Chapter 105: Falling For An Xiaxia (1)

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It was common knowledge that despite the series of modern and historical TV dramas Rong Che had participated in and the fact that his loyal fans would die for his handsome face, Rong Che had a fatal weakness — he was incapable of showing expressions on camera.

His face looked as rigid as a still frame.

Or in common terms: a terrible actor!

Rong Che’s face turned livid. However, with the image crafted for him in mind, he could only smile at Sheng Yize. “Good luck in your photoshoot.” He then flipped his sleeves and left.

An Xiaxia stood on her tiptoes and waved enthusiastically after him.

Sheng Yize’s brow furrowed tighter at this. He then caught her hand and said in a low voice, “Haven’t you had enough?”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia was baffled.

“Get in!”


Sheng Yize was starting to question whether or not it had been the right decision to bring An Xiaxia along.

Inside the dressing room, Chi Yuanfeng and He Jiayu were also finished with their makeup. Chi Yuanfeng’s character was the son of a mortal general with a rather jovial and comical nature. He Jiayu, on the other hand, was playing the Immortal Wenqu — the deity of imperial examinations and literary affairs — and was a refined, polite, and gentle character.

“The Tale of the Banished Immortal” was the most heavily funded TV drama Endless Night had launched in recent years and one that was tailor-made for Rong Che. All three Starry Night members were supporting actors — no wonder Rong Che’s manager was so appallingly rude to them.

An Xiaxia was drooling again. She knew Starry Night looked great in their modern outfits, but she had never expected that they would look even better in their ancient-style outfits! Aww!

After much slavering over the handsome trio, she suddenly realized that she didn’t know what Sheng Yize’s part was yet.

“Who are you playing?”

Sheng Yize gave her a side glance and snorted. “I thought your Rong Che oppa is all that you care about.”

An Xiaxia smiled embarrassedly. She was told that Rong Che was playing the leading role, Immortal Changrong.

“Brother Yize’s playing the Celestial Emperor’s son, Yehuan! It’s a supporting role, but he’ll play opposite Changrong a lot. It’s a very likeable character!” Chi Yuanfeng explained enthusiastically.

An Xiaxia gave him an enlightened look. That actually sounded pretty nice.

Seeing the look on her face change, Sheng Yize frowned. “I’m going in now.”

When passing An Xiaxia, the chilly air coming off him made her shudder.

An Xiaxia thought he was angry… but she had no idea what he was angry about.

Such a weirdo!

“Stay right here and don’t go anywhere!” Sheng Yize instructed her coldly, then went to the photoshoot.

An Xiaxia pursed her lips and sat down to one side to play with her phone.

Her screen was still showing her photo album, in which was the photo she had taken with Rong Che.

The man in a white robe reminded one of a banished immortal and the girl blushed beside him. Somehow, the ill-fitting pair looked rather harmonious at the same time.

Elated, An Xiaxia set the photo as her screensaver.

Chi Yuanfeng thought she was playing some game and moved closer to see. He just happened to spot the photo.

His countenance darkened right away and anger covered that charmingly handsome face!

“Xiaxia, how could you take a picture with Rong Che!”

An Xiaxia was startled by his anger, but found the question completely unreasonable. Wasn’t it a normal thing to take a picture with her idol?

Before she could say anything, Chi Yuanfeng had snatched her phone away and filled her ears with harsh comments. “Xiaxia, Rong Che is not a nice person! Stay away from him! He’s been living a promiscuous life and there was even news on him and the female star…”

“Chi Yuanfeng! Did I teach you to gossip about other people behind their backs?” Lu Ke reprimanded loudly.

Chi Yuanfeng stopped talking right away.

An Xiaxia was almost in tears. “You… you didn’t delete my photo, did you?”