Chapter 81 This is My Flood Dragon“I am an elder of the Qing Sha Clan, Wei Chong.”

Wei Chong introduced himself in a lordly manner.

“The Qing Sha Clan?” Li Mu waved his hand impatiently and said,”I haven’t heard of it.”

“Don’t be too arrogant young man, or you may not be able to afford the consequences.” Wei Chong grinned coldly and said, “Just get out of here. This flood dragon is mine. No one else is allowed to touch it.”

“Damn it,what nonsense.” Li Mu was very angry.”Do you have any shame old man?”

“You… You dare talk back to me? Wei Chong could not believe it.

What was his status? As long as he introduced himself in public, there would be many people who were frightened.

Now, he had actually been scolded by a junior?

“Cursing you is not a big deal. This flood dragon is a god beast that was raised by my Taibai County. Every night, I accompany him to exercise his muscles and bones, then train with him and have kept it for so many years. So he is willing to donate some of his blood to me… What kind of onion is your Qing Sha Clan? How dare you point at a deer and call it a horse. You call white black and black white. Look at your age, how can you be so shameless?”

Li Mu shouted out a rampant string of dirty words.

What he couldn’t stand for the most was this kind of person who suddenly jumped out and pretended to pick peaches.

“Go kill him for me.” Wei Chong was so angry that his whole body was shivering.

He did not feel the slightest bit of fighting spirit or supernatural power fluctuation from Li Mu, so he ordered his men to act instead of speaking more nonsense.

Zhou Kole ‘s face changed as she hurriedly said:”Wait a minute. Elder Wei, let me say something.”

“Oh, it’s Zhou from the Guardian of Rules. Ha ha, it seems that Ling Li from the Guardian of Rules has been seriously injuried. You should be healing your sweetheart, but you are still here. Do you want to compete with me for the merit?” Wei Chong had a false smile on his face.

He had actually discovered Zhou Kole and the fainted “Devil Heart”, Ling Li, before, but he deliberately pretended that he hadn’t seen them.

At this time, Wei Chong also pretended to have just discovered Zhou Kole.

“My cousin’s injuries are not something Elder Wei needs to worry about.” Zhou Kole had an indifferent look on her pure and beautiful face as she said: “This little brother helped me and my cousin before, showing kindness to our Qing Sha Clan. Please do not to be too fussy, elder Wei, and give him one more chance .”

“A friend of Zhou from the Guardian of Rules?” Wei Chong sneered, “Are you kidding me? You heard this little twerp insult the Qing Sha Clan. Anyone who speaks like that has to be held accountable for his words and deeds.”

“He who knows nothing is not guilty. My friend did not know anything about the Qing Sha Clan before,” Zhou Kole said again.

The old beggar on the side was thinking while rolling his eyes.

Why did it feel like this little lady was adding fuel to the flames every time she spoke?

“Any humiliation toward the Qing Sha Clan is unforgivable.” Wei Chong smiled coldly.

He didn’t mind using this opportunity to crack down on Zhou Kole’s faction.

What’s more, if this little twerp, who was an undaunted bastard, was really Zhou Kole ‘s friend, it will be even worse if he was allowed to stay here.

As for what Zhou Kole said just now, Wei Chong believed that saying this little bastard could help her and Ling Li was just an excuse.

How could a teenager who didn’t radiate any supernatural power or internal qi have the ability to do [Devil Heart] a favor?

Wei Chong was not a blind and proud person.

He had seen the surroundings roughly, and met the strong men like Zhou Kole, Ling Li, Bai Rushuang, and the middle-aged warlock in the air. To tell the truth, he preferred to believe that these strong men and the flood dragon had already been injured and defeated, with the little bastard coming out to benefit from it.

But why did Zhou Kole want to protect this little bastard?

Simply put, there was no telling how many young people had become obsessed with the beauty of “Fairy Face” Zhou Kole after seeing her. He believed that this little bastard was the same.


Wei Chong turned his head and sent out the order with a gloomy look on his face.

“Stop.” Another voice sounded out.

It turned out to be the middle-aged warlock in black clothes.

“Who are you? do you want to die?”

Wei Chong was growing angry because of all the people who kept interrupting and trying to stop him again and again.

The pale looking middle-aged man raised his hand, waved a yellow metal sign, and said, “This little brother is the Taibai County magistrate of the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty. He has official orders and is under the protection of the Great Qin Empire. He is also a candidate that was chosen by his Highness.”

Wei Chong’s face suddenly changed color.

He recognized the bright yellow brand. It was the dragon brand of the imperial family of the Western Qin Dynasty.

In the Western Qin Empire, those who held the Dragon medal were relatives of the emperor.

In recent years, although the power of the Jianghu clans had risen sharply, there was still some pressure to defy the imperial clan in public.

In the heart of Wei Chong, there was a trade-off in an instant.

Why would the imperial clan of the Western Qin Empire appear in such a remote small county?

Which clan from the Western Qinhuangs would it be?

If it really was the royal clan, then he should not offend them too badly.

Wei Chong turned his head around and looked at the clothing of the middle-aged warlock in black. In connection with the rumors about the royal family of the Western Qin Empire he recently heard, Wei Chong suddenly remembered something. He looked at the middle-aged warlock with a sarcastic smile and said, “Your Excellency was [Wind Gentleman] Wang Chen from the four gentlemen in the imperial capital?”

A bitter smile appeared on the middle-aged warlock’s face. He had been recognized by the other party. He could only nod and said, “Yes, that’s me.”

“Haha, the Highness who you mentioned was the third princess of the Western Qin Empire, Qin Zhen?” The sarcasm on Wei Chong’s face became more and more obvious.

“How reckless, you actually dare to say the princess’s name.” Wang Chen, the black-clothed warlock, shouted.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…” Wei Chong laughed in an unconcerned manner.

He had already made a decision in his mind.

“Who doesn’t know the situation in the Western Qin Empire? Qin Zhen, the third princess, was judged as being wicked by the Qin Emperor because of the hunt during the spring. Along with her mother’s son, Qin Zheng, she has been defeated and expelled from Qincheng, the capital of the country. Her situation is already very troublesome and she is having a hard time even protecting herself. Haha, the so-called Phoenix is not even as good as chicken. [Wind Gentleman] Wang Chen, as a counselor of Qin Zhen, you can’t pull back the storm, but you are still trying to show off here. I advise you to think about how to protect yourself first and stop worrying about those who have not been caught.

Looking at Wang Chen with cynicism and pity, Wei Chong’s original fear had completely disappeared.

A high-ranking prince might scare him a little.

But this prince had already become a useless child, so it was not worth mentioning at all.

Moreover, as far as Wei Chong knew, some secret messages had been received from the “Thorn Sound Group” of the Qing Sha Clan, so he was afraid that this little prince and his sister did not have much time left.

“You…” Wang Chen was angry in his heart, but he had no choice.

The Qing Sha Clan was a sixth-grade clan on the mainland of Shenzhou, so its sphere of influence was not limited to the territory of the Western Qin Empire. Strictly speaking, the Western Qin Empire could deter this clan, but could not control them.

If a tiger left the mountains and became trapped on the flat ground, then the dog could bully the tiger. A person could be bullied by the weak after losing power.

Even an elder from a sixth-grade clan now had no respect for the prince and princess.

Wang Chen was very worried about the status of Li Mu at the moment.

After the fierce fight against the flood dragon, he had been injured and bled a lot. There was a hole in his abdomen. The wound just reopened and started bleeding again. He was afraid that this young man not much strength left. In Wang Chen’s view, if the fight started again, the weakened Li Mu would no longer be able to escape the encirclement and suppression of Wei Chong and the Qing Sha Clan.

He very much hoped to save Li Mu.

But he also had to admit sadly that he did not seem to have the ability.

If he provoked Wei Chong and failed to save Li Mu, it was tantamount to making another strong enemy for the two Royal Highnesses who were already in a great amount of trouble.

What should he do?

Even a resourceful gentleman like [Wind Gentleman] had a hard time making a decision at this moment.

It was hard for a skillful woman to cook without rice. It was true that the situation of the two royal Highnesses was troubling and that their influence had been greatly damaged. It couldn’t be said that members run away when the family or situation falls. But it was almost the same. Many guests and diners had gone away. Any decision might cause great trouble for the two highnesses. So he had to be careful.

When he saw Wang Chen hesitating, Wei Chong sneered.

What about offending two small imperial families who had lost their power? This flood dragon was about to turn into a dragon. It was of great value and could never be abandoned.

“Come on, kill him,” Wei Chong looked at Li Mu, who was standing on the head of flood dragon, then smiled cruelly and said, “Don’t let him die too happily.”


Three masters from the Qing Sha Clan, shot forward at lightning speed to kill Li Mu.

Zhou Kole moved quickly in an attempt to intercept them.

But Wei Chong only sneered, then sent three more people from the Qing Sha Clan out to block her.

“You’d better not get involved.” Wei Chong put on a fake smile. With his muscles involved, the cross-shaped scar on his forehead was as ugly as the devil’s cracked mouth. He said, “If you want to get involved, I don’t mind lecturing such disobedient descendants.”

The voice was still in the air.


Three screams were heard.

A rain of blood began to fall in the middle of the air.

Six body parts fell down.

They were the three masters of the Qing Sha Clan who had taken action just a moment ago.

Three, previously living, top-ranked masters had become six mutilated body parts. They were already dead and had no chance of being saved.

The person who attacked was undoubtfully Li Mu.

“Well, this sword is still very useful.” Li Mu stood on top of the head of the flood dragon, which was in a semi-comatose state, while looking at the stone sword that he had just used to attack those three people in succession. He had not even gotten a drop of blood on him. It was really extraordinary. He sighed and said, “It’s too bad though, a knife would be better.”

He still preferred to use a knife.


Wei Chong stood there with his eyes wide open in shock.

Three top-ranked masters at the top of the Joint-thoughts level had been defeated in one move?

They were cut into pieces by this little bastard who had no internal qi or supernatural power fluctuations?

How could this be?

Just now… What exactly happened?

He had been threatening Zhou Kole at that time, so he had not been able to see what actually happened.

In his eyes, a weak person with heavy injury was confronting three top-ranked masters. It was as easy as turning over one’s hand.

Zhou Kole, the old beggar, and the others were also shocked.

However, if they looked closely, they would realize that Li Mu’s body had three new wounds from blades. Specifically, there was a cut-off sword inserted in his shoulder that was causing his blood to spurt out. In fact, it had not been as easy as he made it look.

“This little twerp is so cruel.”

Wei Chong, who was accustomed to bloody fights, was also shocked.

He had lived for a long time and was very experienced, so it only took a single glance for him to realize that Li Mu, when facing those three top-ranked masters just now, had not run from them, but fought with them to the death, and chopped off the heads of these three top-ranked masters.

“Ha-ha, what a low-level and foolish act. The masters around me are as numerous as clouds. How many can you actually kill?”

After a brief moment of shock, Wei Chong quickly calmed down.

“Everybody go… Ha-ha, doesn’t he like fighting to the death? Then strip off all his flesh for me. Hey hey, flesh that contains the flood dragon’s blood should taste delicious when roasted.”

Wei Chong licked his lips like a venomous snake.