Chapter 110: Leave Me Alone

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He Jiayu carried Su Xiaomo to the infirmary.

She woke up shortly after passing out and found herself lying in He Jiayu’s arms with her cheek against his chest.

The teenager was walking steadily with her in his arms. The breeze brushed past him, stirring up a few strands of long hair. With a little sniff, she could smell his clean and refreshing fragrance.

Su Xiaomo made her decision right away: close her eyes and play dead!

OMG! She was in his arms! Her calloused heart was softened and bubbled over again!

Carrying Su Xiaomo into the infirmary, He Jiayu filled the school doctor in with a frown. The doctor then checked Su Xiaomo, keeping her suspicions to herself. What was going on today? Was malingering the trend now? Did they think she had nothing better to do?!

However, at the sight of the gentle and polite He Jiayu, all her complaints melted away immediately. She smiled at him amiably. “How about I give her a glucose IV?”

He Jiayu was taken aback — why was a doctor asking for his opinion?

Su Xiaomo stopped feigning and bolted up right away, shouting, “I’m fine! I’m awake! I’m really awake!”

“Gosh—” Shocked, the doctor almost fell to the ground. She then wiped away the sweat on her forehead. “That was really frightening!”

He Jiayu narrowed his eyes and looked searchingly at Su Xiaomo.

Su Xiaomo felt his eyes on her and forced a smile while rubbing her hands together awkwardly.

He hadn’t found out, had he… hmm, but injections and IVs were about the only things that terrified her in this world!

He Jiayu shifted his stare a moment later and sighed. “Good. You’re alright. Get some rest here. Do you want to eat anything? I can buy you some.”

Su Xiaomo shook her head repeatedly. “No, no, that’s fine. Oh, and, sorry…”

She was a smart girl and naturally realized that He Jiayu had figured out everything.

He Jiayu gave her a smile. “That’s ok.”

Despite the smile, Su Xiaomo felt a chill.

It wasn’t that he found it okay. He simply didn’t care.

It dawned on her right away. The mildest and gentlest people must be wearing masks themselves.

A mask that would make him seem amiable toward everyone, but would stop anyone from entering his world.

The next day.

With her school bag on her back, An Xiaxia hummed a little tune as she arrived at school with Su Xiaomo and Kang Jian.

Walking into the classroom, they found that everyone was talking about some sports meet. An Xiaxia asked around and only found out then that Qixia’s autumn sports meet was drawing near.

Kang Jian was the class commissary in charge of sports and he went around with a form for the students to fill in. When it was An Xiaxia’s turn, he puckered up his face. “Xiaxia, what can you enter?”

With everyone else, his question was what they wanted to participate in, but with An Xiaxia…

Since they had grown up together, he knew perfectly well how hopeless An Xiaxia was at sports.

It just so happened that An Xiaxia was mysteriously confident over her ability in sports. After reading through the form, she smacked her desk. “I’m going for the shot put!”

Sheng Yize darted her a surprised look while Qi Yanxi laughed at her mercilessly.

“With that tiny strength of yours, what else can you do apart from bite people? The shot put? Getting shot is more like it!”

An Xiaxia was hurt and glared at him. “You loser! Leave me alone!”

Speechless, Qi Yanxi gave the desk a loud kick and a hush fell over the class. No one dared make a sound.

They almost wanted to put up An Xiaxia’s photo and worship it with incense sticks!

Why wasn’t she afraid of this devil?

“Hmph! Like I want to talk to you at all!” Qi Yanxi pursed his lips.

An Xiaxia almost flipped her desk over. “I dare you to enter the shot put yourself!”