Martial Art Star.

Li Mu had to focus on martial art since it was a Martial Art Star.

Besides, twenty years was too short, and Li Mu devoted all his efforts and time to the practice of martial arts.

But as the blind Taoist, mid-aged warlock dressed in cyan as well as “Devil Heart” Ling Li made their moves, Li Mu realized that there were warlocks on this planet indeed.

It meant the magic arts existed indeed and could be practiced.

It also indicated that he overlooked something very important though he focused on martial arts wholeheartedly.

Since the “Zhenwu Boxing” and “Xiantian Skill” were useless on Earth but powerful on this planet, would those messy things the old faker had taught him during leisure time also had incredible power?