Chapter 10: Let’s Have A Good Discussion (1)

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Dummy Xia curled her lips. “Ah… and?”

She was the typical adorkable type and little did she know that her words had elicited more hatred than Sheng Yize’s “be my guest.” Jian Xin’er only glared at her with teary eyes. “I’ll remember what you said! Hmph!”

She glanced at Sheng Yize and put on a sorrowful face as she climbed back over the railing, then cried as she ran down the stairs.

An Xiaxia was speechless while Sheng Yize sneered.

It was a quiet but sarcastic chuckle and An Xiaxia couldn’t tell if he was laughing at Jian Xin’er or herself. Hence, she glared at him and mocked, “You really are as horrible as the internet says… I can’t believe you would treat your fans like this! Would it please you if she had really jumped?”

He’s indeed a bastard!

An Xiaxia reassured herself in her head, but when she saw where he was standing, she was dumbfounded.

When no one was looking, he had already moved over to the edge of the rooftop and was ready to run if he had to.

He was probably sure that Jian Xin’er wouldn’t jump, but should anything unexpected happened, where he was currently standing was close enough to go save her!

He seems… to be not as heartless as he appears…

An Xiaxia was stupefied. As an anti-fan, she would rather believe that Sheng Yize was a heartless bastard than discover that he actually had a side like this that no one knew about.

Sheng Yize curled the corners of his lips. “I see you believe just about any random rumor and have defined me as such a vicious creature based on those superficial things. Are you happy now?”

Embarrassed, An Xiaxia wanted to explain, but Sheng Yize was already going down the stairs unhurriedly with one hand in his pocket.

Standing there in the wind, she was utterly confused and overwhelmed by guilt.

When she finally came to herself, she suddenly realized that she had to clean this huge rooftop all by herself!

After sweeping the rooftop alone, An Xiaxia was so tired that she was practically paralyzed and Kang Jian had to drag her out of the school gates.

Kang Jian retrieved his bike and pedaled towards her house with her on the bike.

An Xiaxia took out her phone and happily opened up Weibo. After playing around on it for a short while, her phone suddenly vibrated. She then clicked the notification, which was a message from a house rental app.

Her home was in a decent location. Papa An had opened a coffee shop on the first floor, the family lived on the second, and they planned to rent out the third floor. Hence, An Xiaxia had put up an ad online.

She didn’t think renting out a whole floor would be easy, but the person who sent her the message was surprisingly straightforward. After asking if the place was soundproof and requesting a couple of pictures, they sent half a year’s deposit directly to An Xiaxia’s account, and said they would be moving in the week after.

An Xiaxia stared dumbly at the large amount of money in her bank account and pinched Kang Jian’s waist. Kang Jian cried out in pain. “What are you doing?”

“Haha, the third floor of my house has been rented out and the deposit was just paid. This is such great news! You’re buying me dinner!”

Kang Jian asked in frustration, “Why aren’t you treating me to dinner?”

“Why would I? Shouldn’t you be the one to congratulate me?”

Kang Jian wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. He knew he couldn’t beat An Xiaxia when it came to bickering and he could only accept the bullying.

The duo were eating meat skewers near her home happily when An Xiaxia’s phone vibrated again. She checked it and turned morbid.

The message only contained three words: “Pay me back.”

The attached picture was a receipt for the Porsche’s repairs and insurance claim.

An Xiaxia counted the number of zeros with a shaky finger and the meat skewer in her hand fell to the ground with a thud.

The sender… couldn’t possibly be Sheng Yize!

He actually still remembered her! Ahhh!