Chapter 84 Chasing and Fleeing“Where is he going?” Wei Chong saw that and then chased him.

He had lost his mind.

Due to the continuous ridicule of Li Mu, this elder master of the Qing Sha Clan, who had experienced ferocious fights numerous times like a mad bull teased by the red scarf, waved his iron chain and huge hammer as he frantically chased after Li Mu with red eyes.

These two figures, one after the other, entered into the vast mountains.

Around the pool, serenity gradually recovered.

The remaining dozen powerful men of the Qing Sha Clan faced each other with shocked looks.

Ultimately, one of them said something and then those people all chased in the direction from which Wei Chong vanished.

But at the time, no one noticed that the old beggar and the big yellow dog had taken Ming Yue to disappear, not knowing when or where they went.

After slightly hesitating, Zhou Kole, while holding Ling Li who was still in a coma, also start chasing.

So did the Tsing Yi middle-aged warlock.

Since he wanted to know whether Li Mu was dead or alive in the end.

If possible, he hoped to help Li Mu, even if furtively.

Finally, only Bai Rushuang and the blind Taoist were left beside the pool.

Of course, there was also a giant black crow.

As for the white-haired future leader of the Sirius Clan, Bai Rushuang, a strange light sparkled in his eyes, releasing a dangerous atmosphere, so no one could guess his thoughts. In the end, he also set off, leaping towards the direction in which Li Mu threw the sword.

He did so in order to get his sword back.

But the blind Taoist was foolishly sitting in his original place.

After a long time, he finally moved, but the wounds on his body were affected, causing them to begin bleeding again.

He struggled to pinch out a fingerprint to mobilize the Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth within a few hundred meters and turn it into supernatural power so he could mend his body.

At the same time, the huge black crow served as a Guardian of Rules.

From now on, beside the Pool of the Nine-dragons Fall, in this isolated and perilous place at the lakeside, there was a thatched cottage that seemed to be newly built, in which a blind Taoist, holding a bamboo staff in his hand, was waiting in the company of the huge black crow.

To kill the flood dragon!

This was his only thought.

It was because that giant flood dragon hid in the pool.

At dawn.

A red sun rose slowly from between the distant mountains.

A new day had come.


The huge rock was smashed by an enormous hammer.

Li Mu’s figure, like a frightened rabbit, rushed out from behind the rock and plunged deeper into the mountains.

“You can’t flee.”

With red eyes, Wei Chong gasped his large hammer and waved it, chasing after him coldly.

Such a situation had lasted for one night.

At the same time, as if he were poisoned, Li Mu felt dizzy and sleepy. Other than that, he also had a fever, with limited vision and thinking ability. Both the inside and outside of his body seemed as if they were being burnt by fire so fiercely that he had an illusion that he was in and incinerator. It felt as if he would be burned into ashes in the next second.

With what little remaining consciousness he had, he thought that he had been poisoned by the flood dragon.

To explain it using scientific theories from earth, the flood dragon’s blood seemed to be in conflict with his own blood, thus causing a rejection reaction.

“It is said that one who was been drenched in dragon blood can be invulnerable, isn’t it?”

A sense of grievance rose from his heart. He felt like an idiot who took a dose of bitter medicine.

Under such body condition, he definitely couldn’t battle with Wei Chong.

Therefore, all he could do was flee.

“Old thing, you want to kill me? Haha, just follow me and taste my farts.”

Not caring whether Wei Chong had heard that, he fled when ridiculing Wei Chong.

Even without knowing where the fucking courage was coming from, he was sure that he must lead Wei Chong into the vast and remote mountains. If he didn’t, it would be troublesome if the old thing came to Taibai County.

But Wei Chong didn’t disappoint Li Mu.

Even if his internal qi had been consumed by more than half, his anger became more violent, and he was madly chasing after Li Mu without thinking.

“Little bastard, I swear I’m going to catch up with you.”

Wei Chong was so furious that he seemed like a male baboon whose mate had been carried off for copulation.


With the instinct of his body, Li Mu had avoided his attacks numerous times while cursing at him without turning around..

“You aren’t a fucking beauty, why do you keep chasing me?”

“Really disgusting.”

“You better stop.”

“Are you a fool? Do you really think I will stop and let you kill me?”

“I will smash your body into pieces.”

“Can you think of another creative line? Do such powerful villains only use a few lines?”

“Ah ah ah, I am so furious.”

“You just said you are an old fellow, so don’t have such a violent temper. If the cerebral infraction, high blood pressure, breast prolapse, or other illness suddenly arises due to this, I would be quite happy.”

One was chasing while the other was fleeing.

In the silent Taibai Mountain, they had caused a general turmoil.

No one knew where those tens of first-class masters of the Qing Sha Clan had gone because they had completely lagged behind the two men.

Nor were the Tsing Yi middle-aged warlock and “Fairy Face”Zhou Kole in sight.


Peaks and rocks kept collapsing.

In the deep forest, as vast and green as an ocean, smoke and dust continued to soar towards the sky.

As of now, another day passed like this.

The night fell.


Li Mu was smashed by the giant hammer into the jungle in the distance, like a ball that was quaked out for dozens of meters.

“Little bastard, why don’t keep shouting, haha.”

Wei Chong gasped because his throat was snoring like a broken fan. He was so tired that his tongue was sticking out.

After all, the internal qi in his body had basically run out.

After the hammer hit Li Mu and caused him to fly out, Wei Chong bent over the ground and began to breath heavily, so as to accumulate his physical strength.

Later, after tens of breaths, Wei Chong dragged the huge hammer into the jungle, only to find that there were only a few faint bloodstains and several broken old trees that were as huge as round arms, but Li Mu was missing.

“Damn, is this little bastard made from iron and steel?”

Wei Chong was madly cursing and stamping his feet.

Since dusk today, that little bastard had become so frail that it was difficult for him to evade the hits from the celestial cold iron chain. After all, if the refined iron was continuously hit, it would become slag. However, it was this little bastard who was absolutely like an invulnerable monster, not only did he not die, but also managed to narrowly and incredibly flee every time.

“How odd!”

“I don’t believe I can’t catch that little bastard.”

Wei Chong, who was gasping and gritting his teeth, didn’t chase after him hastily.

Sitting there, he began to operate his Cultivation Method to adjust his internal qi and recover his strength.

Wei Chong was sophisticated and he was quite confident in his chasing skill, which indicated that he could keep up with Li Mu who couldn’t flee far in that condition.

One kilometer away,

Li Mu stumbled with one foot deep and the other shallow, instinctively rushing forward on the smoldering jungle humus over his ankles.

Though beaten by the hammer numerous times, he didn’t feel any pain…

This was because the burning feeling caused by the flood dragon’s blood became increasingly clear, horrible, and fierce, as if he were being burned by earth fire from the ninth-layer of hell. Consequently, he almost couldn’t tell if he really existed.

Thus, his speed became slower and slower.

So did his reactions.

After being smashed by the giant hammer again and again, Li Mu was able to hear the sound of his bones breaking, but there was no pain.

That really was a very strange feeling.

To be honest, he didn’t even know how many of his bones had been broken.

Or, had his bones been turned into powder?

Anyway, he stumbled and instinctively ran forward with one foot deep and the other shallow.

Then, running became walking.

Later, walking became creeping.

He, totally naked, crawled like a water snake in the sludge-like jungle humus, little by little…moving forward.

“Damn, am I dying?”

Li Mu lost his mind.

“Where is he? Where is he? What in the fucking hell?”

He was furious.

He found no trace of Li Mu.

All clues referred to this jungle and showed that Li Mu, after entering the forest, had radically fainted. That is to say, he was unlikely to have moved. However, no trace of Li Mu could be found.

It was as if Li Mu, upon entering the jungle, had suddenly melted into the air and vanished.

Even if he had been taken away by a beast or a bird, there would be some traces.

“Where is he?”

“Where the fuck is he?”

Wei Chong thought he had never been so indignant, wild, and irritable as on this day and night. He was just like an erupting volcano that was going to destroy everything.

Boom boom boom!

He waved the giant hammer, crushing the surrounding ancient trees, with bits of wood flying, mountains collapsing and stones cracking.

“Even if you are three feet in the ground or flying in the sky, I will find you… Little bastard, I,Wei Chong, swear to smash you into pieces or else I am not a man. ”

In the quiet Taibai Mountain forest was the echoing of the lost dog-like roar of Wei Chong .

After a long time, Li Mu gradually became sober.

Then, he felt himself seem to lie on a hard rock.

The roar of the waterfalls came into his ears.

“Where am I?”

After being slightly confused, Li Mu recalled what had happened before.

He instantly reacted out, then directly stood up with his two hands and opened his eyes to observe the surroundings.

As his sight recovered a little, he could faintly discern things.

It seemed that he was in a cave which was surrounded by rough stone walls with a natural texture. The light was dim and there was the glimmer of a fire.

“Are you awake?”

A loe and mafnetic male voice rose.

Shocked, Li Mu subconsciously wanted to jump up.

However, his body did not respond, as if it was disabled since he could not sense the existence of the limbs under the waist but could only lie on the ground passively and could not climb up at all.

“Don’t move, you are seriously injured.”

That male voice rang again.

Li Mu faintly felt that he had heard this voice somewhere before.

Soon, the light in the cave became brighter.

That was to say, someone had added several pieces of wood to the fire.

Then, a whiskered square face, with a smile, appeared in Li Mu’s sight.

“It’s you?”

Li Mu was still in shock.

He recognized him. This man was Yaya’s father.

The first time they met was the second day after Li Mu had just arrived on the planet. At the door of Taibai County, the man was dressed as a hunter, standing with his beautiful wife and calling Yaya to send three armeniaca sibirica over to him.

But the second time they met was in the Taibai County when the man and his wife were being hindered and teased by a noble Young Master, Li Bing, while Li Mu rushed to save them.

Li Mu had never thought that he would meet the man under these circumstances.

“Did.. did you save me?”

Li Mu asked in a hoarse voice.

This was the only possibility.

The whiskered and square-faced man nodded his head with a smile.

On this familiar and strange face, there was a calm temperament. Compared with the silent hunter in daily life, he seemed to be another person. Li Mu sensed a kind of momentum similar to a bloody battle with thousands of horses and troops from his demeanor.