Chapter 80 Who Are You?“I…” the old man kept being at a disadvantage. As if his lungs were almost bursting with anger, he gnashed his teeth, saying, “it seems that you were not seriously hurt.”

Li Mu ignored him.

Li Mu ran the “Xiantian Skill”, adjusted the breathing rhythm and activated his state, thus his apalling self-healing ability was manifested. The wounds from which blood was being shed were cured less than a few breaths.

Besides, his strength had also recovered by a lot.

Li Mu bit his teeth, held the hilt, directly pulling out the ancient sword that was inserted in his body, and held it in his hands.

After weighing in his hands, he felt it was okay.

The material of this ancient sword was like a white rock, and the natural imprints on it were like rock texture. The sword body was warm to the touch, like a gem, and the sword edge looked quite sharp.

‘This ancient sword is a bit strange. It may break the skin of the flood dragon.’

Li Mu guessed.

Under the horrible physical healing ability, the sword cut in his waist had stopped bleeding.

Li Mu bit his teeth and used the sword as a knife to take action again.

But at this time, the giant flood dragon was swaying its huge head and also struggling out of the cliff.

On its body, scales fell off a lot.

In particular, the broken horn on the head faintly bled, so it looked quite embarrassed.

At the same time, Li Mu catapulted himself to the battlefield.

When enemies met, they became especially jealous.

The war resumed.


The sky and the earth were cracked and the lake was overturned.

The old beggar and the others were standing far to witness the battle, with eyes widened and tongues tied.

The huge black crow, hovering in the air, swooped suddenly and knocked over several rocks on the ground.

Then, a slight groan rang from cracks of the stones.

The blind Taoist ultimately crept out of the stone piles.

He should be alive.

However, his appearance was also extremely miserable, his body a bloody sight. His condition was not better than Devil Heart Ling Li’s.

The huge black crow seemed to be summoned by him, because it was standing still to guard him after taking him out of the stone piles.

The Taoist widened his eyes to see the fight in the distance.

After half an hour.


The giant flood dragon was once again slammed on mountain walls.

Its enormous body was like a rope, leaving a deep mark on mountain walls, between which the body was directly embedded. It was dizzy, and its horns broken. A pair of front claws appeared split open. Though desperately roaring, it couldn’t struggle for a while.

And on Li Mu’s body, the set of black clothes that Zhou Kole gave him were once again tearing into pieces, scattering in the air, leaving him almost naked.

His ass was bare again.

“Give up?”

Li Mu, stepping on its head, asked loudly while punching time and again.


The giant flood dragon madly screamed with rage and furiously resisted.

“You don’t you accept it? You have broken two sets of my clothes… You must compensate me, so I will let you bleed first.”

Li Mu waved the ancient sword to cut on the top of the giant flood dragon’s head.


Sparks splashed.

As if he had used the sword to cut refined iron, his palms were quaked into numbness.

Nevertheless, on the flood dragon’s head, a finger-long wound crack was also cut.


Arrows of blood spewed out of it.

The spouting blood sprayed on Li Mu’s face, and also drenched him.

It was strange that a great deal of blood would spurt from just a finger-long small cut as from a high-pressure faucet. Almost in a flash, Li Mu, as if getting out of bloody water, was soaked by the flood dragon’s blood.

In addition, some flood dragon’s blood had splashed into his mouth.

In no time, Li Mu unconsciously swallowed it.

“Eh? Sweet?”

He was a little surprised.

This flood dragon’s blood was like honey, having a sweet intoxicating taste.

“Flood dragon’s blood, a treasure… The fucking bastard is misusing it. It is wasted on the body,” the old beggar who was witnessing the situation from the distance suddenly became disappointed.

However, the big yellow dog barked once and ran there fleetingly, as if it saw the most delicious meaty bone in the world.

Zhou Kole, the middle-aged warlock and the half-dead blind Taoist, who were lying on the ground, were all exhilarated.

After all, this was the flood dragon’s blood.

It was the blood that possessed the power of nature.

The breathing of several people became heavy.

At this time, new changes emerged again.

A white light flashed in the distance, and soon it arrived.

It turned out that it was Bai Rushuang, the future leader of Sirius Taoist, who had plooted agiainst Li Mu, who came back.

However, though he plotted against Li Mu and obtained a flood dragon horn, there wasn’t much pleasure on his face, but an extremely galling and furious look. His broken leg recovered a bit. But except this, several scars were newly cut by a sharp sword. As if having experienced a war, he looked quite embarrassed.

And what was worth noting was that, at this time, he returned with other people.

Behind him, three or four figures, catapulted and leaped in the valleys and on the cliffs, showing quite brilliant movement arts. They moved rapidly from several directions, almost flanking Bai Rushuang from all sides.

Among them, an old man in his fifties, who was strapping and grey-haired, with a crossing scar on his forehead, carried a huge black chain hammer whose diameter was over one meter. He landed so heavily that the ground quaked in a loud bang.

“Bai Rushuang, hand over the horn and you will be spared.”

The old crossing-scar man said with a sneer.

Brush brush brush!

Other fighters appeared around him.

Each figure was surrounded with visible mist of internal qi in various colors. But the flowing strength of their breath was shocking; they were obviously top-class masters at the Joint-thoughts level.

Among them, several people’s internal qi almost took shape. Such men were likely to be super-class masters.

These people were apparently hunting Bai Rushuang.

Meaning that Bai Rushuang had fled to this place.

“Elder Wei.”

Zhou Kole lost her countenance.

She recognized that the old crossing-scar man was exactly Wei Chong, one of the twelve elders from the Qing Sha Clan.

In the Qing Sha Clan, the twelve elders were all super-class masters of the Zongshi Master realm.

The elders enjoyed a higher status and more power in the Qing Sha Clan than she and Ling Li, the Left and the Right Guardians of Rules. It was more important that there were different sects in the Qing Sha Clan, and the relationship between the sect to which Wei Chong belonged and the one from which she and ‘Devil Heart’ Ling Li came was very tense.

‘Why is Wei Chong here?’

‘Is it because of the couple, the Great Jebe of the grasslands?’

‘It shouldn’t be the reason.’

After all, she gave out the information before through the channel of her sect. Based on common sense, the ones informed and coming should be Elder Liu Yunfei or the others who belonged to her sect. But now…

‘Why did her sect dispatch Wei Chong here?’

‘Was there any mistake?’

Zhou Keer swept his eyes and immediately recognized that the other dozen beside Wei Chong were the powerful and hard-core people in Wei Chong’s faction. Thus, it was hard to get rid of them.

“The giant flood dragon is here. The horn is the most worthless thing on it. Li Mu, chief of the Taibai County got more, so why do elders attend to trifles and neglect the essentials,” Bai Rushuang said calmly.

Consequently, he tried to divert those troublesome people’s attention to Li Mu.

Needless to say, at this time, Wei Chong and others had also noticed the situation.

Especially as they saw that the giant flood dragon was thrown into the cliff and was struggling its way out from the rocks, it had no power to fight back and its blood, which contained boundless energy fluctuations, was spouting out from its head. The eyes of the crossing-scar elder, Wang Chong, were avariciously glowing.

“Flood dragon? It turns out to be true. There really is a living one here… Hahaha, this is how the saying goes, ‘something can’t be had even with painstaking labor, but can be obtained easily without any effort.'”

Li Mu laughed loudly.

In the six sects, the Qing Sha Clan was absolutely not a noble and decent faction.

Wei Chong and others, originally because of the Great Jebe of the grasslands, came to Taibai County day and night.

Two hours before, about a hundred strong men from the Qing Sha Clan from all levels had just arrived at the periphery of the county. But when they were ready to break into the county, they coincidently met the fleeing Bai Rushuang, the future leader of the Sirius Clan.

The Qing Sha Clan and the Sirius Clan were old enemies among the six clans. However, Wei Chong bore an important mission to catch that couple, so he just intercepted him symbolically as the beginning. But in the battle, he was surprised to find that Bai Rushuang was injured, he had lost the ‘Sirius Ancient Sword’, and even held a treasure like a dragon horn…

Therefore, Wei Chong immediately took it seriously.

After the battle, Bai Rushuang, who had a fractured leg, couldn’t get away.

He, in an awkward situation and injured continuously, was forced to bring Wei Chong and the others here.

Bai Rushuang, standing beside the lake, was shocked to find that although Li Mu was sneakily attacked by his sword, he, in that seriously wounded state, not only didn’t die of the flood dragon attacks, but incredibly re defeated the giant beast and was drenched with the flood dragon’s blood…

The Taibai County magistrate was definitely a monster.

In a flash moment, Bai Rushuang was regretting things.

He had seen the fight between Li Mu and the giant flood dragon, which didn’t belong to the human battle scale at all. Even if the flood dragon horns were invaluable, to be honest, to offend Li Mu for such a thing. Was it really worth doing so?

But Wei Chong and the others didn’t see the battle.

They only saw the ultimate end.

This meant they didn’t know how abnormal and horrible Li Mu was.

The giant flood dragon, as enormous as a mountain, and the strange fragrance and power fluctuation in the spurting blood made Wei Chong and others exhilarated with beating hearts and staring eyes. Besides, their saliva seemed to flow down.

Godly given treasures.

The value of this flood dragon was not less than that of the couple.

“Haha, heaven really helps me. Haha, I declare that this flood dragon and everything on it belongs to the Qing Sha Clan,” Wei Chong arrogantly said.

He, after swiftly glancing the surrounding old beggar and the other people, directly disputed without any hesitation.

“Young man, retreat quickly and donate all the flood dragon’s blood you have, won’t you?” he strode to the lake, ran his internal qi, and hooted loudly.

The overbearing voice, like rolling thunder, reverberated above the lake.

At this moment, the finger-long wound on the flood dragon’s head began to heal, resulting in no more bleeding.

At the same time, Li Mu also noticed what happened on the shore.

“Ah? Give you the flood dragon blood?” he, looking at Wei Chong as if looking at an idiot and frowning, replied, “Scar face, who are you?”