Chapter 104: Stage Photo and Rong Che (4)

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The manager named Qiqi was taken aback by those words. She was picking on An Xiaxia because she was new and a perfect target to bully. Never did Qiqi expect to see Rong Che helping the newbie out!

If her Li Fanxing was a third-rate actress, Rong Che was doubtlessly a first-rate star!

She immediately put on an amiable face. “In that case, please accept my gratitude on behalf of Fanxing.”

Rong Che smiled his breezy smile. “It’s my pleasure.”

Qiqi took the water from Rong Che with quivering hands and fled the scene.

An Xiaxia looked up at Rong Che with pink hearts flying out of her eyes.

An hour ago, she had thought Rong Che was some unattainable idol living in her dreams only!

An hour later, Rong Che was standing right in front of her now and had actually helped her out!

Waah! What now! She was so excited that words had completely failed her!

Rong Che smiled at her. It was then that An Xiaxia finally noticed that he had changed into an ancient-style costume. His long wig hung gracefully over his shoulder and he had put on a little makeup. The overall effect indeed gave him the look of a banished immortal descending to earth and someone too elegant to belong to this mortal world.

An Xiaxia swallowed loudly as she stared at Rong Che’s face. “Thank you…”

Rong Che smiled mildly, “Sure. Feel free to come to me if you need any help.”

An Xiaxia was over the moon!

See that? Her idol was amazing! He was so much nicer than that bastard Sheng Yize! He was so handsome but so approachable!

“Um… I’m your fan… I– I…” An Xiaxia stammered with flushed cheeks. However, she was unable to form a coherent sentence.

Rong Che seemed to read her mind, asking, “Do you want my autograph?”

Huh? Of course! An Xiaxia nodded repeatedly.

She fumbled a small notebook out of her backpack which Rong Che signed elegantly. He then threw out an even more alluring proposition. “Shall we take a picture together?”

Lub-dub-lub-dub —

An Xiaxia thought she was going to pass out from euphoria.

She took out her phone and woke the screensaver up. Rong Che stole a glance at her phone and saw that the screensaver contained nothing but his photos.

Hoho… so she really was a fan of his!

An Xiaxia was much shorter than Rong Che and a selfie couldn’t catch both of their faces in the frame. Rong Che demonstrated how considerate he was at this moment — taking over the phone himself, he found the right angle, counted “one, two, three,” and took the picture.

“Thank you!” An Xiaxia was as happy as a sprouting seed and looked very adorable while she hopped around.

Just then, the door to Starry Night’s dressing room opened and a tall figure went up to An Xiaxia. With dashing eyebrows, bright eyes, upright posture, and the black outfit he was dressed in, he had the charm of a dark night.

It was Sheng Yize.

He frowned at An Xiaxia, looking displeased. “What are you doing standing around there? Get in.”

An Xiaxia nodded with her fangirl smile.

“Yize, I see you’re very friendly with your little assistant,” remarked Rong Che all of a sudden.

Sheng Yize kept his face expressionless. “Oh? Any advice?”

The staff all stopped what they were doing and pricked up their ears for some gossip.

Word on the street was that these two had made a scene once over some event, which was still a rumor that was much talked about!

“I’m not in a position to do that. But, if I remember correctly, this is your group’s first time shooting a TV drama, isn’t it? There are some basic rules about shooting stage photos. Shall I teach you a thing or two?” Rong Che smiled at him, implicitly mocking Starry Night for being the newbie here and that they couldn’t compare with him.

Sheng Yize replied with an “oh,” then said, “Sure. But, Senior, are you sure you can play the teacher?”

Pfft —

The crowd erupted in laughter