Chapter 102: Stage Photo and Rong Che (2)

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The unwritten rule in showbiz: artists with a higher status got to make the first move in an event.

Starry Night used to trump Rong Che in popularity. However, they had hardly participated in any events lately, which meant they had had little exposure. Despite their numerous loyal fans, they were no match for Rong Che’s popularity which was peaking now.

Sheng Yize kept his face expressionless, He Jiayu frowned, and Chi Yuanfeng’s face was as dark as those circles under his eyes.

That was outrageous!

Rong Che had the smile of the breeze on a moonlit night. “That’s alright. It’s not a big deal who goes in first, right?”

While the Starry Night trio showed no attempt to answer, An Xiaxia was completely swooning and nodded happily without stopping.

Sheng Yize felt his temple throb at her reaction.

That little idiot!

Rong Che seemed to notice An Xiaxia as well and was intrigued. “And this is…”

His manager whispered, “We don’t have anything on this girl. Maybe she’s some new talent our company is working on these days…”

Hearing herself mentioned by her idol, An Xiaxia introduced herself excitedly. “M–my name is An Xiaxia and I’m your f–” Before she could say the word “fan,” Sheng Yize covered her mouth and dragged her back.

Seeing this, He Jiayu realized that Sheng Yize couldn’t be bothered haggling with Rong Che over this and fell back, dragging Chi Yuanfeng with him. He then smiled mildly. “After you, Senior.”

Rong Che had started in showbiz earlier than them and addressing him as “senior” wasn’t unreasonable.

Rong Che’s manager snorted contemptuously and gave them a scornful look.

Rong Che smiled and was going to gracefully enter the building.

A cold female voice stopped him. “Oh my, since when did my boys have to make way for you?”

Rong Che paused, looked back, and saw Lu Ke charging at them in her red 8-cm high heels.

Rong Che’s manager’s face darkened. Everyone in the company knew Lu Ke as the she-wolf. Nothing good happened with her around!

“Hello, Sis Ke,” smiled Rong Che. “Since Sis Ke has said so, I think you should go in first. After all, you’re all young and with great potential. I never cared about these things.”

With that, he made himself the perfect innocent party, while implicitly criticizing Starry Night for not following the rules and acting frivolously.

Lu Ke was no angel herself and sneered at this right away. “Men ought to do things the open and straightforward way. What’s with all this innuendo? After all that maneuvering, someone still came back empty-handed. By the way, I heard Rong Che missed quite a few awards in the Golden Melody Awards this time. Such a pity.”

Rong Che’s perfect smile cracked a little at this.

This woman was indeed holding a grudge for what happened back then.

However, the image the company had crafted for him now was of an elegant prince and it was inappropriate for him to lose his temper here. While he maintained the smile on his face, he cursed Lu Ke’s entire family in his head.

An Xiaxia was overwhelmed with so much joy at seeing her idol that she was almost drooling over the ground. Sheng Yize’s face darkened. “An Xiaxia, do you know you look like a dog eyeing its meat?”

“Hohoho…” An Xiaxia kept snickering.

“We should go in now!” reminded He Jiayu.

An Xiaxia smiled her goofy smile as she moved forward. She kept looking back at Rong Che’s handsome face with her fangirl silly look.

However, none of the Starry Night members had moved, nor had Rong Che. Hence, An Xiaxia hilariously became the first to go in…

He Jiayu stared in embarrassment, Chi Yuanfeng looked dumbfounded, Rong Che and his manager watched this in utter disbelief, while Sis Ke’s face was as colorful as a painted canvas.

Sheng Yize was the only exception. His lips curled in a smile and he walked in as he followed An Xiaxia.