Chapter 109: Leave It to Me!

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An Xiaxia had a feeling that, well… he was angry again.

“Sheng Yize, this is not right. I know you don’t see eye to eye with him, but you can’t lash out at his fans…” An Xiaxia protested timidly — she was innocent!

“You incorrigible fool!” Sheng Yize gave her forehead a flick, then put a hand into his pocket. “I’m off. I don’t talk to foolish fangirls.”

“Tch, I’m off, too.” An Xiaxia curled her lips and trailed behind him as they went back to the classroom.

The last class of the day was a self-study session and everyone was busy with their own matters.

The class teacher walked in, gave the door a knock, and smiled affectionately. “Anyone wants to help me carry some things out of the dean’s office?”

A few boys raised their hands enthusiastically. Since he had nothing better to do, He Jiayu went as well.

Seeing He Jiayu go out, Su Xiaomo threw her hand in the air. “Me, me, me! Take me!”

The class teacher was a little shocked. “Um, but Su Xiaomo, you’re a girl.”

“I’m very strong!” Su Xiaomo promised, patting her chest and looking very mannish. The class teacher could only concede. “All right, but don’t push yourself too hard.”

Su Xiaomo gave An Xiaxia a smug look, then marched happily out as she followed He Jiayu to go carry books.

An Xiaxia put a hand over her forehead as she worried a little for her friend.

She poked Sheng Yize in the arm. He turned toward her and she asked hesitantly, “That… what kind of girl does He Jiayu like?”

Sheng Yize barely looked up. “Young, pretty, gentle, and virtuous, I think.”

An Xiaxia wiped her forehead again. Well, at least Su Xiaomo was young and pretty!

“In that case, does he like girls that can help him lift things, carry gas cylinders, and who can protect him?” An Xiaxia asked expectantly.

Sheng Yize was silent for two seconds before slowly saying, “Do you think ordinary guys would like such girls?”

An Xiaxia shook her head and silently said a prayer for Su Xiaomo.

The dean’s office.

The guys were on their way back carrying some study materials and He Jiayu also had a thick stack in his hands. A booming female voice suddenly rang out from behind them. “Leave it there! Leave it to me!”

For a moment, He Jiayu stood there in embarrassment, then a girl ran up to him like a swirling wind and chuckled as she snatched the books out of his hands. “I’ll take it from here!”

“Um…” Before He Jiayu could react, Su Xiaomo had run off with the books.

He shook his head and smiled with resignation, then picked up another stack.

Halfway there, Su Xiaomo was already on her way back and her roaring voice resonated in the air again. “Stop there! Leave it to me!”

Su Xiaomo snatched the books away and ran off once more.

He was even more embarrassed. She was too quick for him to catch up with, so after some thought, he went to the convenience store nearby and bought two bottles of water. When Su Xiaomo returned a second time, he stopped her.

Su Xiaomo looked at him with shining eyes. “Yes, that’s right! You just stay put right here! I’ll carry the books for you!”

He Jiayu raised his pretty eyebrows, then smiled mildly and handed her the water. “Have some water.”

Su Xiaomo blinked her big eyes and was pleasantly surprised. “Is this for me?”

“Yes.” Affected by her reaction, the smile widened on He Jiayu’s face.

Su Xiaomo took the water, feeling blissful. She was about to go back to carrying books when He Jiayu stopped her with a kind smile.

“I can’t let a girl do all the tough work. Have a rest, Su Xiaomo, and leave the heavy lifting to the boys.” He was as courteous as a prince from a TV drama.

Su Xiaomo fell to the ground with a thump.

She had passed out… from excitement…