They immediately sent lots of soldiers and agents to detain and secure him. Honestly, the government was feeling happy he was in Russia, because if they could detain and interrogate him themselves, they might be able to learn the method by which he stole the money from all over the world, and that would benefit them in lots of different fields.

As they arrived at the hotel, they straight away went to the room of the paralyzed CEO.

But after they finally went inside, they saw the room was completely empty with no traces of the CEO from the US there.

Still not giving up, they checked every camera at the hotel or outside, but to their dismay, absolutely nothing was recorded on them, it was like he had melted away in the room.

After that, they started searching for him very intensely all around the country, while other countries were searching for him in their own countries.

But after that, no one found or saw that CEO again, that room was the last place he was ever seen.

This made the world very anxious because, with the CEO from the US missing, it meant their money could still be stolen from them by him.

So they started searching for him even more intensely because he was like a threat to everyone in the world.

Some said a person who could steal from the whole world probably had genius ways to flee and never get caught, while some said Russia already had that person, but they were probably interrogating him while trying to learn his methods of stealing, so they might benefit from it.

All in all, now the world believed that the money was really stolen by him, and the fact that there were lots of pieces of clear evidence proved he was truly the person behind this case.

Now, almost every country put his name on the top of their wanted list and naturally, he became known as one of the worst criminals alive in the world, as his name would definitely go down on the history as one of the trashiest people just like Virus had stated.

But obviously, no one saw him ever again, leading him to be one of those mysteries never to be solved.

At least now, everyone's suspicions on the Virus Industries were gone as they realized that the Virus Industries were the good guys from the beginning.

They saw them as a company who was only trying it's best to prove its innocence, and like this, their sales skyrocketed as everyone was buying their phones.



After they had left the hotel quietly, Virus was done with Russia for now, so he decided to go back to America.

And thirteen hours later they were at 4 Times Square again.

Meanwhile, the Legal ugly had left while Virus had asked the CEO ugly to remain as he had orders to pass over.

The golden beauty too was present beside her master sitting at her usual spot, at that left side of her master on the couch.

"Okay, now that the phone industry is dealt with, let's enter some other industries. But before that, about the Automotive Industry, note that I'm going to send you a few more advanced blueprints of some cars and some other motor vehicles. In conclusion, remember that I'm going to speed up the process of dominating the economic world from now on." Virus stated calmly.

Virus continued, "But if we are going to enter more industries all at once we need lots of capital, so our first one industry we enter should be a field that would grant us with lots of profit and solve the problem of capital immediately."

"And for that, we need something that everyone would buy, something that everyone is forced to buy to be exact." Virus said, but as the CEO ugly saw his eyes at this moment, he didn't know why, but he could feel some cruelty in them.

"Okay, the industry we're going to enter is ... "



Virus was sitting on his couch alone as he thought, 'Uhh, it's not entertaining enough to play with those monkeys anymore... I mean, what's the fun in playing them when they have lost everything, they are already at the bottom... it just feels like a waste of my time.'



Some of them had already regretted what they had done, while most of them were still gritting their teeth in hate.

Among those CEOs who was regretting and despairing at their decision of going against the Virus Industries, some were recovering from their despair, but the more they realized the situation they're in, the more they realized they had nothing to lose anymore, so some of them even started planning to harm the Virus Industries in any way they could, small or big.

Some of those who were hating the Virus Industries to their bones had already taken some actions to start dealing some small damages to the Virus Industries. Alas, they didn't know Virus was watching all this through the eyes of the flies around them, and seeing their petty actions of trying to deal very small damages that wouldn't be even noticed by him, he was kind of disappointed with the CEOs.

So he started feeling like it was boring to play with them now, like it was a big waste of his time to even pay some of his attention to them anymore, it was like being distracted with some small matters which were only a nuisance, thus he decided to stop playing with them completely.

If the imprisoned CEOs knew what Virus was thinking at the moment and the decision he had reached at, it could only be imagined how hurt they would be and how their already full of hate minds and hearts would probably start loathing him to insanity.

At the moment, some of the CEOs were at their cells while some of them were at the other parts of their jails, like meeting their family, etc.

One of them was even meeting someone who was the last of his remaining connections, that CEO was talking to him about how to deal some damage to the Virus Industries.

The intense hate in his eyes was very clear as he was explaining to the other person of what exactly he wanted to be done "So I want you to ..."

It was at this moment that the flies that were flying around each of the CEOs suddenly sat on their necks, hands, or other areas of their bodies as they stung.

But oddly, none of the CEOs felt any pain, they didn't even feel the fly sitting on their body for that moment.