Chapter 87 Elder Brother GuoShocked by the speed of Li Mu’s recovery which was similar to that of an immortal, Guo Yuqing did not want to ask more about it, though.

“Little brother, you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever seen,” praised he.

Li Mu smiled and said, “Thank you, predecessor, you flattered me.”

Li Mu showed great respect for Guo Yuqing.

But Guo Yuqing did not think that he had saved Li Mu, and just claimed lightly that ‘I just took Li Mu away before Wei Chong discovered him.’ But Li Mu did not believe that things were so simple.

Apart from anything else, Li Mu was chased badly by Wei Chong and scampered away blindly into the depth of the Taibai Mountain, where it was an untraversed virgin forest with high mountains and precipitous terrain. Fierce beasts usually haunted there, and miasma rose from the marshes everywhere. An ordinary warrior did not dare to enter it. So on this basis alone, even if Guo Yuqing happened to save Li Mu, it was a terrific kindness.

Besides, hunted down by Wei Chong, such a first-class master, he was still able to take Li Mu away without being detected by him. Such an ability was astonishing indeed.

After all, Wei Chong was listed among the super-class masters in the peak of the Zongshi Master Realm.

More importantly, Li Mu faintly felt that Guo Yuqing did not happen to have met him, instead, he came to save him on purpose.

As Li Mu was thinking about it, his stomach growled embarrassingly.

His face blushed instantly.

Guo Yuqing smiled and said, “I thought you need some time to recover. See what you were yesterday, you even could not eat anything. So I just bring some simple liquid food to you…” As he said, he took a red-painted jar out from a waterproof pack made of animal skin.

Take the cover off, and a heavy scent of medicine wafted from the jar.

Smelling it, Li Mu could not help but drool.

“Take some medicine porridge first. It was cooked by my wife yesterday. Although you’ve recovered, medicine porridge is good to fuel Qi and blood to you, because you’ve lost too much blood,” Guo Yuqing smiled and gave the red-painted jar to him.

“Thank you, predecessor,” Li Mu replied plainly, received the jar with his hands, and shoveled the food into his mouth.


It was hot!

He grimaced in pain.

But this pain appeared insignificant when compared with battering the bones of the whole body. Li Mu was so hungry that he swallowed a mouthful of the food, just like the adorable girl, Ming Yue, who had starved for three days and nights.

“Haha, little brother, there is no need to be so over-courteous. I am several years older than you. If you don’t mind, you can call me Elder Brother Guo,” Guo Yuqing gave a gracious laugh, revealing a kind of straightforward and heroic temperament as from the prairie.

“Thank you, Elder Brother Guo.”

Li Mu did not show too much courtesy.

Guo Yuqing laughed happily.

Not knowing why, he felt he was on the same wavelength with the young county magistrate.

From Li Mu, Guo Yuqing seemed to see like-minded figures and recall the days when they galloped on the armoured horses with shining spears in the prairie.

Those figures were the men who used to treat each other with all sincerity, share weal and woe, drink, and bleed together.

But it was a pity that nowadays, the things were still there, but men were no more the same ones.

Among those old friends today, some had parted company and become enemies, while some had returned to the embrace of the Longevity Heaven, turning into the stars in the sky, and could never meet again this life.

Some temperament of Li Mu made Guo Yuqing feel familiar.

He laughed and stood up, saying, “Brother, take your time. I’ll come back later.”

After saying the words, he strode to the depths of the cave on the riverbed.

Li Mu was curious about it but did not follow him. Instead, he took gulps of the medicine porridge.

Perhaps because Li Mu was too hungry, he thought the medicine porridge was unprecedentedly delicious and finished it up neatly and quickly, even licked up the mouth of the jar.


Li Mu could feel a strong medicine power like a heat flow spread in his stomach and poured into all of his limbs and bones. Every cell all over his body seemed to be giving a comfortable groan.

At that moment, he did not know how precious the jar of medicine porridge was.

If it was put in the Jianghu, numerous people would be hungry for a jar of this medicine porridge cooked by Liu Zhiyuan, the Virgin Goddess of the outer court of Wendao Academy at all costs, and even fight against each other furiously for the medicine porridge.

A moment later.

Here came the sound of footsteps behind.

Guo Yuqing was wet all over and came from the depths of the cave, dragging two weird big fish.

“Good luck today. I’ve caught two eyeless fish.”

Li Mu took a closer look and found that each of the two big fish had more than 20 tentacles on the corners of their mouth, each tentacle as long as over one meter. Their fins were relatively strong. They were white with no scale at all. Most importantly, they did not have eyes. No wonder that they were called eyeless fish.

Guo Yuqing dealt with the big fish skillfully by the tools in the pack. He cut off the fish into delicate slices, skewered the flesh, sprinkled them with condiments, and roasted on the fire.

A warm family man.

Li Mu evaluated him inwardly.

“Eyeless fish is a special species in the antiquity times, which can swim underground and never see the sun all over its life. It contains abundant Spiritual Qi of geographical veins. It is a sacred product that enhances cultivation, heals injury and nourishes Qi. It tastes delicious and is rarely seen. It is recorded by the most powerful author in the collection ‘Bizarre Species in the Universe’. In the vast Taibai Mountain, this precious product only exists in the dark river in the Nine-dragons Fall…”

Guo Yuqing explained while roasting and smiling.

Li Mu sniffed the smell of the grilled fish and kept swallowing saliva. He said, “So amazing! Haha. Elder Brother Guo’s words make me drooling. It seems that I can have a good meal today.”

Guo Yuqing talked with ease and fluency, and many mysterious and unfamiliar allusions were poured out from his mouth, as if he had had his words at hand. He was like a knowledgeable and sophisticated wise man, who made Li Mu surprised a lot inwardly.

Elder Brother Guo had not only unfathomable cultivation of martial art but also profound knowledge. It was sure to say that he was the most amazing and inscrutable person that Li Mu had ever met since he had come to the world.

In fact, Liu Mu had just met Elder Brother Guo twice.

But in many cases, when a person’s bearing, temperament and charm came to a certain extent, it was unnecessary to take too many meetings and communications to demonstrate his features thoroughly, but just only a meeting or even a few seconds could give them to a full play.

Li Mu made some comparisons in his heart.

Among all the powerful persons he knew, no matter the knowledgable Feng Yuanxing, Wei Chong—the Elder of Qing Sha Clan, the talented little Qing Feng, or any other figure that he knew or met, they were a hundred thousand miles behind compared to Elder Brother Guo.

So what was Elder Brother Guo’s origin?

Li Mu was very curious but did not ask.

Soon, the grilled fish was roasted with overflowing smell.

Li Mu did not decline the preference, but instead, he took the roasted fish from Guo Yuqing and glutted himself with delicacies.

Not until Li Mu devoured a whole fish did he feel that the hunger disappeared a bit in his stomach.

“Brother Mu, I see your body is strange. Your recovery ability is amazing, and your power is huge. But you do not cultivate any internal qi. Why?” Guo Yuqing asked.

With some communications, the distance between them became closer.

Guo Yuqing had not intended to ask Li Mu’s secrets, but at that moment, he was thinking over cultivating Li Mu, hoping to help Li Mu once more. After all, to cultivate body but not qi was not a way to become a superior warrior. Therefore, Guo Yuqing wanted to know something about Li Mu.

Li Mu showed no hesitation and replied, “To tell you the truth, Elder Brother Guo, I am not unwilling to cultivate my qi, but because of my special body constitution, I can’t do that. I once looked into several books about practicing qi. Even though I knew the ultimacy in them and tried to practice, I still couldn’t feel qi in me.”

“Oh? Is there such a thing?” Guo Yuqing was extremely surprised.

He was experienced and knowledgeable, having an understanding of the cultivation methods of each martial art sect in the world, but he had never encountered such strange things as it happened on Li Mu.

“If Brother Mu doesn’t mind, could I check for you?” Guo Yuqing pondered for a while and continued to say, “I knew something about Chinese medicine. Perhaps I can find the crux for you.”

Li Mu knew that Guo Yuqing was showing kindness.

And he seemed to be persuaded a bit inwardly.

All the time, Li Mu was plagued by the crux and was unable to cultivate internal qi.

In particular, the old faker once said, the internal power was more powerful and significant than physical power, which impressed Li Mu deeply.

Guo Yuqing had an extraordinary origin and profound knowledge. Although he said he just knew something about Chinese medicine, it was his modest comment. Perhaps Guo Yuying could be listed as a master in Chinese medicine. Maybe he could find the crux and solve the problem.

“Thank you, Elder Brother Guo.”

Li Mu did not hesitate at all and stretched out his arm.

Guo Yuqing laughed and pressed his fingers on the pulse of Li Mu’s right wrist.

Soon, a shocked expression took on Guo Yuqing’s face, and he said, “What valiant blood and qi in your body, like a vast sea. Your pulse is so heavy, tough and powerful. I’ve never felt that before…” Then, his five fingers began beating on Li Mu’s pulse alternately with a strange rhythm.

With Guo Yuqing’s beats, Li Mu felt continuous airflow merged into his own pulse and ran through his meridians.


Bong! Bong!

Li Mu’s heart throbbed heavily.

Its sound was like a heavenly drum beating in the cave. It was totally unlike the sound of a creature’s heartbeat.

The shocked expression increased on Guo Yuqing’s face.


Suddenly, his fingers shook and bounced back directly. And he could not place them on Li Mu’s pulse again.

“This… I have never seen it before.”

Guo Yuqing’s eyes gleamed brightly.

“Brother Mu, aren’t you an immortal descending from the Heaven?” He asked incredulously, “If I hadn’t healed the wound for you yesterday when you’re in a coma and knew that you have a human body, and now you’re sitting in front of me lively, I would think that I am feeling a giant dragon’s pulse if I close my eyes.”

Words of “descending from the Heaven” did astonish Li Mu in his heart.

Guo Yuqing really boasted masterly medical skills.

Li Mu did fall from the sky.

But as for these secrets, including “Xiantian Skill” and “Zhenwu Boxing”, Li Mu could not reveal any of them, of course.

“Elder Brother Guo, is there a solution? Can I practice qi?” Li Mu could hardly wait to ask.

“The method is not unavailable, but is very difficult.” Guo Yuqing mused and spoke slowly.