Chapter 107: Even a Rabbit Can Bite!

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“But, I don’t think Xiaxia likes me at all… She hates my cat and she hates me for taking her phone. She’s never going to like me,” said Chi Yuanfeng. As he lowered his head dispiritedly, even He Jiayu didn’t know what to say to comfort him.

“I have no idea whether or not Xiaxia likes you. All I know is that if you like her, Yize will definitely be jealous…” He Jiayu said in resignation.

Chi Yuanfeng blinked and turned to He Jiayu. “How about I take Brother Yize out first? In that case, no one will fight me over Xiaxia!”

He Jiayu was speechless. Seriously?! Take out Sheng Yize? With your tiny arms?

An Xiaxia was lying in bed and looking at the photo of her and Rong Che. Her eyes were two little crescent moons.

Hmph! She was going to print it out and stick it above her bed! No, she would put it up all over the house!

Still absorbed in the happiness of meeting her idol, An Xiaxia fell asleep with her lips curled.


After the flag-raising ceremony, An Xiaxia had a lively, gossipy conversation with Su Xiaomo before returning to her seat.

She habitually took out her phone and checked the photo, which Sheng Yize caught her doing in passing and his face turned livid.

An Xiaxia only put her phone away hastily when the bell rang.

A long while after the math teacher had started the lesson, a figure showed up outside the door belatedly.

Qi Yanxi strolled near, whistling as he walked.

He then kicked the door open. The math teacher was going to flare up when he saw who it was. He then smiled obsequiously. “Qi Yanxi, please come in.”

Qi Yanxi smiled, his face looking all the more wickedly handsome under his brown short hair. He walked unhurriedly into the classroom, looked around, and went straight in An Xiaxia’s direction.

He then knocked the table on An Xiaxia’s right, where a male student was sitting. “Move.”

The student fled right away, holding his school bag in his arms. Qi Yanxi sat down as if that was his rightful place and smiled his roguish smile at An Xiaxia. “Hello, An Xiaxia. I’ll be your neighbor from now on. I hope we’ll get along well.”

An Xiaxia smacked her forehead and put a hand over her face, ignoring the fellow.

Qi Yanxi pursed his lips. His eyes then caught Sheng Yize’s across the air and an arc of lightning seemed to crackle between them.

A couple of seconds later, both looked away as if nothing had happened.

Up on the podium, the teacher was talking tirelessly, while An Xiaxia attentively took notes. However, Qi Yanxi kept harassing her, throwing paper balls or erasers at her from time to time.

An Xiaxia thought the guy was doing this because he loathed her; however, Sheng Yize gripped the pen in his hand tightly, realizing that Qi Yanxi was provoking him through An Xiaxia.

Hoho… so his old man had been giving him a hard time. He was reduced to such childish measures now?

After class, while Sheng Yize was trying to figure out how to get back at Qi Yanxi, the latter walked in his direction first. He then rubbed An Xiaxia’s head vigorously.

The move was so intimate that those who didn’t know better actually thought he and An Xiaxia were on friendly terms.

Quite a few people watched this in astonishment.

However, An Xiaxia was going dizzy with his rough rubbing. Infuriated, she grabbed his arm, gritted her teeth, and bit down.

Even a rabbit would bite when threatened!

Qi Yanxi screamed at this attack and threw An Xiaxia off. “Are you a dog?”

That was really painful!

An Xiaxia sat in her chair, still feeling dizzy.

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow next to her and smiled. “Are you not feeling well? How about I take you to the infirmary?”

“Mhm… all right.” An Xiaxia nodded, still feeling muddleheaded.