Chapter 116: Are You Sure About This

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Sheng Yize sipped at his water. “Hm?”

An Xiaxia felt her heart thump even faster when she looked into Sheng Yize’s eyes.

Her little face flushed quickly and she began to stammer, unable to form a coherent sentence.

“What is it?” Sheng Yize frowned, thinking she wasn’t feeling alright.

“No– nothing! I need to go to the bathroom!” An Xiaxia bolted nervously, almost tripping in the process.

She quickly left Sheng Yize as if she was running away from him.

Sheng Yize frowned, but the director came by to talk about the next scene at that time. He could only heave a sigh and turn his focus back to filming the scene.

An Xiaxia didn’t go to the bathroom after all. She walked around aimlessly in big circles, so absentminded that she bumped into someone.


“Sorry! I’m sorry!” She apologized repeatedly and was greeted by a gentle voice. “Are you alright?”

That was a familiar voice…

An Xiaxia looked up abruptly and her face lit up.

She had run into Rong Che!

He had changed into a casual outfit and was wearing sunglasses. A luxurious RV was parked not far from them.

An Xiaxia stared unblinkingly at him with her clear and innocent eyes.

Aww… she must have been such a nice person in her last life to meet such a good-looking man in this one!

Rong Che looked at her fangirl face. He was usually very impatient with such fans. However, he found he couldn’t lose his temper with this girl standing in front of him.

“Are you leaving the filming location as well? I can give you a ride if you’re going downtown. I’m heading back for a show,” said Rong Che with a smile.

An Xiaxia was elated by the invitation, but dejection came over her right away. “No, I’m going out to buy packed lunches for everybody…”

“Packed lunches?” Rong Che asked in confusion, then a face flashed across his mind.

There were specially assigned personnel to take care of buying the packed lunches for the crew. However, this newcomer, Li Fanxing, really got on his nerves, and with some maneuvering, he had made it her manager’s job to get the packed lunches.

He hadn’t expected the problem to fall onto this girl’s shoulders.

Seeing her distressed expression, something clicked in Rong Che’s head and he smiled. “Let me help you with that.”

“Huh? Really?” An Xiaxia looked at Rong Che in disbelief.

Rong Che gave her a little nod, reminding her of an angel descending to earth.

In the RV.

Rong Che took out his tablet, picked the largest five-star hotel in Yu City, and tapped open the takeaway menu for An Xiaxia to choose from.

An Xiaxia was awed. “Wow… do all crews have such nice packed lunches?” Aww! Could she come and eat with them every day?

“No, they don’t. But today is special, so it won’t harm to splurge on it every now and then, right?”

An Xiaxia jabbed the tips of her index fingers together embarrassedly. “But, I don’t have that much money…”

She only realized now that Qiqi never gave her any money for it! With so many people and such nice food, she couldn’t afford it even if she sold herself!

Rong Che gave her forehead a flick with his finger. “Just order whatever you want. Get a bit of everything. The bill’s on me.”

An Xiaxia was even more baffled. “Are– are you sure about this?”

“Of course. It’s my treat. As the lead character, it’s only natural that I should do that.”

An Xiaxia was completely infatuated by Rong Che at those words.

Her idol was the nicest person in the world!

Sheng Yize had just finished another scene and wrapped up for the day. He was going to go back with An Xiaxia, but couldn’t find her anywhere.

He found Chi Yuanfeng, who was playing a card game with the big sisters in the costume department, and asked with a frown, “Where’s Xiaxia?”