Chapter 113: Beg Me If You Want to Go (1)

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Sheng Yize looked at her mildly and An Xiaxia summoned up her courage. “Thank you for teaching me to shoot the ball!”

“Hm.” Pursing his lips, Sheng Yize tossed the ball back to An Xiaxia. “Keep practicing.”

“…” He wasn’t just a narcissist, but a tsundere, too!

Qi Yanxi watched their intimate interaction from afar and grew all the more disgruntled.

It was as if his favorite toy had just been taken away.

Standing there, a large area was left empty around him, for almost everyone was too afraid to come near.

However, a tiny voice rang out suddenly and asked softly, “Young Master, do you want some water?”

Qi Yanxi turned around grumpily — which senseless thing had dared disturb him now?

He found a girl dressed in Qixia’s white shirt and black skirt uniform. Her tiny face was delicate and pretty and her skin was so fair that it was almost transparent. Her long hair hung loose down her back and with her thick black-rimmed glasses, she cut a very stolid figure.

“Mu Li?” He called her name quietly. The mild tone astonished those around him.

Holy crap, how could Qi Yanxi remember the name of such a forgettable girl? What trick had she used?

The girls gathered into groups and began to gossip.

Mu Li was as docile as a kitten. She handed Qi Yanxi some water and he took a few mouthfuls. He then frowned. “I told you, we’re all classmates here at school. You don’t have to do this.”

Mu Li bit her lip and lowered her head without uttering a word.

Qi Yanxi didn’t know what to say. He was aware of her temperament, which was to stick to something she had set her mind on, and there was no talking her out of it. After darting another look at the annoying couple on the basketball court, he was all the more irritated and decided to skip school to go play some video games outside.

Mu Li trotted after him. She seemed to have something to say, but didn’t dare speak.

Qi Yanxi couldn’t take it anymore and swung around. “What?”

Seeing that no one was around, Mu Li finally said timidly, “Madam asked you to go home for dinner tonight.”

“Tell her I don’t have time.” Qi Yanxi marched off after those heartless words.

Mu Li went pale and almost burst into tears.

If he didn’t go back… she would be the one getting all the punishment.

After the special training class, An Xiaxia finally got her posture right. Although… the success rate remained miserable.

Sheng Yize taught her patiently and almost wished the class would go on when the bell rang.

On their way home, a question suddenly popped into his head as he looked at An Xiaxia beside him.

Would his IQ be infected after hanging around An Xiaxia long enough?

However, he smiled at that question right away.

Hm, whatever. With his intelligence, it would be ages before he was as dumb as her.

An Xiaxia was flipping through the gossip on her phone. Since that day when she promised to keep Sheng Yize company on his way home, he had indeed been going home with her every day!

And the task was carried out by the driver of the Sheng family, which meant she and Sheng Yize were the only two people in the car every day!

Whoosh — she caught sight of a message.

An Xiaxia cried out in surprise. “Wow, ‘The Tale of the Banished Immortal’ has started shooting!”

Sheng Yize replied with a “hm,” then said casually, “I think we have a scene to shoot this weekend and we’ll probably be there.”

An Xiaxia turned on her soft kitty mode right away. She moved closer and pleaded, “Boss Yize, do you need a junior assistant? She’s smart, adorable, educated, and has a lot of strength to spare!”

Sheng Yize snorted. “Stop fawning already. I know exactly where this conversation is going.”