Chapter 115: Falling for Sheng Yize?

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That one shot and single line attracted all the eyes on set.

An Xiaxia’s fangirl heart that had been beating all out for Rong Che stopped thumping right away.

The indoor photoshoot hadn’t done Sheng Yize justice, for it was only now in this scene that she finally realized how well the ancient-style costume suited Sheng Yize.

He was nice-looking and had dazzling eyes, and together with an unrushed acting style, he made a convincing figure as the young and handsome son of the Celestial Emperor.

He was so dashing… so handsome…

An Xiaxia put her hands over her chest and watched the scene in a daze.

The shooting of the scene was soon finished. It was about Yehuan visiting Immortal Changrong for some instruction on swordplay. Changrong in turn set a task for Yehuan in order to examine his ability.

The director couldn’t help but frown at Rong Che’s mediocre acting skills, but the investors’ preference for this young man left him no choice. He could only sigh and tell himself “just live with it.”

However, the look on his face softened when Sheng Yize’s face came on the screen.

Despite his bearing and temperament, the kid was only 17. With enough time, he was bound to have a bright future!

The director picked up a loudspeaker and announced, “Attention to all departments. The next scene is Yehuan performing swordplay. Get the prop ready. Yize, are you up for it?”

Sheng Yize nodded his acknowledgement. He then scanned the room and his gaze landed on the bewildered girl in the corner.

Her bright black eyes were wide open and she had unconsciously clenched her small fists as she stared at him in a trance.

Sheng Yize curled his lips in a smile, which stirred all the female hearts at the scene.

Aww! How they wished they could be ten or twenty years younger and find such a cute boyfriend that they would never break up with!

The camera continued rolling.

The black-haired teenager dressed all in black held the sword in one hand. With a little shake of his arm, the blade flashed brightly in the light as he wielded his sword amidst a shower of peach flowers.

The sword whistled in the air and the peach flowers drifted on the wind. The swordplay could be for a loved one, but the expression on his face was one that was too cold to overlook.

As the blade came down with the last stance, the long sword glinted coldly. A peach flower fell right on the tip of the blade, making a strikingly beautiful picture.

“Good! Good! Good!” The director called out those three words, too excited to say “cut”!

Sheng Yize drew back the sword indifferently while the fan kept blowing on the side. His black long hair fluttered in the wind, then slowly fell back down as gently as a caress.

An Xiaxia felt her heart beating faster and more heavily. She pressed her hand over her chest in utter bewilderment.

Lub-dub-lub-dub —

Her heart was racing so fast that it was breaking out of her chest.

She couldn’t even tell if she was being won over by the character Yehuan or… if she was falling for Sheng Yize.

“Hey, what are you doing slacking off here?” a woman yelled and gave An Xiaxia a shove.

An Xiaxia came to herself and fixed her eyes on the source of the voice — the woman somehow looked familiar…

Um, wasn’t it Qiqi — the one that had pushed her around during the photoshoot last time?

“May I help you?” asked An Xiaxia politely.

“Of course! Can’t you see everyone is busy here? How dare you stand around!” Qiqi reprimanded An Xiaxia, then instructed, “Go get everyone takeaway for lunch today!”

An Xiaxia looked around and realized that there must be around a hundred people with all the actors and supporting staff. How could she possibly bring all the food back on her own?

However, Qiqi had left promptly after giving her the order. Baffled, An Xiaxia could only timidly go up to Sheng Yize, who was taking a break on the side.

“Um… Sheng Yize…” She poked Sheng Yize in the arm.