Chapter 83 Is the Demon Spirit Kind?But in the next moment, the flood dragon completely submerged itself in the water.

Thus, something as enormous as a mountain had disappeared.

In the vacant space, the giant flood dragon’s overbearing breath gradually dissipated.


Wei Chong’s lungs were virtually bursting with anger.

It was because a great chance that was already within his grasp had instantly gone up in smoke because of one punch from Li Mu.

With things like this, it would be much more difficult to catch the flood dragon.

“Damn, he should die 10,000 times… he humiliated our Qing Sha Clan and caused us to lose the giant flood dragon… little bastard, I will make you beg for death.”

He looked at Li Mu while gritting his teeth so hard that they seemed like they might shatter.

As the cross-shaped scar on his head twisted, the murderous fury in Wei Chong’s eyes seemed to have taken on physical form.

Li Mu did not speak. Instead, he hooked his finger with a sarcastic look.

“Ah ah ah ah ah…”

Because of this, Wei Chong immediately became enraged.

Being ridiculed repeatedly by this unknown young man had caused him to completely lose his mind.

His internal qi was circulating in a crazy manner.

Wei Chong’s stalwart body jumped forward, causing the iron chain that was twined around his arms to tremble. With this, he regained control of the huge black hammer, which formed an arc in the air as it smashed towards Li Mu with an overwhelmingly forceful momentum.

“I will smash your body into pieces.”

He was on the verge of losing his mind.

“So fast!”

Li Mu, who was staring at the giant hammer, was frightened.

Was this the strength of a super-class master in the Zongshi Master Realm?

Although it did not possess the oppressive sensation presented by the giant flood dragon, his fighting skills were far more lethal.

He performed the body-lightening skill in an attempt to avoid this attack.

But as soon as he began to move, Li Mu felt a sudden pain in his waist that caused his aching knees and legs to become limp. Because he had suffered too much blood loss before, darkness consumed his vision. It was impossible for his achilles tendon to generate a sudden force, leading him unlikely to dodge and creamed secretly, “Unluckily.”

In a rush, Li Mu could only reach out with a single palm and directly accept the attack from this hammer!


There was a crisp sound of bones breaking, followed by Li Mu flying off in the opposite direction.

The palm that had been hit was badly mutilated. His left arm was incredibly painful and the whole arm had been fractured.

However, the more dangerous and more urgent the situation was, the more clearly his mind would be.

“This old boy is not weak.”

Li Mu was vaguely able to judge Wei Chong’s fighting capacity.

His figure fell out of the sky like a kite with a broken string.

“You will die.”

Following closely behind him, Wei Chong shook the iron chain, which moved as if it had eyes and continued advancing towards Li Mu, who had lost balance in the air.

No matter what else happened today, he wanted Li Mu to die.

Li M, who was unable to hide while still in the air, seemed to instantly be smashed into pieces.

At this very moment, the old beggar suddenly shouted.

A burst of air caused by the high-speed movement of his voice created a loud crack.

The night seemed to have been cut with a sharp blade.

Everyone sensed his figure in front of their eyes.

Even Li Mu, who was still in the air.

Look! A young and stubborn figure appeared in front of Li Mu.

“Ming Yue?”

His pupils instantly narrowed.

For a fraction of a second, Li Mu realized that this small and young figure in front of him was the little reading attendant, Ming Yue.

“How is that possible?”

“How can she possess such incredible speed?”

However, before he had time to think about any of this,

the huge hammer struck Ming Yue.


Then, blood sprayed from Ming Yue’s nose and mouth.

Her small body flew over and fell into Li Mu’s arms.

Li Mu’s mind was totally blank.

How could such a thing happen?

It was so sudden that Li Mu didn’t even notice the huge and powerful hammer strangely rebounding because of the quake.

“You, such a wicked girl… What are you doing?”

Li Mu became anxious.

With unexplainable power, he held Ming Yue, and his body moved off into the distance, over 100 meters away. After moving outside of the attack range of Wei Chong’s iron-chain hammer, he hurried to inspect the injury.

“Young Master, I… It hurts… Please help me… beat that bastard to death.” Mingyue, who was lying in Li Mu’s arms while spurting blood, spoke between weak breaths.

“Shut up.”

Li Mu shouted with his nearly empty mind.

Once hit by such a hammer, even he would very likely be smashed into pieces.

Excessive concern would be troublesome.

Li Mu was extremely panicked.

But he was quickly surprised when he discovered that there were no serious injuries on Ming Yue’s body. Not even a few bones had been broken. It was just a superficial injury on her skin. As for the spurting blood, it seemed to be caused by her slightly vibrating internal organs.

It was definitely a miracle.

Why did this happen?

“Young Master, I’m fine… You need to act quickly and kill that bastard,” Ming Yue said while twisting her body.

Li Mu was shocked.

“This tone… seems to be… her normal behavior?”

This wasn’t like Ming Yue in daily life, who was no longer a timid little girl , but a heartless, funny, and lovely kid.

“Old thing.”

Li Mu turned round and shouted.

He was quite angry.

“He is a shitty for the strongest man under the two moons and the two suns. He can’t even hold back a little girl.”

The old man rushed over with a guilty look, and explained embarrassedly, “Please listen to me first… This isn’t my fault. Her speed was too fast. After the flood dragon returned to the lake, the control field vanished and caused her breath to become thin. Thus, the demon spirit reoccupied her body. This demon spirit… is a little scary and I am unable to handle it…”

“Demon spirit?”

“Is this the demon spirit?”

“This timid appearance is Ming Yue’s natural look.”

“And this natural and funny character actually belongs to the demon spirit?”

Li Mu opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

“Shouldn’t the demon spirit be vicious?”

“But why had Ming Yue, after having her body repossessed by the demon spirit, not run away nor been redevoured, but boldly rushed over to save me… including the memories from my time in the county government with Ming Yue, in a demon spirit-affected state had never done anything evil.”

Li Mu felt that some of the inherent concepts in his mind were suddenly subverted at this moment.

“What on earth is the demon spirit?”

Li Mu shook his head.

“Take her and leave here, “Li Mu handed Ming Yue to the old beggar while also discreetly giving him a piece of solidified blood that was in his palm as he said, “The strongest master under the two moons and two sun doesn’t need to be shameful this time. Please be a little more reliable.”

Seeing the flood dragon’s blood, the old beggar’s eyes began to glow as he nodded in satisfaction and said, “Don’t worry. This time I will definitely display my real strength and take good care of this little girl.” As he replied, he couldn’t wait to receive the flood dragon’s blood and Ming Yue. Then, he held them up and hastily turned round to leave.

“None of you can leave.”

Like a raging lion, Wei Chong rushed forward to attack them.

“Little bastard, you have ruined my plan… I will let you watch as each of your acquaintances dies in front of you,” the elder master from the Qing Sha Clan was almost completely crazy as he furiously roared while activating the chain on his arms.

The giant hammer whistled.

The chain was shaking like a ferocious and venomous boa.

“Damn fool… All of my acquaintances. Heh heh, I know you too, so will you let yourself die in front of me?”

Li Mu spat out some blood and raised his hand directly, throwing the ancient stone sword out.

The ancient sword moved as quickly as a lightning bolt.

Wei Chong was shocked because he didn’t expect Li Mu to throw it.

His arms were shaking.

“Death Lotus Voetex!”

At this moment, the cold celestial iron chain that was wrapped around the arms began to twist, forming many layers in the shape of a vortex as it hovered towards the ancient stone sword.

Wei Chong wanted to use this method to hinder the ancient sword.

But, surprisingly, as the metals harshly grated, the sharpness and power contained in the ancient white sword, was far more than Wei Chong’s expected. It pierced through the spinning vortex formed by the cold chain almost instantly and fiercely slashed past Wei Chong’s neck.

Blood spewed out from the back of Wei Chong’s ear.

Then, a chillness shot up Wei Chong’s back.

If it had been even slightly closer, the sword would have pierced his head.

It was really dangerous.

However, Li Mu took the opportunity to retreat and once again stuck up his middle finger to ridicule him.

The blood rushed toward Wei Chong’s head and caused him to go absolutely crazy.

He had never been as angry as he was today.

A moment later, he began to revolve the giant hammer madly in an attempt to catch Li Mu.

At this moment, Li Mu recovered a bit of strength again. He then gasped as he performed the body-lightening skill and continued retreating.

At the crucial moment, compared with the Lightness Skill, the advantage of the body-lightening skill, in terms of escape, was displayed incisively and vividly.

As the hammer whistled towards him, Li Mu narrowly avoided the attacks from the giant hammer several times.

Other than that, he also made sure to incidentally mock Wei Chong again, continuing to use that gesture to stimulate and tease Wei Chong who was had basically gone berserk.

Gradually, Li Mu grasped Wei Chong’s attack rhythm.

The Xiantian Skill endowed Li Mu with uniquely sharp sensations and even a martial-art intuition which was close to prediction. Namely, after adapting to Wei Chong’s fighting skills and power, Li Mu could often foresee his attack rhythm and lines, so Li Mu needed to spend less effort.

He could even secretly use the Xiantian Skill to absorb the energy between heaven and earth and recover his strength by means of controlling his own breath.

At the same time, his strong physical healing ability enabled Li Mu’s injuries to coagulate, which caused him to stop bleeding.

After about half an hour of this, Li Mu surprisedly felt a kind of strange power spreading through his body.

It was the energy from the giant flood dragon’s blood.

After all, Li Mu had been drenched in the flood dragon’s blood, and he even accidentally swallowed a few mouthfuls of the blood.

At that time, he only felt his body becoming hot due to the sweet and hot blood, but the heat quickly dissipated without leaving behind any abnormalities. Hence, Li Mu had not cared too much.

But at this time, he didn’t know if it was because of the Xiantian Skill. This heat flow was like a flame that reappeared and became clear.

However, under this burning sensation, Li Mu felt that the strength of his body was recovering.

His evasion was getting easier and easier as well.

It had become more and more difficult for Wei Chong’s giant hammer to threaten Li Mu, who was as dexterous as a butterfly flying through flowers.

“Move, everyone gets over here… And stop him.”

Wei Chong’s eyes were red.

He violently ordered the other masters of the Qing Sha Clan to hold Li Mu back.

As a result, the surrounding figures dashed forward.

“Piss off.”

Li Mu shot out a punch.

A giant transparent punch was fantastically released from his fist.

His current state became much better than before. Although he still couldn’t directly defeat super-class masters of the Zongshi Master Realm like Wei Chong, he had an absolute advantage over first-class masters of the Joint-thoughts Level Realm.

His fists were overwhelmingly fierce.

A peak strong man in the Joint-thoughts level Realm, from the Qing Sha Clan, was hit dead on and defeated.

While the other masters of the Qing Sha Clan were retreating like a bunch of scared rabbits.

Thus, the situation seemed to have turned around.


“Eh? What is… this feeling…? It is so painful.”

Li Mu suddenly lost his countenance.

The burning feeling brought by the flood dragon’s blood suddenly became extremely overbearing and hot, as if it had begun to burn his soul through his skin and bones. Hence, the fierce pain almost caused Li Mu to faint and get hit by the giant hammer.

“What the hell?”

“Is the flood dragon’s blood… poisonous?”

As he Continued to dodge with the body-lightening skill, he set his teeth to support himself.

Nevertheless, the situation was getting worse.

The poison in the flood dragon’s blood seemed to be spreading.

Soon, Li Mu’s vision began to blur.

As if drunken, he blinked hard and rubbed his eyes with his hands, but gradually, everything he saw became double images.

“This is turning into trouble.”

Li Mu was groggy and realized that the situation was not good.

The old faker’s teaching immediately emerged in his mind.

If he couldn’t win the battle, he should run away.

Consequently, he fled deeper into the abyss as fast as lightning.