Chapter 85 Recover“You saved me from Wei Chong, right?”

Li Mu tried hard to open his eyes, and his consciousness gradually became clear with some doubt.

He had already vaguely guessed that the man with a square face and whiskers and his astonishingly beautiful wife weren’t ordinary people.

“I just took you here before he found you.”

The man replied with a smile.

His smile made others feel that he was reliable and forthright and believe what he had said.

“Where am I?”

Li Mu was a little dizzy, and his physical condition made him nervous.

“Behind the Nine-dragons Fall, in the channel and cave,” the man smiled and raised his hands, patting Li Mu rhythmically and saying, “you can call me Guo Yuqing.” Each of his pats was charged with a warm flow that streamed in Li Mu’s body, comforting him.

“I am in the water curtain cave behind the Nine-dragons Fall?”

“I should be in this place.”

“No wonder I can hear the roar of the waterfalls.”

“Thank you.”

Li Mu thanked him.

Guo Yuqing?

He had never heard this name.

“Your wound is serious. Your spine and the bones of your lower limbs are almost completely shattered. You will need to take a few months to recover completely,” Guo Yuqing exhaled a long breath and said, “I have run out of internal qi to help you unchock the broken limbs.”

Li Mu nodded and understood.

Actually, this result was even better than he had imagined. Previously, he thought he might encounter a disaster in which his body would be smashed into flesh patties or be burned into ashes by the flood dragon’s blood.

As was expected, the poison of the flood dragon’s blood burst out, messing up his plans.

“The flood dragon blood was integrated into your body… You are really bold. After all, that flood dragon had cultivated itself here for 1000 years. It was constantly absorbing the essence of the sun and moon as well as swallowing the Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth. It is about to become a dragon, so his blood containes boundless energy. If an ordinary person was drenched in the flood dragon’s blood and even drank some by mistake, they would probably explode. But your body is quite special, you managed to do it.”

Guo Yuqing replied.

Li Mu was a little scared.

The flood dragon’ blood was far more horrible than he imagined.

When he recalled his actions from before, using the sword to cut off the flood dragon’s head was really reckless.

“Wei Chong from the Qing Sha Clan is hunting you, and I’m afraid that Bai Rushuang from the Sirius Clan won’t let you go, even including some monsters and demons… Under such conditions, you can’t go back to the county, so you have to stay in the cave and gradually cultivate. Everything can be settled after several months when you recover.” Guo Yuqing suggested.

“Two or three months?”

Li Mu frowned.

He could wait in fact, but Qing Feng and Ming Yue might face a lot of danger.

Li Mu knew the true face of those so-called Wulin people, especially Wei Chong, who might get pissed at others if not finding Li Mu. At that time, Qing Feng and Ming Yue would be the first to be injured. Even Ma Junwu, Feng Yuanxing, and the others might be affected.

Furthermore, in the county government prison, there was a group of Jianghu people. They were all time bombs, so there might be some trouble if he didn’t go back.

“As for other things, you don’t have to care about them since I will solve them for you,” Guo Yuqing seemed to have seen the thoughts in Li Mu’s heart.

“Predecessor, your identity is…” Li Mu asked.

Guo Yuqing replied, “A fugitive who is wandering around the world.”

What a loaded response!

On the earth, only those young artists who fussed without being ill would speak out these words faintly when they looked up from a 45 degree angle.

But Li Mu felt that this man was not exaggerating. Instead, it seemed like he was really helpless while expressing such feelings.

Behind this might be a sealed story about Jianghu.

Just judged from the fact that he could enter the cave in back of the Nine-dragons Fall water curtain, his martial art cultivation must be stronger than that of ordinary people.

Nevertheless, if he wasn’t willing to tell him, Li Mu wouldn’t bother to ask.

“It isn’t appropriate for you to have food under this situation. You just stay here and rest. I will find some medicinal herbs to help heal you. I will be back tomorrow morning,” Guo Yuqing stood up and added some dry firewood to the lateral bonfire, then said, “It’s very safe here, so you don’t have to worry about the people of the Qing Sha Clan coming here.”

After those words, he warned him again, then directly left.

Li Mu lay still on the ground where the hay was.

The heat flow patted into his body by Guo Yuqing just now was roaming in his limbs like an electric current.

This was the only feeling that Li Mu could perceive.

“No, I have to think of a way to recover on my own. There is no time to waste.”

Athough Li Mu felt Guo Yuqing was reliable, he still hoped to solve his problems by himself. After all, it was terrible to feel as if his fate depended on others.

Relying upon oneself is better than relying on others.

He tried to move his limbs, but he felt no response.

“I have nothing to use but the Xiantian Skill.”

As Li Mu silently lay on the ground, his breathing rhythm began to become smooth and long, then he put aside other trivial thoughts. Until his mind was united, he did not operate the Xiantian Skill.

Along with his breaths, the air flow among the rivers and mountains started to move quietly.

In the water curtain behind the waterfall, the Spiritual Qi should be richer than in the outside world. As Li Mu operated the Xiantian Skill more and more smoothly, he could feel that breathing through his mouth was like drinking delicious wine.

Gradually, the breath of Li Mu became heavier and longer.

Ultimately, he felt his breast upheaving.

The body’s senses seemed to be recovering little by little.

The heat flow given by Guo Yuqing before had totally disappeared.

Instead, it was replaced by the power of the Spiritual Qi inhaled in his body.

The flow of the Spiritual Qi, like a stream, was mellow and long, making Li Mu more comfortable and pleased than the heat flow patted into his body by Guo Yuqing.

When the heat flow of the Spiritual Qi moved, it, like invisible lines, was depicting his body anew. Meanwhile, only in this way could Li Mu make sure of his existence.



Two lines of white mist, like two flexible small white snakes, were stretching out and drawing back through his nostrils.

This only appeared on masters with powerful internal qi when they breathed.

Time passed, little by little.

After about two hours, sweat dripped from his forehead.

Later, he found that the previous burning feeling reappeared in his body.

It meant that the poison from the flood dragon’s blood shirking through his body had the horseshoe effect.

Li Mu tried his best to safeguard his mind and continue to run the Xiantian Skill.

A fantastic event happened.

At the time, the internal qi inhaled in his body was no more the a warm flow, but had become cool like autumn water, circling in his body, which indicated it had suppressed that baking-hot poison from the flood dragon’s blood.

After several breaths, mouthfuls of the Spiritual Qi went into his body.

As if flowing water had put out the fervent fire, the poison in Li Mu’s body gradually couldn’t be perceived.

Consequently, time passed by in such silent cultivation.

About one hour later,

Li Mu’s body totally regained sensation.

Then, he slowly moved his limbs and sat on the ground with the help of his arms.

However, as the limbs moved, he felt a fierce ache.

It seemed that the broken bones in his body were cracked again.

Seeing this, Li Mu took a deep breath.

Actually, his legs, feet, arms, and even his palms had been deformed. They were bent at various shocking angles, which seemed similar to polio or hypoplasia. In addition, the skin of his body was blurry, fleshy, and full of blood scars.

It was because of his movements that some of the scarred blood wounds cracked again and began bleeding.

Hence, he seemed to have radically become a monster that was undergrown with weird hands and feet.

This sight shocked Li Mu a bit.

But he wasn’t hopeless.

For a long time, a very strange and contradictory factor had been in Li Mu’s character.

Usually, he was cowardly and obsene, feared death, pain, and danger, and didn’t want to cause trouble. However, once he was trapped in a desperate situation and faced hardship, he would become calmer, more forthright, and more determined than average men.

In this situation, he became cool and calm as if his courage was stimulated deep inside his heart.

He gritted his teeth, moved his legs, and sat down on the knees.

In this process, he acted quite slowly.

However, the broken bones that had been recovered a little still hadn’t grown back completely by the formidable curing force were again cracked due to Li Mu’s action. At the same time, the blood scars on his skin also burst apart. Hence, he felt overwhelmingly aching, as if cut by a knife.

Then, the blood ran down his legs, drenching the hay under Li Mu.

However, Li Mu fought back against the sharp pain while sitting on his knees entirely.

He then operated the Xiantian Skill once again.

Inhaling and exhaling.

The mystery of the Xiantian Skill was once again manifested fully and vividly.

Following Li Mu’s breaths, the pain of his body faded away like the tide…

Thus, a feeling as cool as delicious wine drenched the body, engulfed his whole body again.

Time passed.

In an instant, another hour passed by.

Like a statue, Li Mu quietly sat on the original ground on his knees.

The blood below his body had been solidified and dried.

The scarred blood wounds on the body surface gradually cured, and even began to digenerate and fall off to an incredible extent. Hence, a bright red and newly born skin appeared below.

It was definitely a miracle.

Since the injury might need several months to be healed to such a degree if happening on the super-class martial people with strong vitality, Li Mu just spent over one hour healing himself.

The Xiantian Skill quite matched the Cultivation Method of celestial beings.

Li Mu then opened his eyes.

He lowered his head to observe his body condition, then slowly nodded with a smile in his eyes.

His judgment turned out to be true.

It was because such a serious injury could certainly be healed.

Besides, he felt the power in his body was recovering.