Chapter 108: Shut Up and Bite the Dust

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Qi Yanxi gave him a dirty look. “I’m coming with you!”

Sheng Yize ignored him and led An Xiaxia toward the infirmary, looking very pleased.

He was pissed off at her for drooling over Rong Che all the time, but whenever he saw her do something silly again, his bad mood was immediately swept away.

How he despised himself for that…

However, he was enjoying this bitterness as if it was the sweetest sugar.

The infirmary.

The school doctor darted her eyes back and forth between An Xiaxia, Sheng Yize, and Qi Yanxi.

“Who’s the patient?”

“Her.” Sheng Yize pointed at An Xiaxia. “She’s dizzy.”

“Oh… is it serious? Let me have a look first.” The school doctor carried out a few tests on An Xiaxia and was utterly baffled.

She was perfectly fine. However, in the presence of the two big shots here, her imagination began to run wild.

Being a young woman herself, the school doctor followed the gossip closely. She knew these two were school celebrities, with one being the national idol and the other the famous evildoer.

Two young men and a young woman — could it be a rumored love triangle?

While she was crowing with delight inside, the doctor managed to keep an indifferent expression on her face as she instructed, “It’s nothing serious. Have some rest and drink lots of hot water.”

“All right,” said An Xiaxia obediently.

“I need medical attention, too! She maimed my hand!” Qi Yanxi lifted the arm that got bitten.

The doctor clicked her tongue in amazement. How passionate! It had even gotten physical!

She checked the wound, gave Qi Yanxi a band-aid, then went into the lounge at the back.

Well, she thought she should give the youngsters some space of their own.

Qi Yanxi tossed the band-aid to An Xiaxia. “Put it on for me!”

“Why? Don’t you have hands of your own?” An Xiaxia asked reluctantly.

“You bit me! I can make your life miserable in Qixia if I wanted to!” Qi Yanxi threatened her.

An Xiaxia flared up and rolled her eyes at him. “Then I’ll go to a new school! Do you think Qixia is so special? Watch your mouth, you loser!”

Qi Yanxi was shocked.

“That was in a game! Fight me in person if you’re so tough!” Qi Yanxi roared.

An Xiaxia gave him a scornful look. All of a sudden, she had the feeling that Qi Yanxi was no fiend at all, but a childish primary school student.

“Sure, I’ll fight you,” Sheng Yize interjected in an unhurried tone, which shut Qi Yanxi up immediately.

He had never lost a fight to anybody else all right, but two years ago, he had been defeated over and over again by Sheng Yize… he had been rendered completely defenseless!

These two had to be doing it on purpose!

Qi Yanxi took a few deep breaths and fought back his anger.

If he started a fight right now, that scheming Sheng Yize would definitely bring it to his old man again!

Revenge was a dish that was best served cold!

He left with a dark face. Finding him ridiculous, An Xiaxia said sarcastically, “Sheng Yize, don’t you think he behaves like a primary school student?”

“Yup, he’s always been like this — IQ does not apply to him,” replied Sheng Yize casually with a hint of a smile on his face.

“Did you two know each other from before? But you two are so hostile toward each other…” Before she knew it, An Xiaxia had spoken her mind.

The smile vanished from Sheng Yize’s face right away and he was expressionless again.

There was a time…

“We don’t have to talk about it.” He then changed the subject. “An Xiaxia, exactly how in love with Rong Che are you? You even set him as your screensaver. That’s about as infatuated as anyone can get.”

An Xiaxia gave it some thought and gestured with her hand. “I like him thhhhhis much —” She drew a very big circle in the air and her eyes turned into small crescent moons. “Hehe.”

Sheng Yize: …!!!