Chapter 11: Let’s Have A Good Discussion (2)

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Kang Jian noticed An Xiaxia’s hopeless expression and asked simple-mindedly, “What’s wrong?”

An Xiaxia’s hand holding her phone began to tremble. She confirmed the figure on the invoice again and almost fainted!

Oh my god! How was it so expensive! Even if they sold her, it might not be enough, alright?!

She immediately made a decision and gave Qiao Mu a call —

The call quickly went through and she heard Qiao Mu’s smooth, articulate voice. “Hello, Xiaxia, why are you calling me?”

An Xiaxia brooded for a moment before crying as she complained, “Sis, last time outside your company, your car hit a Porsche… The car owner is asking me for compensation and it’s a lot of money…” Before she could finish what she was saying, Qiao Mu promptly cut her off. “Why, a scam? You people are still using this stupid ruse? Shut up already! Get your facts straight before trying to trick me, OK?”

“I’m telling the truth… I’m Xiaxia!” An Xiaxia shouted.

“Hmph, like hell!” Qiao Mu held the phone away from her ear as she muttered, “Are frauds nowadays so high-tech already? Even the voice is exactly the same… Is there some kind of new voice imitation software?”

This incident wasn’t a big deal to her and she quickly went back to work, leaving Xiaxia standing there in utter confusion.

“Xiaxia… Your facial expression is really ugly…” Kang Jian remarked.

An Xiaxia replied with resentment, “Worthless Kang, I might need to switch schools or run away from home. I… I owe a huge debt!”

Kang Jian backed away three meters and said with a straight face, “Xiaxia, my mom is calling for me to go home to do laundry! Bye bye!”

After that, the guy ran off faster than a rabbit.

An Xiaxia wanted to cry but had no tears to shed, and could only pick up her school bag and head home.

There was no one at home and she wondered if she should give her father or her older brother a call, but after thinking about it, she didn’t call either of them in the end.

She had nightmares all night.

An Xiaxia went to school with a pair of panda eyes.

She fearfully inched into the classroom for Year 1 Class C and sat down in her seat. There was then a rhythmic tapping on her desk.

She reflexively glanced at the desk and saw a pair of slender fair hands with clean, neatly trimmed fingernails.

Moving up from the fingers, she saw a lean teenage body wearing Qixia High’s black school uniform and a white collared shirt. The tie was a bit loose at the neck, revealing his beautiful collarbones.

When she saw the person’s face, An Xiaxia nearly fell off her chair.

His facial features were a work of art, just like a sculpture, with a seductive mole underneath his left eye.

Sheng Yize! It’s actually Sheng Yize!

If today was a regular day, An Xiaxia would be subjugated by Sheng Yize’s beauty even as an anti-fan, but after that text message from yesterday, she could only feel the pain of becoming bankrupt!

“Hi… hello, may I help you?” An Xiaxia struggled to stay calm and asked a question she already knew the answer to.

Sheng Yize blinked. “I sent you a message yesterday. Have you read it?”

At his words, the whole class let out gasps of shock in unison.

Heavens! Sheng Yize actually texted An Xiaxia? What;s their relationship?

An Xiaxia put on a long face. “I have.”

Sheng Yize nodded and glanced around before saying, “There’s too many people in the classroom. Let’s go outside to have a good discussion.” He paused, then smirked and enunciated her name. “My fellow classmate, An Xiaxia.”