Chapter 114: Beg Me If You Want to Go (2)

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An Xiaxia put on a serious face. “I’m trying to share your burdens! I can run all kinds of errands for you! I mean it, Sheng Yize! Trust me!”

Sheng Yize was going to take her in the first place and was only having fun teasing her now.

He said unhurriedly, “You want to go?”

“Yes!” She nodded affirmatively.

“Beg me.” Sheng Yize’s smile reminded one of a scheming big wolf.

An Xiaxia: “…”

This obnoxious man!

However, beggars couldn’t be choosers. An Xiaxia racked her brain for pleasant things to say about him. “Oh mighty Sheng Yize, please take me with you! Take me, will you? I promise I’ll be a good assistant. I won’t be a slacker or sneak off. I’ll devote myself to building a harmonious society…”

Sheng Yize squinted as a satisfied smile crept onto his face.

Under An Xiaxia’s expectant gaze, he cleared his throat and spoke with a straight face. “Since you’re asking so sincerely, I guess… I’d best say yes to your request.”

Sheng Yize was a man of his word.

Hence, that weekend, An Xiaxia happily joined him and arrived at the famous filming location in Yu City.

An Xiaxia was amazed by this place. Everywhere she turned, she was met by some novel settings.

Chi Yuanfeng quietly walked to her side and tried to find a way to apologize to her.

“Wow! They really set up the rocks and the lake! I thought they would just add them in with photoshop in the post production.”

Chi Yuanfeng’s charmingly handsome face turned pink as he stammered, “Yes. After all, ‘Banished Immortal’ is a huge production and the crew is very generous!”

“It must feel so good to be rich…” An Xiaxia said enviously. She then darted a look to the side at Chi Yuanfeng and asked in surprise, “Why are your cheeks so red? Do you have a fever?”

Chi Yuanfeng turned even redder!

Aaah! She actually cared about his well-being!

He held An Xiaxia’s hands excitedly. “Xiaxia, are you not mad at me anymore?”

“For what?”

“For last time… when I took your phone away. I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again!” Chi Yuanfeng lowered his head like a child confessing his wrongdoing.

An Xiaxia giggled. “I forgot about it already. I was only angry for a little while.”

Chi Yuanfeng looked horrified — had he just reminded An Xiaxia of it?

He was about to explain to An Xiaxia when a tall figure mercilessly smacked his paws off her.

Chi Yuanfeng wailed and gave Sheng Yize a sad glance.

An Xiaxia lowered her little head and followed closely behind Sheng Yize. Only then did a certain fellow look a little more cheerful.

He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng each shot scenes, which were both inside scenes with little action. Neither had many lines and they were both playing opposite famous older artists. They finished their parts soon enough.

Apart from running errands, An Xiaxia spent her spare time searching for Rong Che.

Finally, it was Rong Che’s turn!

She hid herself in a perfect corner as she wanted to see her idol come out.

Amidst the curling smoke and the dancing peach flower petals, a black-haired man clad in white strolled toward them, looking as beautiful as a drawing.

While everyone was dazzled by his stunning appearance, a teenager dressed in black burst onto the scene, pointing at Immortal Changrong — Rong Che’s character — from afar with his long sword.

“Who might you be?” asked Immortal Changrong loudly.

The teenager moved his lips. With his dashing eyebrows and bright eyes, he was on par with Changrong in both his bearing and his good looks.

“I am Yehuan of the Heavenly Realm!”