Chapter 106: Falling For An Xiaxia (2)

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Chi Yuanfeng watched the tearful An Xiaxia, utterly baffled. For some unknown reason, he felt as if a needle was poking into his heart and there was a prickling pain in his chest.

“I’m doing it for your own good!” he said angrily.

“It’s none of your business!” Fuming, An Xiaxia puffed up her cheeks. “He’s my idol. Why can’t I like him?”

Chi Yuanfeng’s face turned livid. Stuffing her phone into a pocket inside his clothes, he wouldn’t give it back no matter what.

“Hey, how can you do that!”

“I’ll give it back after the photoshoot!” Chi Yuanfeng pouted and went to the photoshoot himself.

He Jiayu rubbed An Xiaxia’s head and comforted her. “Don’t worry. Xiao Feng is just acting like a child. I’ll tell him to give it back to you after the work is done, all right?”

An Xiaxia nodded reluctantly.

The photoshoot went smoothly and wrapped early. It was said that promotions for the drama would begin after the photos were edited. The drama would begin shooting shortly as well.

Both the director and the producer came to the set of the photoshoot. While their conversation with Rong Che was affectionate, their attitude toward Starry Night was lukewarm at best. Gloating, Rong Che’s manager almost rolled his eyes into his skull.

They had it coming! Those ignorant kids had offended some important people and the company would do everyone a favor if those three were shelved!

However, none of the three seemed to mind at all. After greeting the director, they went on to remove the makeup and changed back into their own clothes before going back together with An Xiaxia.

Sis Ke still had errands to run for her other artists and went her own way. Still in the RV were the Starry Night trio and An Xiaxia, who was still nursing her grievance.

Chi Yuanfeng resentfully gave An Xiaxia back her phone which she checked right away, and she saw that the photo hadn’t been deleted. However, she couldn’t let go of her chagrin just yet and decided to look away and stop talking to him.

Chi Yuanfeng changed the topic several times but An Xiaxia responded to none of them.

Once home, An Xiaxia went back to her room right away. Sheng Yize was also in a foul mood and went straight upstairs. He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng were left behind, looking at one another in silent bewilderment.

“Ahem… what got into you today?” asked He Jiayu.

Chi Yuanfeng sat in the vehicle, looked at the deserted street outside, and sniveled like a wronged child.

“I don’t know. I just don’t want Xiaxia to like that scumbag! Brother, you know perfectly well what sort of person Rong Che is! If Xiaxia is hurt in any way because of him, I’ll never forgive myself!” At that, he suddenly clenched his fists in high spirits. “Brother, how about I find some quiet and dark corner and smash that son of a bitch’s head in with a brick? He won’t be able to do any harm then!”

He Jiayu almost broke into a cold sweat and smacked Chi Yuanfeng on his forehead. “Don’t be stupid! You won’t get away if you did that!”

“What can I do…” After all, Rong Che’s public image was so well-established that An Xiaxia had no idea what he really was like.

“Everything that goes around will come around… just keep your head on straight!” He Jiayu lectured him patiently.


“Speaking of which, why do you care about Xiaxia so much? That’s odd…” He Jiayu eyed him suspiciously.

Chi Yuanfeng looked very innocent. “I get worried at the thought of her in danger. I’m happy when she’s happy and I’m sad when she’s sad… Brother, am I, like, falling for An Xiaxia?”

He Jiayu was dumbfounded.

He knew Chi Yuanfeng too well. The young man was basically a big child with an attention span of three minutes. But toward An Xiaxia…

If he really fell for An Xiaxia, would that be lucky or a disaster for her?