Chapter 103: Stage Photo and Rong Che (3)

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A budding war was ended by An Xiaxia’s blunder.

When Starry Night was out of earshot, Rong Che clenched his teeth in bitter hatred. “Find out who on earth that girl was!”

In the studio.

While Sheng Yize and the other two went to change their clothes, An Xiaxia looked around curiously at the setting.

Wow… there was even a xianxia -styled scene. This TV drama seemed to have a huge budget…

Lu Ke glanced at her and furrowed her brow. “Who are you and why are you with Yize and the others?”

An Xiaxia introduced herself right away. “Hello, I’m his classmate and his junior assistant…”

Lu Ke looked as if she had heard the most ludicrous joke. “He’s so… it’s like all my advice falls on deaf ears!”

Lu Ke might be pissed off, but she still reminded An Xiaxia of a few matters that needed attention, indicating that she had given her position as junior assistant tacit consent.

“Go buy everyone some coffee,” ordered Lu Ke in passing. “Oh, take this card.”

“Yes!” An Xiaxia took the card and went to get the coffee in high spirits.

Lu Ke darted her an indescribable look and went to the dressing room.

Sheng Yize and the other two had all changed into ancient-style clothes and were in the process of putting on makeup. Seeing her come in, Chi Yuanfeng greeted her with a grin. “Sis Ke, Sis Ke, I thought you were pretty enough, but how can you look even more amazing today?”

All women loved flattery and the she-wolf Lu Ke was no exception. She curled her lips briefly before putting her straight face back on. “Fengfeng, your sweet talk won’t make me forget about your video games! Just look at your face! Is that how you want others to see you? I won’t go easy on you next time!”

Chi Yuanfeng cleared his throat and dared not utter another word.

Lu Ke then went up to Sheng Yize and said in a serious tone, “Yize, I know you don’t give a damn about this business, but you’re not on your own now. I hope you won’t destroy the group with your own affairs!”

Sheng Yize said calmly, “I know what I’m doing.”


Lu Ke then talked about a bunch of showbiz affairs before a sudden commotion broke outside.

“Hey, you stupid woman, I asked for lemon water. Why did you put honey in it? Can you take the responsibility if my Fanxing gains weight?” a shrill female voice scolded harshly.

Lu Ke said impatiently, “Li Fanxing’s manager is making a scene again, isn’t she? She’s so annoying — some third-rate starlet acting like the real deal.”

None of them thought much of it, but a sweet female voice then replied timidly, “Sorry, I’ll go buy another one.”

Outside the door.

An Xiaxia had just bought coffee for the crew and thought she could take a break when this pretty big sister caught her and ordered her bluntly to buy some lemon water.

Then she told An Xiaxia she had gotten it wrong…

Sigh ! An Xiaxia wished she had asked beforehand. She now had to go buy another one!

After coming back with another cup, the pretty big sister looked up briefly and said, “Oh, our Fanxing doesn’t want it any more. Go get a sparkling water from the supermarket!”

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. This studio was so remote that the nearest supermarket was over an hour away!

She rubbed her head and couldn’t decide whether or not to go.

After all, that attitude was… so obnoxious. And she wasn’t even her assistant!

Just then, a beautiful and graceful voice rang out. “Qiqi, I have a bottle here. How about giving it to Fanxing?”

An Xiaxia turned toward the voice involuntarily and turned as red as a boiled shrimp!

Aaah! Holy crap! It was Rong Che!