Chapter 111: An Xiaxia, Which Coach Do You Want? (1)

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Qi Yanxi: “Why wouldn’t I?!”

“Do it, then!”

“I’m doing it!”

While the two bantered loudly, Sheng Yize felt the corner of his mouth twitch uncontrollably.

He Jiayu sighed behind them. “Why are they both so childish…”

Sheng Yize shook his head and sighed. “I only know it proves one thing.”

“Which is?”

“Birds of a feather flock together. Low IQ might actually be contagious.”

“…” Was he saying Qi Yanxi had been infected by An Xiaxia?!

That isn’t very nice, talking about your Xiaxia like that!

They happened to have a PE class that afternoon and the PE teacher had the students take out some equipment that they could practice with. He would coach them on the side.

An Xiaxia marched confidently onto the lawn dedicated to the shot put. Kang Jian handed her the shot with an indescribable expression and An Xiaxia reached out to take it happily.

She was shocked by the weight in her hands.

Could anyone please explain to her why this ball was so heavy…

The teacher emphasized the key points. “Make sure you throw the shot high enough to form a curve in the air. Only then will you throw it far enough. I’ll demonstrate for you first.”

He threw one out with a dashing move, which An Xiaxia watched anxiously. It was then her turn.

She spared no effort and threw the ball out!

The teacher took on the role of a commentator. “Girls usually don’t have as much strength and will normally throw between three to five meters. Um… An Xiaxia, three meters.”

“Yeah! Ha!” An Xiaxia was exhilarated and gloated at Qi Yanxi. “See that? I made three meters!”

The others smacked their foreheads. That distance was merely satisfactory. What was she happy about?

Qi Yanxi replied with a scornful snort.

Ding Yiyi was second and a casual push sent her ball 6.4 meters away!

An Xiaxia blinked and the expression on her face froze.

What? This was not what she had in mind. She thought she had thrown it far enough!

Qi Yanxi walked out, picked up the shot, and threw it out effortlessly. It landed over eight meters away.

An Xiaxia watched in despair.

It was such a loveless world…

Sheng Yize was the next one and he made ten meters.

Leaning against Su Xiaomo’s shoulder, An Xiaxia said, “Tell me this isn’t happening.”

Since she stood two centimeters taller than An Xiaxia, Su Xiaomo smoothed the latter’s hair and began to mock her mercilessly. “Xiaxia, it’s all right. Although your throw was terrible, they threw it far enough! You might be weak as a chicken, but they were all mighty warriors!”

An Xiaxia pointed a shaky finger at Su Xiaomo; words had already failed her.

She was indeed her craziest companion, who wouldn’t cut her some slack even now!

Laughter rang out around them.

Qi Yanxi asked provokingly, “Is the competition still on?”

However, he was somehow unhappy to see An Xiaxia’s defeated state.

Damn it… he would rather see her happy face when she had made that three-meter throw just then. She looked hideous with her face all puckered up!

Sheng Yize darted her an expressionless look. “An Xiaxia, I think you should take part in something else.”

The teacher sighed. “I agree. With your strength, the possibility of getting a medal is… hm, how should I put it…”

The teacher hesitated, trying to find an appropriate word, which was a further blow to An Xiaxia.

“Um, don’t be so sad. How about you switch to women’s standing shot instead? You, Sheng Yize, is it? I recall you play basketball pretty well. Teach her, will you?”