Chapter 76 On ImpulseLi Mu’s move, which shocked everybody present, was undoubtably huge.

Between hands, the power of throwing a huge rock which weighted tens of thousands of kilograms embedded in the soil into the void hundreds of meters high had refreshed their understanding of the internal qi martial art.

Especially when they looked at Li Mu with shock; they found that there was no internal qi fluctuation in him. That was to say, the sudden suffocation just now depended entirely on the explosive power of his body.

My God.

Was there such a monster in the world?

On the mainland of Shenzhou, whether it was the commander of the nine major schools, the hero of the world, or the high-ranking people of the royal empire, it was nothing more than the cultivation of internal strength and martial art’s internal qi, which required higher talents for practitioners, so the warlocks were relatively less than the warriors and were not good at fighting alone.

In Li Mu’s body, there was neither internal qi fluctuation nor force element, so the effect could only be achieved by his body… Physical training; there were inherent shackles, which were considered to be the lowest stage of martial art training. Historically, the most outstanding physical practitioners, they could boast their having thousands of kilograms of strength, jumping higher and running faster, but in the aspect of internal qi martial arts and warlocks, they were basically regarded as objects to be slaughtered.

But now, Li Mu had pushed his physical force to this extent?

Was he really not a monster draped in human skin?

There was no smell of a demon on his body.

Even to the old beggar, he looked as if he had seen a ghost.

Next to him was a yellow-and-white dog with a mouth bigger than the old beggar’s, with a very human expression and shocked eyes.

Only the little loli Ming Yue was a person with a normal expression.

The little loli’s face was calm and her eyes were a little dull. She looked at everything around her. Her eyes fell on Li Mu. She was kind and quiet, as if she were sleepy and about to take a nap.

However, her so-called normal expression was precisely an abnormal one.

Because instead of the usual little loli, it was afraid that she would jump and scream in the first place.

The original fierce battlefield, because of this moment of change, had strangely paused.

As the focus of attention, Li Mu had no awareness of this at all.

He clapped the soil off his hands, then looked around, in search of another rock that could be used.


Large amounts of water burst hundreds of meters high from the lake.

With a roar, the flood dragon burst out again.

Its scarlet eyes, as if flowing blood cut through the mist of night, looked at Li Mu, then moved like a flying sword, whose speed was at the fastest.

Li Mu’s heart produced an unprecedented sense of horror.

He used his light body to escape from the place.

“Quick shot.”

The middle-aged warlock in black cloth let out a loud yell.

He had seen that Li Mu had become the only one who could threaten the flood dragon. He must open up space and time for him and let him throw huge stones to kill the flood dragon. It was difficult for other people to have a fundamental impact on the flood dragon with various tactics.

Numerous black wind blades, like storms in the sky, rolled out and covered the giant flood dragon.

Ding! Ding!

The wind blade cut on the body of the giant flood dragon as if it were cut on steel, bursting out a cluster of sparks, all of which bounced off. The scales of the giant flood dragon were obviously stronger than what anyone had imagined. There were so many wind blades, but they could never make even the slightest crack.

“Yin Yangfu!”

Devil Heart Ling Li shouted, filled with a black and white supernatural power. Hands swinging forward, all the power turned out to be two black and white giant ropes, which entangled in the flood dragon’s body to delay its activities.

Fairy Faced Zhou Kole and the Sirius Clan’s future leader Bai Rushuang constantly bounced and flickered between the canyons, changing various directions and angles to attack the giant flood dragon.

But the Dao, Chinese broadswords, cut on the giant flood dragon’s body like the wind blade, bursting a cluster of sparks. Still, they failed completely in the end.

The four great powers consciously placed themselves in the position of involving and distracting the attention of the giant flood dragonm, to create conditions for Li Mu.

This was not to say that they really felt that Li Mu was stronger than themselves.

This was a battle instinct and fighting consciousness.

True strong men, such as old enemies Bai Rushuang and Devil Heart, wanted to defeat each other even if they were hostile to each other on weekdays, but they cooperated well in these battles.

Of course, this was also related to the temptation of the interests they faced.

After all, how precious a giant flood dragon was. Even if they could get a drop of flood dragon’s blood, it was enough to change their martial arts path.

For such a rare opportunity, even if you had to work with a rival, what was the harm in that?

The hatred of the giant flood dragon was quickly deflected by the four powerful men.

Li Mu found another boulder, bigger than the one he had thrown before. As soon as his arms were in full swing, he threw it out with ease.


The old beggar swore without restraint.

His eyes were bursting with surprise.

Because this time, he saw it more vividly.

The huge stone weighing a hundred thousand kilograms was really thrown out by Li Mu like a sandbag.

It was as fast as a meteorite.

The old beggar found it hard to believe that there was such a monster in the world.

In a human body, was there such a power?

Fuck, what the hell was he?

The big yellow-and-white dog was so frightened that it caught its tail.

Obviously it was also tremendously shocked.


The giant flood dragon was hit again without doubt.

Rock fragmentation, lake water and rocks, mixed together, was like a debris flow. The original scenery of the abyss canyon behind the mountains was quiet and beautiful, but at this time it was like doomsday collapsing.

And the struck flood dragon, as big as a mountain, stumbled and fell back into the water.

It could be seen how horrible Li Mu’s attack was.


The middle-aged warlock in black cloth couldn’t help but cheer loudly.

But at this moment, Li Mu’s face changed color and said loudly, “Be careful…”

The voice was still in the air.

The flood dragon’s huge tail, like a lightning bolt, broke out from the lake, slipped across the sky and its tail patted fiercely on the middle-aged warlock’s black cloth.


With a muffled sound, the middle-aged warlock had no protection and the blue mana shield around him was smashed to pieces. His body flew hundreds of meters away like a butterfly swatted away, hitting the cliff of the canyon severely.

The hard cliff now had a human-shaped, deep bottomless hole.

At the same time, the giant flood dragon was enraged, rising from the water faster than the first time, like lightning. Its claw reached, and then another warlock—Devil Heart Ling Li, was gripped directly by its claw.

In the world of martial arts, there was the saying of ‘Cloud-dragon Paw Flipping’, which meant that the dragon’s claw detection from the clouds and mists contained the magical meaning of martial arts. Its traces were nowhere to be found, and its power was enormous. Legends stated that even immortals, or extraterritorial demons could hardly resist the power of the dragon’s claw.

The martial arts ancestors once saw the scene of the dragon’s claw by chance, so they were greatly inspired to imitate the it, creating a powerful move, which had a far-reaching impact on future generations.

For example, Cloud-dragon Sword Mu Renlong, who was previously in Taibai County, practiced the ‘Three Present Swords of Yunlong’ because of this.

However, Mu Renlong’s ‘the Swordsmanship of Cloudy-dragon Appearing at Three Times’ was only a remote version, which was too rough. Naturally, it was quite different from the real Dragon probe martial art. Even so, it was enough for him to become one of the ruthless roles on the northwest’s martial arts world.

At this time, the giant flood dragon was about to turn into a dragon. It didn’t immediately occur to Devil Heart Ling Li when its claws streched out and caught him unaware.

The flood dragon’s huge claws caught a living person, like pinching a fly.

“Yin Yangdun.”

Devil Heart, in the face of danger, shouted and his Yin Yang supernatural power burst out, flowing into a huge round shield, which protected him from danger.

But as soon as the giant flood dragon exerted its strength, producing a clear and crisp clicking sound, the black and white double-color round shield already showed signs of cracking.

To watch Devil Heart Ling Li being crushed directly into meat paste.


Fairy Face Zhou Kole’s face was distorted by fear.

She madly attacked the giant flood dragon in order to save her counsin.


The giant flood dragon screamed with rage and its tail slammed.

The flood dragon was swaying its tail.


Zhou Kole was patted away directly, like a meteor, and then smashed into the cliff nearby.

In the twinkling of an eye, only the Sirius Clan future leader Bai Rushuang was left, from among the four great powers.

Li Mu was shocked when he saw this.

“What happened?”

This giant flood dragon’s anger had reached this level?

The situation of this war turned out to be one-sided in an instant.

There was no need to fight any more.

Li Mu naturally wanted to run away.

Speaking of running away, Li Mu had no psychological burden at all.

After all, there were ten years’ worth of instructions from the old shabby-looking faker before his departure.

Safety first.

Only the living could change everything.

At that time, Liu Bang was utterly routed by Xiang Yu, but he survived every time and finally built the Han Empire later.

Moreover, Li Mu still shouldered the hope of the earth.

If he died there, what would happen when the earth was demolished after 20 years?

All these thoughts flashed through Li Mu’s mind. He was about to turn around and walk away with Ming Yue. He turned his head and saw Ming Yue in the distance. Ming Yue stood quietly and timidly on the shore. She was wet and stained with mud. Her expression of confusion, timidity and fear beyond words.

That kind of look and gesture touched Li Mu’s heart instantly, like a lightning.

Li Mu immediately remembered the words the old beggar said before.

This was the last chance for Ming Yue.

Tonight, once this flood dragon lurked down the lake without them getting some of the flood dragon’s blood, Ming Yue was likely to be swallowed up by the demons in her body.

Are you going to just idly watch as the only good kid on this planet, who has treated you well without asking for anything in return, dies in such a way?

Li Mu couldn’t help but shudder.

On impulse, he forgot about the old faker’s past teachings. With a roar, he turned into a flash of lightning and flew towards the giant flood dragon in his fury and fierce attempt.